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When it comes to selling on Amazon, it’s critical to know what works and what doesn’t. Keyword Tracker allows you to keep a log of the changes you have made in your marketing and optimization efforts so that you can visualize how those changes affected where your product listing ranks for given keywords.

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To increase exposure for your FBA seller products within the US’s largest product search engine it is vital to incorporate an Amazon keyword ranking tracker in your listing optimization process. You’ve already done the keyword research to identify the top performing queries in your niche, now use our Amazon SEO tools to monitor your ranking and increase traffic to your listings.

Performing this task manually is time consuming and tedious, but with our Keyword Tracker, the process of monitoring your product rankings is simple and easy. Just add a new ASIN and soon you’ll know where your Amazon product page ranks for all your targeted keywords. With this industry leading Amazon SEO software, you’ll be able to visualize how the listing optimization improvements you’ve made have impacted your ranking over a period of time. The tool will also provide valuable information on your competition by displaying where their products rank for various keyword phrases and you’ll discover keywords with low competition that can be utilized to your advantage. Take your Amazon search engine optimization to the next level and get a leg up on your competition by incorporating this must have Amazon seller software.

Tracking Search Queries in Amazon

How Helium 10’s Amazon Keyword Ranking Tracker Can Help You Outperform Your Competitors:

01With our intuitive design and easy to use interface, tracking your keywords and optimizing your Amazon product page has never been easier.

02Monitor important keywords for the profitable Amazon niches you’re targeting.

03Know what works and what doesn’t by logging the changes you made in your marketing and optimization efforts.

04Pass up your competition with keyword data that will improve your Amazon product ranking position.

05Discover a goldmine of keywords that have low-competition and utilize them to maximize your FBA revenue.

Use Keyword Rank Tracker to Dramatically Improve Your Amazon SEO and Boost Your Product Rankings in the A9 Search Engine!

Quickly Setup Your Amazon SEO Keyword Ranking Tracker

No one likes a time-consuming set up process and with our Amazon SEO – Keyword Ranking Tracker this annoying chore is a breeze. Simply type your URL or ASIN to add new products and quickly input new keywords with one click of a button. No need to start from scratch with each FBA product, as you can import keywords from another product to save time. By using an Amazon keyword tracking tool, you’ll have more time to analyze the actual data and then optimize your workflow accordingly.

Surpass Your Competition in Amazon Product Ranking Results

Knowing how many competing Amazon seller products there are for a given keyword is an incredibly useful metric for understanding your market. Our tracking software displays this critical information for all keywords and shows you what your competition is targeting. In addition, the toll will also tell you which keyword phrases have low competition, making them easier to achieve top ranking in a shorter amount of time. With this incredibly useful tool you’ll have the insight necessary to overtake your comeptition and increase visibility in Amazon product ranking results.

Convert More Sales by Increasing Exposure with Amazon Listing Optimization

Keyword rank tracking is incredibly important to Amazon’s top sellers because this metric is directly related to sales volume. Simply put, the higher your product ranks, the more exposure and revenue you can expect. Take advantage of the estimated monthly searches data to identify which keywords are used most frequently in the A9 search engine and target them to boost exposure for your listings. Our keyword tracker is a trusted and proven method to gauge what’s working so you can constantly improve your Amazon listing optimization. With this newfound exposure for your Amazon FBA products you’ll see a significant increase in sales and improve your bottom line.

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