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5 High-Demand Products to Sell 🤑


With a rich tapestry of experiences woven through extensive client interactions and hands-on involvement since I first began selling on Amazon in 2019, I’ve had the privilege of offering strategic guidance to tens of thousands of sellers across all levels – from novices to well-established enterprises consistently generating seven and eight-digit revenues.

If there is anything I have learned, it is how to spot an in-demand product that has the potential to sell well given the right execution.

In this article, we’ll jump into a conversation about how you can begin selling high-demand products to jumpstart your own e-commerce store full of high-quality products that have the potential to go viral on social media platforms.

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How to Find High-Demand Products & Categories

The fastest and easiest way to discover high-demand products to sell is through the help of a software tool like BlackBox from Helium 10.

I know. I sound ridiculously biased. Thank you.

BUT it’s true and I speak from experience having launched my first product after trying to locate a product manually by using Amazon Best Sellers lists.

Full disclosure. That was a fail.

This contrasts with using a tool like BlackBox that can help you comb through Amazon data quickly and sort by criteria that help you best define opportunity.

You can take the second product I launched after starting to use the tool as proof of that. That ONE product helped me generate nearly $30,000 the first week of launching on track to six figures in the span of 1-2 months time. And yes, the profit margins are amazing.

So with that said, are you wondering how can you use BlackBox?

I encourage you to use the Products or Keywords tab.

Products or keywords tab

The products tab will output product listing pages like this one as a result back to you.

Products tab listing page

Whereas the Keywords tab will offer you search terms such as “coffin shelf.”

Keywords tab coffin shelf

The keywords tab is brilliant for studying niches allowing you to understand whether you would be able to capture sales once you have a product up and listed on Amazon. It answers “Can my product stack up to the competition?”

Since you will naturally begin with 0 reviews when you first list your newly sourced and branded product, you must either differentiate your product enough to capture market share and win on price, or the market will need to be in sufficient demand for you to “win.”

There are many filters provided inside of BlackBox to help you gauge that.

While there are no right or wrong filters you should use to select a product, you can use them to begin creating a shortlist of product ideas.

Use filters like the search volume, monthly revenue, word count, categories, title density, and review competitors to narrow your pool of potential ideas based on demand.

If you do not know what any of those are, here is a glossary of what those terms mean:

Search Volume: Search volume represents how often users search for a particular keyword on Amazon.

Monthly Revenue: This is the total sales generated by products related to the keyword on a monthly basis. This filter helps you identify keywords associated with products with a specific revenue range so you know people are willing to spend for it.

Review Count: The number of reviews that products related to the keyword have received. This filter assists in evaluating the competitiveness and market acceptance of products.

Word Count: Allows you to specify the number of words in the keyword phrase. This filter can help you target more specific or longer-tail keywords.

Categories: Enables you to filter products by specific Amazon categories, helping you narrow down your search to a particular niche or industry.

Title Density: This metric measures how well the keyword is utilized in the titles of products. Higher title density indicates that the keyword is more prominently featured in product titles.

Competitor Review: The average number of reviews received by competitors offering products related to the keyword. This provides insights into the competitive landscape and customer feedback.

Which Product Categories Are in High Demand?

Demand changes as the seasons do.

According to Google Trends, some of the top categories are: Clothing, Beauty Products (i.e. Skincare), Fitness Equipment, Matcha, Pet Supplies (i.e. Dog Toys), Baby Products (i.e. Shirts), Consumer Electronics, Home Decor, Fashion Accessories, Toys and Games, CBD Products, and Home and Kitchen Appliances

But remember, a category would not exist if at least one person did not have a necessity for it.

It is good practice to run multiple searches with BlackBox so feel free to keep the category limitations as broad or narrow as you would like. The only caveat is that certain categories may require a larger upfront investment capital (ex. large furniture, in-home decor, or electronic items) and may have restrictions. You can avoid these restricted products, restricted categories, and restricted brands on Amazon for a smoother selling experience.

Which Products Are in High Demand?

The demand within categories also ebb and flow.

Let’s do a sample search using BlackBox inside of a given category.

I would open up the Products tab of BlackBox. Say I was interested in the Arts, Crafts & Sewing niche as well as the Baby Products niche. I would select both from the “Category & Subcategory” filter before utilizing some of the other filters to find trending products online.

Black Box high demand products

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to discovering trending e-commerce products but you could use filters like a minimum of “monthly revenue” alongside “monthly sales (units)” to identify any products that are moving large volume.

Now, make note that this does not necessarily mean you want to sell that product. You will still need to validate that there is an opportunity for you to capture a piece of the pie before sourcing. However, it can be a good place to begin.

I am going to input a minimum monthly revenue of $60,000, a minimum monthly sales of 600, a maximum of three images, and a maximum of two sellers to narrow down to only private label products.

Black Box monthly revenue

We received 500 outputs.

Black Box product outputs

I went back in and added a minimum of $25 for retail pricing. Here are some outputs we received.

These could potentially be products that you could sell effectively, even without an established brand, though building a brand is where a lot of value is long-term.

#1 Sleepsack Wearable Blanket

Sleepsack Wearable blanket

This wearable vest-style blanket is being searched up and sold approximately 12,400 times on average per month and generates a monthly revenue of nearly $370,000. The image section is not even being fully utilized which could be a marker of opportunity suggesting if we create a better listing, perhaps some of that revenue could be ours given we create a quality product with low sourcing costs and that there are not too many competitors.

#2 Velvet Ribbon

Velvet ribbon

Sitting at 2,700 monthly unit sales and $103,137 monthly revenue, this velvet ribbon goes for $37 sourced for what looks like pennies on Alibaba.

Velvet ribbon Alibaba

Considering perhaps you want to create a nice logo for the beginning portion of the ribbon and place it in a nice box, seeing if you can throw in a free item to help someone sew, you can use the Helium 10 Profitability Calculator to see what it might give you in terms of net profit if you decided to venture into this market.

#3 Infant Stroller Warmmuffs

Infant stroller warmmuffs

Then, in the baby niche, we have these infant stroller hand muffs. With only two images and the title not even being spelled correctly in the title being more likely a keyword or phrase the seller is trying to rank for, this product still generates $111,000 monthly. Upwards of 2,400 people are purchasing it though, in this case, you may need to consider that this product sells better in colder seasons.

If you wish to opt for something specifically for the Q3 and Q4 season, this could do well. Perhaps you want to save it to consider for next year. However, if not, then you could rule this out as an option.

Infant stroller warmmuffs product details

#4 Wide Baby Gate

Wide baby gate

Next up, there is this extra tall and wide baby gate made from steel and hardwood. Charging a hefty $24 fee from their $50 price point, the materials are also heavy meaning a potentially higher sourcing pricepoint. The monthly moving volume is roughly 1.5K and revenue rakes in at 70K.

Whether this is something you would want to shortlist as a product idea may be dependent on what value you could add to the market by duplicating something like this while taking a closer look at metrics to understand whether you will be cash-flow positive.

#5 Bamboo Sleeping Bag

Bamboo sleeping bag

How this product shown here generates $177K per month with an unoptimized listing is impressive.

The fifth and final high-demand product I am showcasing to you is a printed sleep bag for toddlers. No buy button on the site, and no lifestyle or sizing comparison images. This online business centered on the clothing industry could be something duplicated, enhanced, and perhaps combined with influencer marketing or other sales channels to reach a more prominent target audience.


This is all to say that there is a plethora of opportunities you can tap into as a new or expanding Amazon seller.

Though whether or not you have consistently high profit margins or a profitable business will depend solely on you and the products you select, you can find more confidence in your decisions by taking your time in considering established sales data of the products available in online stores already.

Choose carefully. Faster sales cycles and consistent demand may also demand larger capital.

Make sure to weigh the trending niches, validate using consumer preferences, check online sales history, and define your competitive advantage. Perhaps your take on the fashion industry will be different from your input on the home office equipment market. Or your output to the global smartphone market may vary from what you offer to the global gaming console market, snack food, coffee industry, or wellness industry.

The beauty is it really depends on you. Good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions

Well, as per Statista’s findings, clothing and footwear stood out as the predominant category in online shopping preferences among U.S. consumers. According to a representative online survey conducted in 2023, 43 percent of respondents favored clothing, while 33 percent opted for shoes. These insights, gathered from 7,539 participants in the United States, underscore the significant popularity of these product categories in the online retail landscape. For further details, you can reference the link I attached.

According to a similar survey by the same company, clothing, footwear, and apparel emerged as the leading product category for online cross-border purchases, with over one-third of respondents having bought these items internationally over the Internet in the past year (as of October 2022). Following closely, consumer electronics and accessories ranked as the second most sought-after segment, with 20 percent of online shoppers surveyed expressing a demand for these products.

‘Cheap’ is relative. What you consider affordable, perhaps I may not. However, the market for what I consider cheap is diverse. Do bear in mind that cheap products may occasionally forego quality or sizing. On the bright side, smaller products may assist in lower warehousing and shipping costs meaning if you do not have the largest budget to start, a cheaper product may be just what you need.
Though whether the product sells or not will be dependent on trends, consumer needs, and your marketing strategy. Here are a few examples: fashion accessories, phone accessories—such as cases—screen protectors, chargers, small gadgets and organizers in the home and kitchen space, stationery and office supplies as well as certain beauty and personal care products—which include travel-sized toiletries and inexpensive cosmetics.
For those with a creative inclination, affordable DIY and craft supplies, along with hobby kits, present an enticing option for budget-friendly creative endeavors. When considering the sale of inexpensive products, you will need to remain conscious of market trends, profitability, and work at employing effective marketing strategies to ensure your business remains cash-flow positive.

I hate to burst your bubble. BUT virality and profitability depend on you. There is no such thing as an easy business otherwise everyone and their mom would be doing it. The best piece of advice I can give to you is to set realistic expectations, take action, and approach everything with a creative and growth mindset. The more value you can add to the market, alongside the better you can actually market the product, the easier it will sell.

Brand Evangelist

With an affinity for people, Shivali is passionate about industries centered around delivering authentic, helpful tools others can use to grow and succeed. She has offered strategic guidance to tens of thousands of sellers at all levels and is currently a Brand Evangelist at Helium 10 and the founder of LIVIVACE, a mind & body wellness company.

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