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How to Find Niche Products to Sell in 2024

Finding suitable products is challenging enough — let alone trying to find products that aren’t oversaturated in markets, enticing to buy, and unique enough to attract attention, all while being competitively priced.

In today’s competitive market, you must be able to not only find products that people will be willing to buy right now but almost predict the types of products that people will want at any given time. And with thousands of people across the world attempting to do the same thing, that’s no easy feat.

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What Are Niche Products?

A niche product is simply a product that’s designed to fulfill a specific purpose in a particular sector or industry. Typically, niche products are more expensive than generic products in a particular industry because they often have more unique designs and features to help buyers with a very specific task.

Niche products can also help level the playing field between multinational corporations and independent sellers or merchants. This is because niche products are more price-inelastic than normal products.

Although it sounds confusing, price inelasticity is just a fancy term for how much someone is willing to pay extra for certain products because of their scarcity. For example, because people need gas for their cars, any price increases have less of an effect on demand than non-essential products.

By picking the right niche product and selling it at the right time, you can generate hype if the product is unique and desirable enough to make people feel like they need a product as if it were essential.

How Can You Find Niche Products to Sell?

One of the most difficult things to do for companies or individuals looking to make money on Amazon is to find the items to sell in the first place. Luckily for you, we’ve outlined all the key steps for finding the most profitable niche items to sell on Amazon.

1. Discover Products With an Amazon (FBA) Product Finder

Amazon product finder tools help you by reducing the guesswork and saving you valuable time when finding products to sell. This works brilliantly for identifying product niches too – tools like Helium 10’s Black Box make it easy to find these niches in your specialist area.  

Black Box helps you identify niche products in different markets. By adjusting your search criteria, find products with low competition and high revenue that you can capitalize on. Use smart filters to unlock inspiration for products based on your specific needs. 

2. Make Use of Amazon’s Best-Sellers List

Before you start looking randomly for items online that simply catch your eye, it’s important to research your specialism. It’s worth targeting more broad categories for products you may already know something about — like home, garden, beauty, sport, or pet products — and then zero in on some more niche subcategories.

For example, say you’re into skincare and you know what’s trending, you can browse the categories page on Amazon and filter through the subcategories to find more niche items.

You can filter by quantity or number of products, whether they are free from chemicals and alcohol, whether they are natural or organic, and filter by price. By toggling the filters, you can see which products have a lot of competition and which variants don’t, as well as get a rough idea of the popularity of a particular product.

3. Use Google Trends and Keyword Research to Spot Products

To narrow down your choices further, you can track keywords to find popular trends. Tools like Google Trends can help you compare search terms for popular products — letting you find ones that are trending at any given moment.

Google Trends also lets you break down popular products by region, which can also help optimize your sales efforts.

It also lets you spot trending topics that might also lead to a surge in sales. Most notably, the rise of the Netflix series, The Queens Gambit, famously caused a rise in the sales of chess boards of over 603%, so it’s worth keeping on top of cultural trends to help you choose the right products.

To do this, simply:

  • Log into Google Trends.
  • Enter the relevant keywords of the product(s) you’re considering selling — for example, LED gaming keyboards if you’re looking to source and sell gaming equipment.
  • Explore the results – focusing mainly on the “interest over time” graphs to get a feel for people’s interest in each product.
  • Use the filters to narrow down results based on region to give you more accurate findings.

Examples of Niche Products

Niche products need to help your target audience. Whether you’re looking to buy products that target travel or fitness enthusiasts, pet owners, sustainable shoppers, gamers, or tech people, your chosen product needs to be irresistible for your target market and unique enough to make them reach for their wallets.

Some of the best examples of niche products that continually drove sales in 2024 include:

Home Products

Star/Galaxy Projector


Amazon’s range of galaxy/star constellation projectors has risen to popularity in 2024. For sellers, they’re a reasonably cheap, attractive home and leisure option and — with the right pricing – can be profitable to sell on Amazon. This example has over 12,000 reviews and thousands of buys — showing that creative home lighting for kids may very well be a market worth tapping into.

Plant Terrarium


During and after the pandemic, there was a huge surge in indoor plants being purchased. However, for sellers, there needs to be a new angle — and this plant terrarium does just that. With its unique design and attractive visuals, products like these are attractive to home buyers looking to spruce up their home interior. Boasting a lower price point too, this and similar plants are great for sellers’ margins.

Gaming Products

Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Gaming mouse

The gaming market is worth nearly $350 billion. With that said, gamers are looking for more unique ways to improve their experience and level up their game. For sellers, niche innovations — like this ergonomic mouse with programable side buttons — can be very valuable. As the landscape is always changing, new tech will always emerge, so a seller who has their eyes peeled can make money.

Cordless Air Duster

Air duster

Because tech can be expensive, more gamers are turning to nurturing their existing equipment rather than buying new ones. Cleaning equipment — like this air duster — is becoming increasingly common because of the delicate components in things like PCs, controllers, and consoles, making them both desirable for customers and profitable for sellers.

Beauty Products

Collagen Lip Mask

Lip mask

With beauty products, niche but effective products are king. Although it might seem like lip masks aren’t at the top of everyone’s wishlist, as beauty trends shift, niche products like this can be invaluable to sellers looking to capitalize on demand.

Nail Strengthening Paint

Nail paint

Beauty trends — like painted nails — will always open the door for treatment options to repair the effects of overusing products. This is a market that is often overlooked by many Amazon sellers and should always be considered as an alternative in a highly competitive beauty market.

If you’re looking for more products that are good for sellers’ margins, why not take a look at some Amazon best sellers?

What Makes a Good Item to Sell?

if you’re struggling to find what items you want to sell on Amazon — or don’t have a particular attachment to a single sector — it’s simply a case of looking for the gold mine.

We know that this is easier said than done, but there are things to look for in your products that can help gauge their success on the market. With thorough research and planning, it’s possible to be a very successful seller, but only if you pick the right niche products.

Some things to look for in a niche product include:

  • High demand, low competition — It’s no secret that demand drives sales, however, if a product is oversaturated, it can be difficult to stand out among a sea of options. When you research, it’s best to look for emerging trends or stock up on products when demand may increase — like when a product is in season, for example.
  • Unique features – Common household, personal, or even beauty products are everywhere and can be bought in most stores, so why would you buy them online? Niche products with unique features are inherently more desirable and are more likely to stir hype, increasing demand.
  • Reasonable price point — Although items of all price ranges can perform well if the product is valuable or high quality, certain price ranges are more enticing than others. Some studies suggest that shoppers view anything more than $100 as an investment and are more likely to take time to mull over a decision rather than click “Buy Now”. To entice impulse buyers, keeping within a range of $10-$99 makes people more likely to add your product to the cart without thinking about the financial risk.
  • Evergreen product use — Not only do products need to be cheap, enticing, and unique to sell well in a certain niche category, but it helps if they’re desirable all year round — especially if you’re just starting out. External factors — like emerging trends and the seasons — can affect a product’s ability to sell. Products like pet care and gaming products aren’t subjected to trends or external factors, meaning demand doesn’t waiver throughout the year.

Research the Market

To find out where you’ll be best placed to enter the world of Amazon selling, you’ll need to understand your competition.

To get a better idea of how to sell products, look at the leading sellers and incorporate the features of the best listings to optimize sales.

When you do your competitor research, you should:

  • Analyze and regularly monitor competitor prices.
  • Audit features of competitors’ listings. For example, evaluate product titles, descriptions, bullet point features, reviews, and images and take the best bits to help craft the best listing for your niche product.
  • Track your competitors’ monthly sales.
  • Understand what keywords your competitors rank for that you can use to hone your descriptions to your niche.

When it comes to competitor analysis, remember that you need to analyze both your direct competitors and indirect ones — these are competitors that sell different products but cover a similar niche.

However, while the thought of doing this manually can strike fear in prospective sellers — tools can help you streamline the process. Helium 10’s Amazon Seller Analytics Tools can help give sellers all the data-driven market insights to help them make informed decisions for their listings.

Need More Help Finding Niche Products?

Check out our video guides for more helpful information on product inspiration. You can learn key skills such as how to use Helium 10 to find niche products with our video on Amazon Product Research.


Frequently Asked Questions

You should first look for related keywords in your target sector — trending keywords may reveal products that are in demand or give you an idea of niche products you might be able to source to plug the gap in an emerging market.

Also take a look for the most interesting products possible. Products that have unique features that entice people to buy, help customers day-to-day, and aren’t oversaturated may present the opportunity for you to capitalize on the interest and lack of supply.

The most profitable Amazon category is home and kitchen. This is generally because products in this area focus on convenience and visual appeal around the home — something that people are willing to pay a lot of money for.


A dedicated copywriter with nearly 4 years of experience, Josh works with Amazon sellers and helps his clients succeed on the platform.

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