Amazon Automation for FBA: How to 5X Your Productivity


Amazon automation is a great way to multiply your efforts without having to hire a huge staff to support your Amazon Business. In this blog, we explore the exciting possibilities of utilizing tools and software, like Helium 10, to enhance productivity and effectiveness as an Amazon seller. We’ll reveal the importance of Amazon automation, bust some myths, and offer helpful advice on how these automated solutions have a significant impact on several areas of your Amazon business operations. We’ll travel through a variety of automation options, from inventory management and competition monitoring to review solicitation and PPC campaign optimization, providing helpful ideas to maximize your success on the Amazon marketplace and expedite your FBA journey.

What Is Amazon Automation?

Amazon automation typically refers to the process of using automated tools, software, or systems to streamline and optimize various aspects of selling products on Amazon. This could involve utilizing software to automate monitoring competitors, repricing, inventory management, order processing, and other tasks associated with running an Amazon store.

Amazon automation tools such as the tools offered by Helium 10 and services aim to save time, optimize operations, and improve overall efficiency for Amazon sellers. However, successful implementation requires a good understanding of the Amazon marketplace, its policies, and a strategy that aligns with the seller’s goals.

It’s important to note that while automation can be incredibly helpful, it’s crucial to monitor and adjust these systems regularly to ensure they align with changing market dynamics, Amazon policies, and customer needs. Running an Amazon business is not a set-it-and-forget-it type of business so as long as you utilize these tools for more efficiency and continue to follow Amazon guidelines you will be fine.

Is Amazon Automation Legit, or Is It a Scam?

Amazon Automation is not illegal or a scam. Amazon automation is utilizing tools to help run your business more efficiently. There are many legitimate automation providers such as Helium 10, but these tools help to optimize processes and are not designed to fully run your ecommerce business. Amazon automation is not setting up everything on Amazon with automation tools and forgetting about it. That can lead to a lot of issues such as loss of money that you invested and it can even get your account suspended. There are some people out there who claim to be Amazon experts or gurus that will say they can set up your entire business for a price and then you can expect to get a certain ROI. These types of claims or promised ROIs are false and illegal. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) controls the aforementioned claims and makes an effort to hold con artists responsible. However, Amazon automation in regards to utilizing tools to help run your business more efficiently are definitely permitted as long as they are approved by Amazon.

Is Amazon Automation Legal?

Amazon automation is legal as long as you use automation software and tools to help your business to run more efficiently. Technically, you can set up your own business on Amazon with Automations and then try to let it run on it’s own without managing it. However, this is not recommended because most processes on Amazon require human oversight. Setting up automation software without monitoring it can lead amazon sellers to lose a lot of money and could potentially lead to their Amazon account being suspended. Amazon is constantly updating policies and changing processes so it’s imperative if you want to run a successful Amazon business that you monitor it daily.

Can You Completely Automate an Amazon Store?

Although complete Amazon store automation would be great, it is not a business model that will actually help you run a successful Amazon store and could potentially get your Amazon Account suspended. While many operational aspects can be streamlined through automation tools, the intricate nature of running an Amazon business involves multifaceted tasks that often necessitate human judgment. Adapting to Amazon’s frequently evolving policies, ensuring customer satisfaction, and strategizing for long-term growth require human oversight. Achieving success on Amazon typically involves a balanced approach, leveraging Amazon automation tools for efficiency while maintaining active human involvement for strategic decision-making, customer engagement, and overall store quality.

Should I Use an Amazon Automation Service Provider?

We do not recommend hiring an Amazon automation agency or paying someone to create an automated Amazon storefront for your Amazon business for many reasons. The first reason is that no one will care more about your own business and your monetary investment than you will. Many Amazon automation services are being created so that they can make a quick buck even if it means setting up Amazon sellers for failure.

What Are the Different Ways I Can Automate Aspects of My Amazon FBA Business?

There are many different ways to automate aspects of your Amazon business. The best way to automate your Amazon business is to utilize amazon automation tools like many tools that are available through Helium 10. This type of software automation can help you to automate repetitive tasks so that you can focus on the bigger picture of growing your Amazon business.

Monitoring Your Listings

There are a lot of things that need to be managed on your Amazon store on a daily basis, which is why having automation software like Helium 10 is very helpful to keep track of everything. Helium 10 has automated systems such as alerts and insights on their Insights Dashboard to help you keep track of your Amazon store. The following is a screenshot of all of the alerts that you can set up in Helium 10:

Many of the above-listed alerts can be game changers for your business and can save you so much money if you set these in place. For example, you will get an alert if your product dimensions have changed. Sometimes Amazon automatically updates your product dimensions and pushes you into a higher tier causing you to have to pay higher fees. Without an alert, you might not see this mistake and waste thousands of dollars in Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). It will also let you know if your listing is suppressed so that you can get your listing back up and running without missing out on too many sales. All of these alerts are incredibly helpful to automate your Amazon FBA business so that it can run efficiently and prevent the loss of money. Once you set up these alerts, they will be viewable on your Insights Dashboard in Helium 10 along with many other automated insights that Helium 10 provides to help you grow and manage your Amazon business quickly and efficiently.

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can see all of your alerts and insights in one place on Helium 10’s Insights Dashboard. In the screenshot below, you can see all of the insights that Helium 10 will provide to you based on the parameters that you set in your customizable settings. They are Adtomic insights for PPC automation, competitor tracking, inventory management, keyword suggestions and automated keyword research, listing optimization, listing suppression, product performance and refunds.

Setting up these types of amazon automation tools can seriously help you save time, money, and prevent a lot of unnecessary issues.

Monitoring Your Competitors

One of the best tools that Helium 10 offers is their Insights Dashboard tool that has the ability to help you quickly and efficiently monitor your competitors. All you need to do is add your competitors to the Competitor Insights Dashboard and you can see everything all of your competitors are doing in one dashboard such as adding or taking away a coupon, a listing change, increase or decrease in BSR, increase or decrease in sales, increase or decrease in reviews and more!

The above screenshot shows the competitor dashboard where you can see each product and what has changed on your competitor listings. Here are some of the customizable competitor insights that you can set up to automatically see in this dashboard:

In the above screenshot, you can see that you can get customized insights on how your competitor’s prices has changed, and whether or not they have added or taken away a coupon from their listing. In the image below, you can see that you can also track changes that your competitors are making to their listings. This is a great way to see if they are updating their title to add new keywords or adding a better main image that they have run split tests on. You will also be able to see if their sub category has changed.

The final set of insights that you can see on your competitors performance is this performance insight. You can customize these sections to see when BSR has changed, Review count has increased or decrease and if sales have increased or decreased.

Without the above tool in Helium 10’s Insights Dashboard, you would have to visit each one of your competitors’ listings and analyze their product listings every day. This tool from Helium 10 saves you so much time because all it takes is 5 minutes to set it up and you can see all of this information with a click of a button!

Automated Keyword Research

Helium 10’s Keyword Insights on the Insights Dashboard allows you to automate Keyword Research. With this tool, you can automate your keyword research and get daily keyword insights on your dashboard. You can either start tracking those keywords or delete them. These keyword suggestions can help you stay up to date on important keywords that competitors might be capitalizing on that you missed. It will also keep track of where you rank for the most important keywords.

Review Automation: Sending Out Review Requests

You can use Helium 10’s Follow Up Tool to automate the process of requesting a review if you don’t want to spend the time visiting Amazon Seller Central each day and requesting an individual review for each sale. It’s an extremely easy process and this type of Amazon automation will save you so much time and will potentially help you to get a lot more reviews from your customers! It’s easy to set up, all you need to do is login to your Helium 10 account and go to the Follow Up tool. Once you are in Helium 10’s follow up too, click on “Email Automation” in the left hand menu bar.

Then, click on “New Automation” in the top right corner of the tool.

Then click on “Request a Review,” in the pop up menu.

Make any changes to the flow that you want to and then click on “Save and Exit,” and your review automation will be live.

For more detailed information on how to set up review automation, check out our blog post all about how to get reviews and how to automate review requests here.

Creating Product Listing Details

Helium 10 has an incredible Listing Builder tool powered by AI that can help you to write your Amazon Listings. It’s not completely automated but can help speed up the process of creating your listing. All you need to do is tell the system what your main selling points and product features are, provide a list of relevant keywords, and specify what should not be included in the list. Then, at the click of a button, you will have Title, Bullets, and Description written for you.

Creating Amazon Posts

Helium 10’s Listing Builder tool can also help you come up with great captions for your Amazon posts. All you need to do is click, “Write it for me” and this tool will create Amazon post captions complete with important keywords and hashtags. This will help when you run out of Amazon posts ideas or if you can’t think of anything to post.

Managing Refunds

Managing Refunds is also easy with Helium 10’s Refund Genie tool. It will download all information that you need to send in to Amazon in order to get refunds that Amazon owes you. Don’t leave money on the table by overlooking this incredible amazon automation for your Amazon store!

Running PPC Campaigns

Helium 10’s Adtomic tool allows you to set up and manage PPC campaigns quickly and efficiently through various automations. Utilizing Adtomic can help you to save a lot time managing campaigns. This tool is not a set it and forget it kind of tool but it will help save you time through automations like suggestions of negative keywords, automated rules to help you lower ACoS and more!

Hiring Outside Help Such as an Agency or a Virtual Assistant

Hiring outside help is a great way to do Amazon Automation the right way! Utilizing Agencies and Virtual Assistants (VA’s) can help you automate tasks, delegate manual processes and routine tasks that take a lot of time, and hand off time-consuming tasks so that you can spend more time working on ways to grow your business. If you want to find a great agency or VA, visit Helium 10’s Seller Solutions Partner Hub here. Keep in mind that you don’t want to just hand off tasks and forget about them. It’s important to check the work that agencies and VA’s provide to make sure that it is up to your standards and done the best way to help you grow your business. If you don’t manage agencies and VA’s properly, it can lead to disaster so make sure you are keeping tabs on these agencies and VA’s.


The implementation of Amazon automation tools, like those provided by Helium 10, is a strategic and beneficial investment for Amazon sellers aiming to amplify their productivity and streamline their operations. These tools offer a spectrum of automation options, assisting sellers in various critical aspects of their business, such as managing inventory, monitoring competitors, conducting keyword research, soliciting reviews, and overseeing different tasks within the Amazon ecosystem. The ability to automate repetitive or time-consuming processes enables sellers to focus on overarching business strategies, growth, and enhancing customer experiences, ultimately optimizing their Amazon storefront’s efficiency. While the initial investment in these tools is necessary, the potential time saved, increased sales, and streamlined operations outweigh the initial cost. Effectively utilizing Amazon automation tools is a prudent investment for sellers looking to scale and manage their business more efficiently on the platform.

The significance of thoroughly researching and selecting automation tools that align with specific business needs and objectives cannot be overstated. Additionally, continuous monitoring and adjustment of these tools are crucial to ensure they remain synchronized with Amazon policies, market trends, and customer demands. As with any investment, a thoughtful and strategic approach with the integration and utilization of these tools can lead to substantial benefits for Amazon sellers in the long run.


Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon automation encompasses the utilization of various tools and software to streamline and enhance different facets of an Amazon seller’s operations. An example of this automation is evident in tools such as Helium 10’s review request automation feature. This tool automates the process of soliciting reviews from customers who have purchased products on Amazon through Amazon’s request a review feature. Instead of manually reaching out to buyers, Helium 10’s automation automates the process of requesting reviews through Amazon. Once this is enabled, Amazon will automatically send review requests to your customers on your behalf, encouraging them to share feedback about their purchased items. This automation not only saves time but also systematically prompts customers to leave reviews, contributing to improved social proof, increased product visibility, and potentially higher sales on the Amazon platform.

Investing in Amazon automation tools can significantly benefit Amazon sellers by streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency. Tools like those offered by Helium 10 present a range of functionalities, including inventory management, competitive analysis, keyword research, review solicitation, and PPC campaign optimization. These tools save time by handling repetitive tasks, allowing sellers to focus on strategic planning, business growth, and customer engagement. Moreover, they streamline processes, reducing manual errors and enhancing accuracy in tasks such as inventory management and repricing. Tools that monitor competitors and optimize campaigns offer valuable insights, providing a competitive edge in the bustling Amazon marketplace. Review solicitation tools prompt customers to leave reviews, potentially boosting social proof and leading to increased sales. However, the decision to invest in these tools should be made after careful consideration. Sellers need to assess their business needs and ensure that the tools align with their objectives. Ongoing monitoring and adjustment are essential to keep the tools in sync with Amazon’s policies and the dynamic marketplace. Choosing reputable tools from established providers can be a wise move for sellers seeking to scale their Amazon businesses and manage operations more efficiently.

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