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Huge Helium 10 Insights With This One New Tool Feature

Amazon sellers can now use account alerts to directly compare with important sales data for never before seen insights!
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Helium10 is always working to make you the most informed, data-driven seller you can be.

Now you can add to your catalog of information with our ASIN Tracker on your Profits Summary found on the Helium 10 Dashboard.

This gives you the opportunity to layer your ordinary Profits data with points of your business information fueled by our tool, Alerts.

Sellers can now take a deep dive into the cause and effect of their business!

Our tool, Alerts, gives you a notification any time your business does something worth commemorating. What we hope to do with the ASIN Tracker is provide you with the milestones to understand exactly what helps your business succeed. Imagine a steady stream of sales, and suddenly one day a spike, then a plateau. You may have to go to your records to try and cross reference what exactly might have happened, but here instead, with ASIN Insights Tracker, you can find out exactly when you won or lost a Buy Box layered into your actual revenue for that period. 

Or perhaps you have a few specific reviews that are impacting your sales. We take away the need for all the extra research to define the “when” and “why” — we want you to go straight to the “how to fix it!” Right now, you can find the ASIN Insight Tracker on the Profits Summary on your Members Dashboard. To access this information, all you have to do is activate “View Alerts” on the top right of the Dashboard. 

Every Alert event that can be detected today will be used in the ASIN Insights Tracker: 

  • Buy Box lost
  •  Buy Box won
  •  Number of sellers changed
  •  Main image changed
  •  Price changed
  •  Dimensions changed
  •  Title changed
  •  Category changed
  •  New 5-star product review
  •  New 4-star product review
  •  New 1-3 star product review
  •  Listing suppressed
  •  Asin Marked as Adult
  •  New negative seller feedback
  •  New neutral seller feedback
  •  New positive seller feedback
  •  Reorder status changed
  •  Transfer status changed

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