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The Ultimate Product Research Amazon Guide

Helium 10 has created The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Product Research to address questions and offer useful strategies for choosing your next product to sell.

Discover your next winning product to sell on Amazon

Whether you are a new seller on Amazon or an experienced seller in need of a refresher, doing Amazon product research correctly is crucial to finding the right product that can become the top seller in your niche.

amazon product research

To help you out, we’ve created The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Product Research to address questions and offer useful strategies for choosing your next product to sell.

What Can You Expect in the Amazon Product Research Guide?

The product research guide has been organized into distinct sections:

  • Product Selection Criteria – There are multiple factors to consider when evaluating the viability and profitability of a product type. These factors range from competition and demand levels to seasonality and manufacturing.
  • Budget and Basic Startup Costs – Once you have narrowed down your search for a new product to sell, you must evaluate how much it will cost you to source, ship, store, market, and distribute your product. These costs also include fees from Amazon for maintaining a seller profile and using its services.
  • Product Sourcing – After you have chosen your product, you will need to find a supplier to manufacture your inventory. While there are many options, you must choose a balance of economic cost and trust in quality with your supplier for a strong working relationship to exist. Remember, if all goes well this initial inventory run could turn into a long-term relationship between you and your supplier.
  • Supplier Outreach and Negotiation – You will need to negotiate the terms of your contract with a supplier that you have chosen to manufacture your product. During negotiations, many sellers only focus on price and ignore other important points worth negotiating like the terms of the deal, the deposit, shipping terms, quality and many more.
  • Additional Things to Keep in Mind – Other tips and tricks that can help you along on your Amazon seller journey when conducting Amazon product research.

Get The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Product Research: Find Your Next Winning Product to Sell on Amazon.

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