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Why Is My Amazon Manual Campaign Getting No Impressions?

In this Helium 10 AMA Bradley Sutton, is answering the question, "Why Is My Amazon Manual Campaign Getting No Impressions?"

If you’re not getting impressions on a manual campaign, the first step is to run those keywords through Helium 10’s Index Checker. Here Bradley Sutton, Helium 10’s Director of Customer Success and Training, is answering the question, “Why Is My Amazon Manual Campaign Getting No Impressions?”

This one’s a more complicated issue. We don’t have a quick fix, but we can suggest several possible factors for you to consider:

Our first suggestion: consider that Amazon gives preference to campaigns with a history of performance. Therefore, if your automatic campaign is older than your manual campaign, Amazon will naturally favor it and you will likely see better results with the automatic campaign.

This is also a good reason to keep older campaigns instead of discarding them, even if periodically inactive (kind of like how credit advisors suggest keeping older credit card accounts open, even if you don’t use them that often). This ensures that you retain all of your hard work on your previous campaigns, and are able to leverage its ‘credibility’ over time.

Another thing to note is how many keywords you’re actually targeting in your manual campaigns. For example, if you’re only bidding on five keywords, you’ll be limited to the impressions available for those keywords.

On the flipside, automatic campaigns aren’t limited in the same way, since you’re allowing Amazon to select and target keywords for you. This is always a good option for a product or product space you’re not very familiar with, and need to collect more data on first.

To help improve your Manual campaign, there are some additional things you can try: 

First, use Helium 10’s Index Checker tool to ensure the keywords you are bidding on are indexed. If you’re not getting any impressions at all for those keywords on your manual campaign, this is probably why.

Next, try increasing your campaign budget and bids if feasible for you and your allocated ad spend. For example, if you’re bidding $1, bid $3 or $4 instead. Of course, always make sure to factor in ad spend into your overall profits/ROI and business plan.

All in all, PPC is hard to predict. The bids are constantly changing day to day, depending on what others are bidding against you. Make sure you regularly check the Suggested Bids from Amazon to bid above it, stay ahead of the curve, and generate traffic on the keywords you are targeting.

Also note that all campaigns are not created equal, so don’t be discouraged if one campaign type is more successful than the other. At the end of the day, it’s a lot of trial and error.

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6 responses to “Way to Improve Amazon Keyword Rankings.”

  1. Hey Brad, does combining all the child listings under a parent also help the ranking of that parent listing by combining the stats of the child listings or will the parent only rank as well as the best-ranked child listing?

      • Hey Brad does that mean it’s possible adding a child variation actually hurts your overall ranking? For example, let’s say you’re selling 100 units/day so you add another color, but some of the people that would have bought the original are now buying the other color. Let’s say it’s now 80 units/day of the original and 40units/day of the new color. So overall you’re better off at 120 units, but now your best seller is selling 80/day instead of 100/day. Could that hurt your ranking? Or would Amazon look at the combined velocity of 100?

  2. Hi Bradley,

    Is there a Helium tool that lets you see how a specific competitor is spending money on Amazon ads (e.g. what keywords that competitor is buying and how much they’re spending)?

    • Hello Stephen, You can see all the keywords they are showing up for in sponsored ads, by putting that ASIN into Cerebro, and filtering for “Sponsored Results”. But you can’t see how much they are spending because the information on how much someone is spending is not public.

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