I’ve Tested the New Product Launchpad Tool and This Is What I Learned

Helium 10’s latest feature, the Product Launchpad, is revolutionizing product introductions on platforms like Amazon and Walmart.

I took the Launchpad for a spin with a mock product some weeks ago, and I’m eager to share my insights with you in this article. The potential impact of this tool on product launches can be significant.

Why? Primarily because of the data it combines. When it comes to a product launch, getting CTR, CVR, and sales are critical. Launchpad combines insights from trends, competitors, BlackBox products, and keywords like DB, Amazon Brand Analytics, and Market Tracker 360. With all these data points, nailing a successful product launch is easier.

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A Simplified Launch Plan in 3 Steps

The Launchpad breaks down the launch into three simple steps: keywords, competition, and the idea scorecard.

Product launchpad

1. Keywords

The journey starts with pinpointing the right keywords. My testing product was one of my favorites, “dog hiking boots,” but I’ll try a new one just for the sake of this post. Why not? Let’s go for a tough one: “gut health supplements.” I have used Magnet to generate keyword ideas:

Helium 10 magnet

As Magnet, Black Box, and Cerebro are integrated into Product Launchpad, you can add the keywords directly to your product ideas in 2 clicks:

Add keywords

And here’s the result:

List of keywords

Top notch! Let’s go for the competitors.

2. Competition

Next, I pinpointed my main competitors, inserted their ASINs into the Launchpad, and reviewed their sales, revenue, ratings, and listing quality in detail. This step simplifies competitive analysis; you can do it manually or using Black Box or Cerebro.

Review competitors

Product Launchpad competitors are integrated with Listing Analyzer, so you can just click and check whether the competitor’s listing is excellent. Two things you may not have noticed on the Listing Analyzer: The Category vs Subcategory BSR comparison:

Listing analyzer

And the keyword opportunity scoring. Love it! You may want to add some of those keywords to your first step on Product Launchpad 🙂

Keyword opportunity scoring

3. Final Step: Idea Scorecard

The final step, powered by AI, lets you thoroughly assess your product idea. It looks at 6 data points: market research and trends, competition, logistics & profitability market size, business biases & intuition, and future market predictions to support informed decision-making.

Calculating Your Scoring

Once you’re done inputting the information, the system will calculate your scorecard scorings and summarize the idea using AI:


Last Updated: May 3, 2024

Summarize Again

Overall Assessment

There’s a strong market potential in the Health & Household category on Amazon, with high search volumes and growing trends compared to Walmart. The market size is substantial with over 25,000 units sold monthly and revenue over $750,000. The sector also boasts a robust profitability margin and a low share of China sellers.

Actionable Recommendation

Enter the market leveraging the high search volume and favorable market trend. Given the competition’s notable negative reviews, ensure you maintain a high standard of product quality. Use the availability of numerous suppliers to negotiate better production and distribution costs.


The average review per listing is high, indicating a competitive market. Also, the average selling price could be higher, which might impact profitability if managed properly. Be wary of the 16-20% production and distribution costs.

Idea scorecard

I did this as a demo for this post in just 10 minutes. Imagine having current info on a new product and investing, let’s say, 30 minutes in the process!

Now, you can scale new product ideas quickly and easily with just a few clicks. For just $50, you can combine the results using Audience / Market Feedback to validate your idea.

Market feedback

My 2 Cents

Testing the Launchpad with “dog hiking boots” (you can see the results here) and “gut health supplements” offered rich market insights and underscored the importance of marrying data with intuition. It suggests different decision-making paths, accommodates various seller preferences, and, most of all, allows you to test ideas in a matter of minutes so you can move on to another idea or go down the rabbit hole.

Product Launchpad is excellent for both novice and expert sellers. Get the data you need, avoiding jargon and keeping things light.

I hope I’ve made the sophisticated workings of Helium 10’s Product Launchpad understandable and engaging. It’s a glimpse into the future of product launches, promising ease and insight for sellers of all stripes.


Jordi Ordóñez is a seasoned Amazon Seller & E-commerce / Amazon Consultant, who is based out of Barcelona, Spain, and has been working in the Digital Marketing space since the year 2000. In addition to his consulting practice, he authors two newsletters for Amazon Sellers and Vendors (both in Spanish and English), he published the book "Anaya Multimedia: manual de supervivencia en Amazon," and he guest posts for many E-comm sites (Helium 10, Shopify, Sage Seller, Marketing4Ecommerce, Semrush, among many others).

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