Adtomic: PPC Software for Amazon and Walmart Sponsored Search Success 

Experience the ease of intelligent automation, gain insights through advanced analytics, and fine-tune your strategy for unmatched success

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Benefits of Adtomic

Automate Your Campaigns Seamlessly and Maximize Results

Drive more sales with proven keyword strategies. 

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Maximize your sponsored brand with AI-powered image generation

Boost your efficiency with direct access to critical data 

Level up your campaigns with optimization & automation capabilities

Skyrocket your conversions with customized campaigns & proven PPC strategies 

Case Study: Hemlock Park

We save 15+ hours a week…every week!

See how one 7-figure business leverages Adtomic to dramatically increase their Amazon sales and reduce their manual workload. 

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Case Study: Solo Stove

We scale over 50% year over year with Adtomic!

From humble beginnings to over $400 million in revenue in 2022, learn how Solo Stove uses Adtomic to win big.  

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Case Study: Year 5

We onboarded 50 new clients in just 6 months with Adtomic!

See how one Amazon agency integrated Adtomic into their workflow to land 16x more clients and scale their business.

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Case Study: Specialist ID

We saved $30,000 a year on agency fees using Adtomic!

Discover the transformation of Specialist ID as they transitioned from a state of disorganization and excessive spending to a streamlined and profitable operation.

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Case Study: Nature's Pure Edge

We Save 20%+ on Ad Spend with Adtomic!

Discover how a scrappy pet products start-up drove extraordinary Amazon PPC savings—including 20% and 30% reductions in TACoS and ACoS respectively—with Helium 10’s Adtomic.

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Dive into the Cutting-Edge Capabilities of Adtomic. Elevate Your Campaigns with Precision, Efficiency, and Strategic Optimization

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