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New Features for Better Keyword Research & Sponsored Ads Targeting

Cerebro and Black Box have been optimized to give you more streamlined keyword research and sponsored ad targeting options.

Helium 10 has beefed up the capabilities of two of our most popular Amazon search tools: Cerebro and Black Box! The data provided to users as well as the interfaces of both tools have been updated to provide more meaningful information front and center. Armed with these highly accurate data estimates, you can discover more keywords to enhance your product listing and find better ways to rank product higher through smarter advertising efforts.

New Features in Cerebro

We have overhauled Cerebro to put the most relevant information you care about front and center when you perform a reverse ASIN search. Check out Bradley’s explanation of the new features in Cerebro here:

Let’s dive into the upgrades for Cerebro!

Reverse ASIN lookup tool

The major change to Cerebro is that much of the relevant search data is now centrally located on the results page (versus within the dropdown menus as before). Additionally, you can much more easily switch between different Amazon marketplaces supported by Helium 10 prior to performing your reverse ASIN keyword search.

Helium 10 Cerebro

After you enter in an ASIN into Cerebro and hit “Get Keywords,” you will notice the following changes to the results dashboard:

Total Keywords

  • Organic Keywords – The number of keywords that Cerebro has detected that the product shows up on the top 20 pages for the listed keywords.
  • Sponsored Keywords – The number of keywords that Cerebro has detected that the product has been showing up in sponsored ads targeting the listed keywords.
  • Amazon Suggested Keywords – The number of certain keywords that Cerebro has detected that Amazon favors these certain keywords to be used in advertising on its platform.

Frequently Bought Together

The products that appear in this box have been paired with the ASIN you searched within the last 30 days under the “Frequently Bought Together” area of the listing. The three products that appear in the box are the top most frequent to be coupled with the search ASIN. The entire list of products can be seen when you click onto the box. From there, you will be transferred to Black Box for a more detailed look.


The keywords that appear in this box are words that appear most often for key phrases that the ASIN ranks for on Amazon. For users, these words should signal which keywords to target.

New Cerebro Data Columns

Amazon ASIN rank
  • Match Type – This column states if the keyword listed accounts for one or all of the Total Keywords types: Organic (O), Sponsored (S), and Amazon Suggested (A)
  • Amazon Suggested Rank – The number in this column represents the level of importance the keyword ranks (in Amazon’s opinion) for advertising and keyword ranking.
  • Sponsored Rank – The number in this column represents in what position a sponsored ad targeting the keyword is in the search results (ex. a “1” means that a sponsored ad targeting that keyword for this ASIN is the first sponsored ad to appear in the search results).
  • Organic Rank – The number in this column represents the what position the ASIN appears in for the regular organic search.

New Features in Black Box

We have created an effective new way for our users to find existing products that would be good targets for advertising for your own product using Black Box.

Check out Bradley’s explanation of the new features for Black Box here:

This new feature is under the new “Product Targeting” tab as seen below:

Amazon Product Research Tool

After entering an ASIN to use for Black Box’s reference, the product research tool will give you back many options for products that you may want to target in your Amazon ad campaign. Black Box provides many of the same filters you are familiar with, but we have added the “Source” filter for much more specific queries.

Helium 10 Black Box

As in the new Cerebro features, Black Box will now allow you to search based on product listing data:

  • Frequently Bought Together – Black Box reveals products that are often paired with the entered ASIN in the “Frequently Bought Together” section of product listings as optimal products to target for advertising.
  • Amazon Suggested – These are products that Amazon believes to be highly relevant to the entered ASIN that are optimal products to target for advertising.
  • Customer Also Bought – Black Box reveals products that often appear in the “Customer Also Bought” section of the entered ASIN’s product listing as optimal products to target for advertising.

If you are not currently using Cerebro, Black Box, or any of our other brilliant Amazon seller tools, what’s holding you back?


Do you have any questions about the new features in Cerebro and Black Box? Send us your query in a comment below!

Jonathan Dean

Content Coordinator at Helium 10
Jonathan has been writing about the entrepreneurial world for several years, having interviewed many major players at several SoCal companies. He also has extensive experience in crafting product listings and performing product and keyword research.

Cerebro is Jonathan's favorite Helium 10 tool because of its' versatility and value for FBA sellers.
Jonathan Dean


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