The Correlation between Organic and Sponsored Ranks for Top Clicked Products

Ranking a top position in organic search results is often considered crucial for achieving high click-through rates and conversions. However, the relationship between organic ranks and top-clicked products is not always as straightforward as it seems. Let’s explore the correlation between organic and sponsored ranks and how it affects the top three clicked products. 

When examining the top three clicked products on Amazon, it is logical to assume they are also in the top three organic ranks. However, this is not always true.  

organic sponsored rank

In the example above, the top-clicked product is organically ranked at number one, which is how we expected it to be. However, if you take a look at the second and third products, their organic rank is an average of 14 and 18. However, when you look at their sponsored rank, you can see the second product has a sponsored rank of 1 to get more visibility. Despite having an organic rank as low as fourteen, it manages to secure the second position in terms of clicks.  

By comparing brand analytics data with Helium 10 data in Cerebro like the above image shows, sellers can gain valuable insights into how much organic rank matters in their niche or for a particular keyword. In the case of the second and third most clicked products in the above example, it is evident that having an organic rank of fourteen or even eighteen does not hinder their click performance significantly. This suggests that spending additional resources to improve organic rank from, say, fourteen to five, may not yield substantial benefits in terms of clicks. 

Instead of obsessing over achieving the coveted number one organic rank, sellers should focus on maintaining their position within the top ten. Products ranked two, three, four, five, six, or seven can still secure a place in the top three clicked products. As long as a product remains in the top ten, it is likely to maintain its top three clicked status. Therefore, efforts should be directed toward sustaining visibility rather than aiming solely for the top spot. 

The example of the “Project X coffin shelf” showcases the significance of sponsored ranks in driving sales. Despite having an average organic rank of fourteen, this product ranks number one in sponsored results. Consequently, it receives a significant portion of its sales from being at the top of sponsored search results. This finding challenges the notion that only the top three organic ranks are vital for achieving high conversions. 

Helium 10’s Cerebro makes it easy to make informed decisions regarding organic and sponsored ranks. By comparing the performance of the top three products in terms of clicks with their respective average organic ranks, sellers can gain a deeper understanding of what drives clicks and conversions.  

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A 7-figure e-commerce seller, Carrie began her journey on Amazon, expanding rapidly to Shopify and now Currently serving as the Principal Brand Evangelist for tools at Helium 10, she's deeply passionate about sharing success strategies, tips, and tricks with fellow e-commerce sellers.

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