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Amazon Landing Page Builder (Portals)

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Benefits of Portals

Drive external traffic directly to your product page

  • Utilize easy-to-build, conversion-optimized product landing pages designed for Amazon sellers
  • Customize and instantly populate each page with your product information directly from Amazon
  • Boost repeat purchases with ready-to-use sales, email opt-in, thank you pages, and more
  • Create product inserts using customizable templates that capture attention and drive sales
Benefits of Portals

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To create a landing page for advertising an individual product or entire catalog, you must use a third-party tool like Helium 10’s Portals to do so.

Portals is a tool that enables sellers to create customized landing pages to drive traffic from other marketing channels (i.e. email, social media, etc.). Portals provides a seamless interface to collect data, analyze it, and adjust campaigns accordingly.

Portals by Helium 10 is the best Amazon landing page builder on the market, due to easy-to-use integrations and a broad range of functionalities. Portals imports your Amazon listings directly, helping you create a landing page quickly and efficiently. This has a wide range of benefits. It lets you activate a landing page for the duration of your ad campaign, then stores it for later reuse, as well as allowing you to incorporate two-step urls to Amazon or other platforms. Portals helps you track clicks, easily collect customer emails for subsequent campaigns, and create deeper Meta integration for your ads. Portals also allows you redirect customers to multiple platforms where your product is sold, build short, medium, or long form landing pages, depending on the volume of information you want customers to see about your product. These numerous functionalities seamlessly integrate into your business to provide brand and business value immediately.

You don’t need a website to create an Amazon landing page; you can use a tool like Helium 10’s Portals to create them.

It should include a headline, a brief description about what’s being offered and your unique selling proposition, images or short videos to position the products well, supporting proof (i.e. testimonials), and a clear call-to-action.

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The Details

How to Build a Great Amazon Landing Page

Once you have taken the time to develop a targeted customer email list, there’s almost no end to the number of ways that you can continue to scale-up your brand on Amazon. One you capture their contact details, they’re now your customers. Now you can both increase your business and super charge your capacity for superior customer service. You’ll be able to run marketing campaigns, facilitate cross selling to take full advantage of your Amazon’s brand build-out, qualify traffic to your Amazon pages, and build long-term relationships with your customers with your Amazon Posts.

Landing pages are one of the best ways to make sure that all those names on your email list don’t go to waste. Don’t forget them! A landing page is a web page or platform built to move prospects down your sales funnel. Its purpose is to turn interested prospects into buyers. When it comes to getting your prospective buyers to your landing page, there’s no better way than with your email lists.

Combining a landing page with your email marketing campaign, social media outreach, or website will allow you to continue to scale-up your own personal presence on Amazon. Everybody knows the Amazon name. It’ll be a good feeling to know that the time and expense that you’ve invested will help make your own brand’s name familiar to buyers as well.

A perfect landing page needs 5 main components: A clear and unique selling proposition, engaging visual images, compelling value propositions or benefits, inspirational social proof or customer testimonials, and a strong call-to-action. With these critical rules in place, your business and brand identity can benefit enormously.