The Inventory Management: How to Navigate and Prepare for the Q4 Sales Rush During COVID

Prime Day, Black Friday & Cyber Monday, and end-of-the-year Holiday Shopping will all be in Q4 this year. This is a big opportunity and a big challenge. Helium 10 and have partnered to bring you an Inventory Gameplan to optimize your Amazon inventory for ultimate sales success this Q4. 

Uncover a Q4 Inventory Strategy to accurately forecast demand, avoid stockouts, keep deliveries on schedule, and more.


What’s Waiting Inside The Webinar: 

  • How to build a “bulletproof” Q4 Forecast to avoid stockouts and accurately meet demand
  • Logistics best practices to speed up deliveries during the current COVID pandemic 
  • The #1 tip to replenish your Amazon inventory and fulfill your customer’s orders (even if you do stock out)