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#155 – Helium 10 Introduces 9 New Ways to Level-Up the Way You Track, Learn, and Earn on Amazon

When athletes enthusiastically over-celebrate a personal achievement, you might occasionally hear coaches advise them to, “act like you’ve been there before.”

Today, Helium 10 might be forgiven for over-celebrating a little bit. Helium 10 just released nine new ways that Amazon sellers can level-up their e-commerce game. But it’s more than that. Part of that update involves a new “Helium 10 specific” Amazon learning Academy, coaching from master-sellers, Inventory Management, and the game changer; Alta by Helium 10.

Alta by Helium 10 features five separate financial tools that support Amazon sellers. One of them, a lending program that advances up to a million dollars to qualified sellers, is designed from the ground up for Amazon sellers to help them make their e-commerce dreams come true.


In this case, it might be impossible.

In episode 155 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley discusses:

  • 03:00 – A Way to Help Sellers with One of Their Biggest Big Pain Points
  • 06:05 – Next-Level Competitor Insights
  • 11:30 – Learn How to Unlock the Full Power of Helium 10’s Software – Helium 10 Academy
  • 15:30 – A New Way to See the “Full Story” by Looking at Historical Data – Keyword Tracker Historical Keyword Ranking  
  • 23:00 – How to Get Personalized Coaching Worth Thousands from a Master Seller – Freedom Ticket Xtra
  • 26:30 – A Completely Free Way to Get Insights into Your Amazon Advertising Strategy – Helium 10 PPC Audit  
  • 32:00 – The Newest Features of the Most Anticipated Helium 10 Tool – ADS by Helium 10 (Now Available to Diamond Members)
  • 34:15 – A NEW Tool that Has Functionality that BLOWS ME AWAY – Inventory Management
  • 39:30 – The Biggest Announcement We’ve Ever Made (For Any Business Owner Who Likes Money) – Alta by Helium 10

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  • Freedom Ticket: Taught by Amazon thought leader Kevin King, get A-Z Amazon strategies and techniques for establishing and solidifying your business.
  • Ultimate Resource Guide: Discover the best tools and services to help you dominate on Amazon.
  • Helium 10: 20+ software tools to boost your entire sales pipeline from product research to customer communication and Amazon refund automation. Make running a successful Amazon business easier with better data and insights. See what our customers have to say.
  • Helium 10 Chrome Extension: Verify your Amazon product idea and validate how lucrative it can be with over a dozen data metrics and profitability estimation. 
  • Trademarks are vital for protecting your Amazon brand from hijackers, and provides a streamlined process for helping you get one.


Bradley Sutton: On today’s episode, learn about 9 “Mega” new ways that you have available to you to help you track, learn and earn on Amazon so that you can level-up your game. How cool is that? Pretty cool I think.

Bradley Sutton: Hello everybody. And welcome to another episode of the Serious Sellers Podcast by Helium 10. I am your host Bradley Sutton, and this is the show that’s a completely BS free, unscripted and unrehearsed organic conversation about serious strategies for serious sellers of any level in the eCommerce world. And I’ve got a lot of serious updates for you in case you missed it earlier today, we did our second ever what we call “Meganar.” Meganar is just like a Mega Webinar, and we had the most live viewers that we’ve had on something like this before. We had over 4,000. And this was the most that we’ve had live on like a private event. I mean, this wasn’t streamed on Facebook or, or streamed on YouTube or anything. We wanted to make this thing real big because we launched nine new ways to track, learn and earn on Amazon with Helium 10 and what we do here at Helium 10, we pride ourselves on bringing you guys solutions, solutions to problems that you guys are facing, especially as Amazon sellers.

Bradley Sutton: And we listen to our users, they send us messages every day on, on what kind of functionality they need and where they’re having to go to other sources. And what we do is like we compile all of these and just really come down to it and say, “Hey, let’s launch this. Let’s launch that. Let’s develop this. Let’s develop that for our users”. And this was a kind of a culmination of the last few months of development. So I’m going to go over exactly all the new ways to track learn and earn on Amazon. And especially with a theme in mind of leveling up, that was the kind of theme that we had for that broadcast this morning was– we’re trying to help you guys level up your Amazon game.

Bradley Sutton: All right. So how I’m going to frame this is kind of like a talk about the problems that users gave us or the struggles that they were having, and then basically what we’ve come up with in order to help you guys out. So one of the main things I think you, you would agree is people struggled to get reviews for the listing, right? Now here at Helium 10, we’ve got the program Follow-Up. All right so you know, that, that’s one of our tools. We’ve had that for quite a while now and there’s thousands of users who are using it in order to ask for reviews. But a lot of times lately in the last few months, there’s a lot of Amazon sellers who are worried about either sending messages by themselves or even using Follow-Up and it’s because you know how Amazon is so strict with what people say when they contact the customers. They know that if they say something wrong or that Amazon doesn’t like they might get their ability to send messages removed. Has that ever happened to you guys? Where you thought you were in compliance with how you were asking for a review, but Amazon’s like, “Ah, that’s not the way to do it. You can’t send any messages for 30 days”. Right? So yeah, a lot of people are saying that, “Hey, I’m scared that even though I think I’m doing things right. You guys can relate to that? So in order to help with that, what we have done is we have come up with the Helium 10 Seller Assistant Chrome extension. It allows you to level up your review request.

Bradley Sutton: Now this was designed for Amazon sellers who want quick, easy, fully TOS compliant option of using the Amazon request a review button in order to ask customers to give them a review. All right so, since we have Follow-Up, most of our customers were quite happy with that. And as you know, we mentioned, they still are happy with that, but there’s a growing number of people who were wanting this kind of functionality so that he could leverage what the Amazon system provides one by one. But at the same time, it’s kind of tedious to have to click that button inside your seller central, to request a review one by one. So that’s why we developed this Chrome extension where it can do up to 100 at a time. If you have a hundred orders up on your seller central page. So you guys can actually access this immediately completely for free. You don’t even have to be a Helium 10 member. So if you’re out there, you want to go ahead and install this on your computer. So you can start using that request to review button. You can go to Again, Basically, that’s going to bring you to the Google Chrome store and you’ll be able to download it right there. So you just install it and then within literally about 60 seconds, you can be requesting reviews from your buyers that way.

Bradley Sutton: Now here’s something important, I don’t care if you’re using Helium 10 Follow-Up or another tool, don’t be using this and Follow-Up or this and another email– and emailing somebody to ask for a review, you got to pick one or the other. And for me personally, I still– you just use Follow-Up. I’m not using this because I like to be able to custom-tailor my messages. I like having different subjects and me personally, I’ve never been banned from sending request to reviews because I am very above board with how I message things. And so I’m still going to use Follow-Up, but some of you out there, who cannot use Follow-Up, go ahead and use this. And you can also request reviews, but just don’t do both at the same time. All right guys, again, go ahead and install this right now. This is the first of 9 things that I’m going to announce today here on the podcast that we have released. So again, that’s

Bradley Sutton: We’re just getting started here. We’re just getting started. What’s another thing that maybe is on the mind of Amazon sellers? Well, those who are using Helium 10, you guys know how important it is to monitor your own products with the Helium 10 Alerts tool. Like did somebody jump on your listing and change the price? Did Amazon or somebody else change one of your images, change your title? You know, all these things can affect your money. They can affect your bottom line, right? So you need to know when these things happened. All right. But, but what about if your competitors are making changes to their own listings, their own price, their own images, They’re changing their title. You know, many users out there or sellers I should say they hire VA’s to constantly monitor the competition so they can pick up on trends for titles, or if their competitors are changing their price or have huge swings and reviews. So it’s for that reason that we launched Market Alerts, right? Market Alerts by Helium 10 gives you unprecedented timely insights into your competitors.

Bradley Sutton: Now, this is something that those of you who already have been using Helium 10 Market Tracker, you’ve already seen this probably in your inbox. Maybe you were wondering the last few weeks, what in the world are these new emails that I’ve been getting? So here’s a market alert that I got via email lately. It was for one of the Project X markets that I was tracking for egg trays. So I got this email that says, “Hey, this ASIN changed their image”. All right. So I’m like, “Hm, that’s interesting. They changed their main image. I was thinking, well, is this a trend? Like, is this kind of image better than the kind that it was before?” I also got another email and that same one where one competitor changed their price from $12.90 for their egg tray to $17.79.

Bradley Sutton: I mean, that was a pretty significant 37%. Guys, no, I did not do that math in my head, the email I got from Market Alerts told me that it was 37.91%. Right, so now if that happened during the week to multiple ASINs, well what would that trigger me to do you think? Maybe I would have to think about adjusting my pricing accordingly. All right? Or did maybe one of these products go out of stock? And that’s why the price increased dramatically like was that a Hijacker? Regardless, this is something that I should check out. You know, if, if the sales and the activity of my direct competitors affects my sales, I need to keep up-to-date without having to physically look at people’s listings every day so I can know what exactly is going on. Right? There’s also weekly emails that you get. For example, the number of reviews that have increased from your competitors, or maybe decrease, I mean, think about this scenario, guys. What if one of your competitors or multiple competitors, all of a sudden, they were caught doing review abuse. And we talked about that a little bit ago, and then you notice like, one of your main competitors had like 95% of his reviews drop. So like maybe both of you guys had 500 reviews, right? But then all of a sudden, now your competitor gets some of his reviews put on hold, meaning they’re not showing up anymore. And now he went from 500 to like 10 reviews. Well, what do you think you should do on your listing? Well, if that was me and he was my main competitor, now I know that, “Hey, for a lot of customers, my listing, all of a sudden is a lot more attractive where I’m not even on equal ground with that competitor anymore. I look a lot better”. So am I going to do? I might up my PPC spend, I might up my bids on going after him in my product, targeting PPC ads, knowing that I can now steal a little bit more market share. So it’s really important to have insight into this so that you can actually take action to help your business. So if you guys want to find out more about this, you can go to

Bradley Sutton: There’s other alerts that it gives you, like if they change their title, there was one that I talked about and the Meganar where there was another egg tray where they took out the word “egg carton” from their title. Now that was weird to me. Like if there was more than one or two people who started doing that, I think in our egg tray we might’ve had egg carton in it, but what if their research or their PPC or their whatever has shown them that egg carton is actually not a good word to describe. You’re not getting great conversion on that keyword for this niche. Well, instead of me having to do that kind of test, I can just probably go off of their research and say, “Hey, if they’re doing it, I’m sure they have data that shows that that’s a good move. Maybe I want to take out a carton from our title”, but all these insights you did not have before that, you can go ahead and take action on with your own listings. So that’s the second thing. All right. Well, we’re only on level three guys, all these things are designed like I said, to help you level-up your Amazon game.

Bradley Sutton: Now, one thing that I think, you know, some, some people out there are kind of overwhelmed with, right? Like when you guys first start using Helium 10 and you click on the Learn button and see all the videos that we’ve made, and there’s like over a hundred training videos, we’ve got hundreds of technical documents and what, there’s over 25 different tools that we have. And you’re just like, “OMG I don’t know where to begin. How do I even know if I, if I understand these tools?” All right. So that’s one problem that some of our users would talk about. Now, what’s another situation? What if you want to make sure that your employees, your new hires, or maybe virtual assistants are proficient with Helium 10? Maybe you don’t even work on your own Helium 10 anymore. You actually have a staff of people doing that? Well, you want to bring them up to speed. How do you know if they really understand how to use Helium 10 or not? What if you work for a bigger brand or an agency, and you want your entire staff to be like, “Hey, I need you guys in the next few weeks to be an A-plus Helium 10 user”. How do you know if they’re taking in the information? Well, with that mind is why we launched Helium 10 Academy. It’s an interactive training program designed to make you a Helium 10 expert. So how this course is laid out, it’s not just a compilation of our training videos that we already have. It was designed by actually somebody who was in the education space for over 20 years. She came to Helium 10 after retiring from that. So we got a professional in on this, because yeah, if it was just up to me, I probably want to just say, “Okay guys, just watch these videos and you’ll be good”. No, it is a full training course when I was going through it I almost felt like I was back in my online college. I mean, you have these kind of like progress reports that tells you where you’re at.

Bradley Sutton: They’re all bucketed into different courses. All of the training and mini programs are bucketed into different kind of like paths, like one for product research, one for keyword research, the tools the Helium 10 tools that deal with listing optimization and more. It’s a combination of both the videos we’ve got technical guides, glossaries of key terms, quizzes to mark your progress and more, all right, this is like next level. We’ve got things that you don’t have inside of Helium 10, such as videos that help you get in the right mindset for each section. There’s a key terms page so that if you’re new to Amazon and you might not understand what FBM means or ASIN or referral fee, Well, we’ve got complete kind of like glossaries there for you. We’ve got activities along the way, like special activities in each little section to help you get in the right mindset. We’ve got lesson overviews in this thing. We’ve got product research course objectives in there. Yeah and then of course, we’ve got the actual training videos selves, and these mini quizzes that you can make sure that you are really capturing the information being taught. So guys, this is something that I think will be really beneficial for you. Just, if you want to test yourself own Helium 10 knowledge, right? You want to make sure that you really understand how to use the tool, or like I mentioned before, you have staff that you want to make sure that they actually are understanding the training and how to use the tools, it’s great!

Bradley Sutton: Our long-term goal for this is we’re actually going to have like a certification that you can get certified in Helium 10. Then those of you guys out there listening who work for agencies, or maybe you’re a virtual assistant and you’re on Upwork or something like that. Or maybe you want to put your resume on LinkedIn, you can actually be officially certified where an employer or potential employer can actually go on our website and look you up to make sure that your certification is up-to-date and that you really truly do know how to use Helium 10. All of this is coming and you guys can take a look at that. Now this is by the way, completely free. Later on the certification thing, that’s not going to be free, because that’s going to be something a little bit next level. But right now, if you guys want to start jumping into this course, you can do so at

Bradley Sutton: Guys, I’m not even halfway with these new updates. So, I hope you guys are getting excited about what’s coming because there’s some things I’m about to mention that are. I mean, even the word #gamechanging does not really apply enough, alright? I mean, it’s really crazy. All right. So what’s next? So let’s talk about keywords for a second, you guys know that that’s one of my passion. So all of you, no matter what tool you’re using, even if you’re a Helium 10 user or not using Helium 10. You know how valuable it is to be able to start tracking yours and your competitors ranks in whatever keyword tracker that you’re using, knowing how you’re doing on your journey, page one, knowing how you stack up against your competitors on a page, both organically and via sponsored ads is very, very important. In addition, many of you guys are already taking advantage of seeing all the keywords detected that competitors have been ranking for in the last 30 days using Cerebro or any other reverse ASIN tool. Right? But let me ask you this. If I wasn’t already tracking these keywords and keyword tracker, you know what I find in Cerebro for what somebody is ranking for? How could I answer a question? Like, well, was this product on page one, for example, for a wood last month, right? Maybe I pull up a Cerebro report on our Helium 10 egg tray, the Project X. And I see, all right, right now it’s telling me that it’s page one, position one for wood egg tray. But if I wasn’t tracking that since last year, how do I know historically, whereas before I maybe just got onto page one, the last time we checked, like in the last couple of weeks. All right. What about this? How long did it take this product to get to page one now, is there a correlation in sales increase when they got to this position? How would you be able to answer questions like this? Do you see the value though, in being able to answer some?

Bradley Sutton: Another issue, sometimes some people have told us, “Hey, you know what, Helium 10’s cool at all, but I’ve been using this other keyword tracker and I don’t want to like, cancel my subscription there and switch to Helium 10, because now all my history of tracking keywords is going to be completely lost and I got to start from scratch”. So there’s another issue that people bring up, right? Well, with all of these issues in mind, I’m happy to announce the addition of historical keyword ranking inside of Keyword Tracker. So basically how this works, well I mentioned I did a Cerebro run on the egg tray, right? So I had found this keyword that had said I was on page one position five, “ceramic egg carton”. Now, obviously I never would have guessed that I was ranking for ceramic egg carton. I mean, this is a wooden egg tray, right? So sure enough, I checked my keyword tracker and I was not tracking ceramic egg carton. So what I did was I actually added it to Keyword Tracker. Alright, I say added “ceramic egg carton” and it showed me the similar thing of what Cerebro says. Yeah now I’m on page one, position five. But now, what happened that was differently is as soon as I added it, now I have history on where my product was ranking for ceramic eight carton. So this is despite the fact that I just added it to Keyword Tracker. I can now see the entire history that Helium 10 had on this keyword and I can see that, Hey, in April of 2020, I was on position 25 in December of 2019, it was at position 183. And then I could see this big spike like at the end of December, I jumped from position 183 to page one, the bottom of page one. I have this entire history as if I was tracking it since the beginning of time, since the beginning of this product, that is the new launch that we now have for new keywords.

Bradley Sutton: And guys, I hope you can picture this, I know it’s kind of hard, you’re driving in your car and you know, I don’t have video on this. You’re trying to figure out what I’m talking about here, but think about the possibilities of this, you can examine the history of new keywords tracked for your own products, right? You can use this in product research, for example, you know, before you even launch a product, you can examine the history of the competition. You know, Helium 10 gives you sales estimations via graph. So you can see when sales increase, decrease, et cetera. So maybe using Cerebro, what keywords this competitor is getting sales on from right now or in the last 30 days. But at one point in time, they had a launch just like you’re going to have a launch, right? So now you can cross-check which keywords help boost up their sales during our launch. Right? Which keywords that they got to page one on actually increase their sales the most? You can see the correlation now in these graphs. What if they got to page one before they even had any significant sales? Because you’re looking at the sales graph, right? And you see that they got to page one, like let’s say on January 1st, but they still weren’t making any sales until like January 30th. Well, what does that, I mean? Well, Hey, that means that that keyword being on page one, didn’t really do anything for them and if your product is similar to them, what do you think that means for you? Maybe in my launch, I’m not really going to concentrate on this keyword because similar product, it really didn’t help them get any sales.

Bradley Sutton: Guys, the possibilities are many for how you could use this in your product research now, which you were never able to do. I mean, Keyword Tracker was never really a product research one– a tool that you could use in product research. I mean, now all of a sudden, it is. You can check out a competitor’s PPC strategy. That’s right. We’re not only giving you the historical data on where your competitors have been detected organically, but also where they’ve been detected in sponsored ads, whatever history that we have, we’re going to show it to you on where they were at a sponsored ad, where they the first sponsored ad that was detected for a certain keyword. Were they the 10th? Were they the 50th? All right. You’re going to be able to get a sneak peek into the history of what your competitors have been doing. Guys, this is crazy, right? You’re going to be able to see your historic historical relative rank. One thing that has always made Keyword Tracker different the last year or so is when you are– when you add your own product, and your own keywords to your keyword tracker, you can also add your competitors ASINs so that on the same graph, you can see how you rank from a relative viewpoint compared to your competitors. Not just where you’re on the page, but like, are you the first one that shows up regardless of where you are on the page compared to your competitors, are you the second? Are you the last one that shows up? Well, now you could do that from a historical sense too.

Bradley Sutton: Not just from day one of when you start tracking the keyword. Another thing, when you join Helium 10 now you no longer are going to lose all of your old data. You know, we might not have info on every single keyword out there, but the great majority of the keywords we have been tracking already, and we’ve got data on it. So even though you’ve been tracking it in your– another keyword tracker from another tool, you’re not going to lose a hundred percent of that data when you switch to Helium 10, because we’re going to have a lot of that historical data real, similar to what you’ve been tracking as well. Guys, I hope you’re getting excited about this stuff because we are just getting started here. I mean, a lot of these tools, I think in my mind are great to help you level up on Amazon, but I’ve got tons more tons more, all right, hope you guys are ready. Let’s keep it going.

Bradley Sutton: All right. The next thing I want to talk about is coaching, mentorship, things like that. To me, that’s been a hot topic on the Facebook groups, et cetera, you know? So I see people say, “Hey, I really need more personal help with starting out my Amazon business. I need a mentor”. You know, I just did a search in the Helium 10 members group for the word mentor. And like, boom, all these different Facebook messages come up is somebody said, “Hey, I’m looking for a mentor. I need a coach” or this or that. But how do you know who to trust? How much a coaching program costs? You know, even some of the good ones, you know, we’re talking like two, three, $400 and those are the good ones. What about the other ones who are charging two, three, $400? And they are actually just trying to take your money and they’re not great coaches. Like, how do you know who’s good and who’s not? Well, something we’ve had for a while, but we’re re-releasing and that is Freedom Ticket Xtra. All right, Freedom Ticket Xtra is something that you can get personalized consulting to dramatically boost your business. So who’s the main coach or mentor in this program? It’s Kevin King himself. Kevin is one of the most sought after Amazon educators in the world. He’s been flown out all over the world to speak at events. He sold millions of dollars on Amazon since 2001 and continues to be an active, successful seller on Amazon to this day. He’s the main mentor in the Helium 10 Elite program where the sellers are collectively selling over half a billion dollars annually.

Bradley Sutton: Even private companies pay him thousands of dollars a day to come out and mentor their team. So in this program, we’ve always had, or not always, but like for the last six months or so, we’ve had this program. And until now, what it’s included is three weekly group calls with Kevin himself, where he answers all the questions that are given live. And then also on the fourth week of the month, there’s one monthly bonus training from guest experts that he brings onto the show. But now there are new additions to this Freedom Ticket Xtra program. In addition to those things I just mentioned, there’s now a monthly AMA or ask me anything with yours truly, myself Bradley here. There’s an AMA with Karyn. Karyn is one of our brand evangelists and she’s created multiple seven figure businesses on Amazon and now you have once a once a month group AMA with her as well. You’ve got a monthly AMA with Barcus, one of our product managers here at Helium 10 who’s got extensive Amazon experience, and also one special monthly PPC specific AMA with Vince Montero, who is our ADS. You know, that’s our tool for PPC, he’s our product manager for that tool. So not only do you get the weekly trainings with Kevin King and the once a month with his special guests, but you get an additional weekly training with a Helium 10 expert. So that’s like eight or nine, you know, depending on how many there are in a month, eight or nine sessions that are in small groups that you guys can get help with, whatever you want. You know, you want to ask Kevin to validate your product or somebody else on the call. You can do that. You want to ask a specific PPC question to Vince. You want to ask Barcus what the best use case for Follow-up is. You want to ask Karyn about listing optimization. You can ask anything you want. That’s why it’s called an ask me anything and these are available. And is it two hundred, 300, 400, $500? No, we don’t play like that. It’s only $77 a month. All right. So you can sign up for that at for the Freedom Ticket Xtra program.

Bradley Sutton: All right, what else? Alright. Would you like a way to instantly see how you can level up your PPC game? Oh, what if I told you that it’s completely free? How’s that sound? Does that sound good? Maybe you’re saying, don’t threaten me with a good time. Well, what brings about this? What are the questions that people were concerned about? Well, a lot of people are wanting, how many campaigns are under your ACoS goal? What is your ACoS goal? 20%, 30%, 40%? If I ask you right now in the last month, how many campaigns are under that goal? Would you be able to tell me? What about this question, are you losing money on search terms converting in auto campaigns, you haven’t moved to a manual campaign. Are you losing money on search terms? You should have maybe negative matched a long time ago? Do you have broad campaigns that have keywords you should increase or decrease your spend on? Well, I’m happy to introduce our 6th reveal of the day, which is the Amazon PPC Audit by Helium 10. Basically it gives you the power or it gives you the ability to tap into the power of ADS to get a fast free evaluation of your PPC campaigns.

Bradley Sutton: All right. So how does it work? Well, basically what it’s going to ask you to do, and if you guys want to jump ahead let me just tell you right now, you can go here and follow along and actually do what I’m about to say But once you get to that page, it’s going to tell you, Hey, you need to download your search term report for the last month, your PPC search term report from your seller central account. And then basically you upload it on this page that I just mentioned. And then immediately you’re going to get a full analysis. First of all, how you’re doing overall, you’re going to get a rating, based on what you put as your target ACoS, how you’re doing overall with achieving that ACoS, right? We’re going to tell you how many campaigns are below your ACoS target. How many campaigns are above it, right? We’re going to tell you what your top five– or your highest spend, highest ACoS campaigns are. The one I showed everybody that I did on the Meganar was the one that I did for the Project X account and we actually had about five accounts that were over 40% on ACoS. And it showed me immediately what those were and how much I’m spending on it. It’s going to show you your five lowest ACoS campaigns. We actually had a couple that was like 14% and 25%, right? We’re going to show you that instantly. Another thing we’re going to do is we’re going to show you how many cost-effective search terms you had. On the Project X, I had 255 that means I had 255 keywords that were below my target, 30% ACoS.

Bradley Sutton: And we’re going to show you your five lowest ACoS search terms, words that you might not have even realized that you were converting for because maybe they were in an auto-campaign. And if you weren’t looking at your reports, you might not have even known that you were converting for them. Like, there is a couple of ones that this report, this audit showed me “weird house decor” and “black coffin table”. I had ACoS of less than 1%. I absolutely should have been targeting those in a manual campaign, but I wasn’t. Those were from an auto campaign. We’re going to find those keywords for you and you’ll be able to like immediately take action. Again, guys, this is free, we’re trying to, we’re trying to make your guys’ lives easier and help you level-up without breaking the bank. So this is like, you don’t even have to be a Helium 10 member to do this. This is completely free for any of you guys out there to get this audit on your PPC spend, what else are we showing you in this audit? We’re showing you your highest ACoS search terms. Like I didn’t realize there was a keyword that was getting a lot of clicks in my auto campaign for the coffin shelf. It was called black wall shelves, but my ACoS was 89% on that. So that told me right away, “Hey, I need to go find that keyword and maybe negative match it”, right? Because my ACoS is too high. It also gave me the top five click search terms that had zero sales. So on one auto campaign, I didn’t realize it was showing me for this keyword home decor clearance. How many clicks I had on there in the last 30 days with zero sales, 99 now, thank goodness. My clicks were only like 10 or 15 cents on those, but still that was 99 clicks and Amazon’s algorithm by itself. Wasn’t smart enough to stop showing me for that. Right. So, Hey, what does that tell me? I need to do that tells me that I need to go ahead and negative match. Probably that keyword right there. This was all completely free. And I found this in less than five minutes. So guys make sure to go and run your audit on your campaigns today, to get some great information that you can easily kind of implement to help you level-up your PPC game. And you can do that at

Bradley Sutton: Right now, this is just ridiculous. I’ve been on this now for over 30 minutes and I’m still not done with all the amazing stuff that we were launching. Real quick guys, for those of you who don’t know, we’ve had– Helium 10 has actually had a PPC management tool out for a while, but it’s only been available to Elite members. And this is our tool called ADS. So this is ADS. If you guys want to find out more about that tool, you can go to , And you can see all the different updates we have. We actually have now automation in that tool. So not only is it giving you suggestions based on the criteria that you want to use for how your campaigns kind of progress in a logical manner. You know, like for example, you could say, “Hey, if I get 20 number of clicks with zero sales, you need to put this negative”. Well, in the past, we would just give you the suggestion to do that. And then you would click, yes, I’ll put a negative or no, I don’t want to, but now if you want to, you can actually have it automated, like, so you don’t even have to be the deciding on what to do cause if you’re a strong– if you feel strongly enough that your rules that you set when you started those within ADS, if you, if you feel strongly that those are great rules, you can set up automation now on ADS. And so the announcement, which is our now 7th announcement, I think of the day is that Helium 10 ADS. It’s still in beta, but it’s now not just for Elite members, but actually for Helium 10 Diamond members right now. So Diamond members are those who pay one $197 a month, which a lot of people already do because you get the entire suite of tools. But now, with no extra charge, you get access to Helium 10 ADS. So if you guys are already Helium 10 members make sure that you upgrade to the Diamond plan so you can get full access to ADS, which is kind of like on par with other tools that I’ve seen out there that costs just for the PPC part itself, it costs over $200. So it’s a great deal, guys.

Bradley Sutton: All right, now I would like to make an announcement in the cabin. This is your captain speaking. Please take your seats and fasten your seatbelts. We’re about to experience some turbulence. So this, this is where, I mean, some of you guys, I know you listen to podcasts in your car. You’re probably in your car right now. I hope you already have your seatbelt fastened, but right now you might want to pull over for the next 15, 20 minutes, because I’m going to just give you guys some jaw-dropping announcements right here. So I don’t want you driving off the road and blaming it on the Serious Sellers Podcast. So for this first one. Where did this come from? Well, how many people have experienced running out of stock, right? It could cost you thousands of dollars if you run out of stock, because you know that, you know, if you have zero stock, are your buyers going to be like, “Ooh, this is the one I really wanted. I’m going to wait a month and a half for this collagen peptides to come back in stock”. No, you’re going to go and buy another collagen peptides, you just lost that sale. You might have lost that customer permanently. If you run out of stock on the flip side, having too much inventory, that can cost money as well. Right? You know, like if you or misjudge, how much you need over a certain time period, and now your inventory is sitting in Amazon, what happens? Yup, you start getting charged for storage fees on Amazon. Right? So trying to stay in that sweet spot is really difficult, right? Managing your inventory in general is difficult.

Bradley Sutton: So for the 8th reveal of the day on something that can help you level-up introducing Inventory Management from Helium 10, a robust system from within your Helium 10 Profits tool, to help you level-up your inventory control. I mean, this is crazy. So the first thing that you could do in this new tool and some of these things when they were showing it to me, which just blew my mind, right? You set up suppliers, first of all. So like, you know, like, let’s say you have a supplier for coffin shelf. I’m going to put all their information, their address, and their contact information. I’m going to put the lead time, the reorder frequency, all of that right within my Profits tool. Right? And now I have the complete list here. And now Profits knows, “Hey, for this supplier, for this SKU, it takes them this long to produce the product. It takes this long to actually get to Amazon”. So now it knows based on its algorithm, kind of like when you need to order. So it is going to help you forecast. In addition, instead of just taking into consideration your Amazon inventory. Now this inventory management tool will take into consideration your local warehouse inventory. Do you have a lot of the– your inventory at your local 3PL or maybe at your own warehouse or your garage? You know, I’m storing the Helium 10 coffin shelves here at my house because I have a warehouse behind my house. Now I have visibility into my inventory here in-house. Okay. It also– we have some advanced algorithms that can forecast, you know, of course you can pick one of our traditional templates and say, “Hey, base my forecasting on like 7 day velocity or 15 day velocity or other things like that.

Bradley Sutton: But we also have an advanced kind of AI based forecasting model that you can choose as well that other competitors don’t have. And so this kind of helps you to know when you need to order and how much you need to order. We’re going to give you restock suggestions. So let’s say that we give you a restock suggestion here. Well, what’s the next step? Well, you’ve got to create a PO to your supplier, right? Guess what? You can now do that within your Helium 10 Profits tool. You’re going to be able to do that. You can create the purchase order because member we’ve got the suppliers now in there. So you put your supplier in there. We’ll actually create the purchase order for you so that you can print it off or email it to your supplier. Now, what’s the next step after they like approve the order, right? What’s the next step? Well, you need to have– make a replenishment order to go to replenish FBA, right? Guess what guys, you don’t even have to do that in seller central anymore. This is the part that just boggled my mind. I didn’t even know this was possible, but now right within your Helium 10 Profits tool, you can actually create your FBA replenishment order. And it’s even going to tell you which FBA warehouse to ship it to like, are you going to ship it to the Ontario warehouse or the Florida one or the Moreno Valley one? You know, it’s actually going to get that all set up right within Helium 10. The only time you need to go back to seller central is if you’re going to buy like some Amazon shipping for it, like, you know, maybe you’re going to go buy it from UPS or something like that. Well, that one, you need to go into your seller central, but all the rest of that, you don’t even have to go inside seller central to set this stuff up anymore. So guys, this, this was just like amazing. This is one of the biggest tools that people have been asking Helium 10 for a while is something that can help with inventory management and inventory forecasting. And it is here. So the release schedule is first going to be released to Elite members on July the 13th, July the 20th it’s going to go out to the Diamond members and on July 27th, it will be available for Platinum members right there within your Helium 10 Profits accounts. And at that time, your Helium 10 subscription is only going to go up $47.95 a month. I’m just playing guys. It’s not going to go up at all. You know how we roll here. All right, when we add things to our tools, when we help you level-up, we don’t charge you for that. Okay? We don’t charge you for that.

Bradley Sutton: We’ve got, it’s going to be your same price that you’re paying now for your Platinum, Diamond, et cetera. You just get way more functionality. All right, guys, if you’re ready, fasten your seatbelts, keep them fastened because you are not free to roam about the cabin. This is going to be some more ridiculous, ridiculous announcements. Now, if you are counting, that was eight. So theoretically speaking, this is the 9th and the last one, but I kind of fit it’s not really nine. It’s actually 13 new additions that we did right now. This one, it just kind of all falls under one umbrella. So this one umbrella is the 9th one.

Bradley Sutton: Now, just to make sure that you guys have the right expectations, I don’t want you thinking that we’ve made some new invention here at Helium 10 for this last ridiculous reveal, right? This is not something where, “Hey, now we created a button where you can hit a button. Now you’re going to get a hundred sales”. And by that, I mean, wouldn’t, we all love that. All right. So the way that I kind of thought about how to help you to understand what we’re, what we’re doing right here is take my favorite fast food place, which is a fat burger. All right, now, there are things that, you know, you go to fat burger for, like your hamburger and your, and your fries and things like that. There is things you go to Helium 10 for like your reverse ASIN, your keyword tracking, your profits or your PPC, et cetera.

Bradley Sutton: Now, these things that we’re launching at Helium 10 is not some new invention. Like, imagine that we’re not saying that, “Hey, fat burger now has made a miracle hamburger that fills you up for five days in a zero calories”. No, so I hope you’re not expecting that because you’re going to be disappointed. That’s not what we’re talking about. What we are talking about is kind of like we’ve added some things that are in the e-commerce ecosystem that Amazon sellers are needing and using but they never would have thought that they can get it from Helium 10, in other words, all right. Like for example, you wouldn’t expect to do wine tasting at a fast food place or to have a farmer’s market at a fast food place. But these are still part of like the culinary experience, it’s still part of food and beverages and you do get food and beverages. It’s just things that you would expect to do at other places. Right? So that’s kind of like what we’re talking about right now for the next five minutes or so. Right.

Bradley Sutton: I’m happy to announce Alta by Helium 10. Alta is going to help you effortlessly fund pay and control your capital with financial solutions designed specifically for eCommerce businesses. So what is the 411 on Alta? Or if I want to say it in a Spanish or Portuguese ways, Alta, you know, kind of like, high, right? So introducing the first product from Alta by Helium 10 is/are VAT and GST service. Alta is going to offer you the service to register for the VAT in the EU and the UK, as well as the GST in Canada. We will also help file these reports when needed to stay compliant for a fee. In addition, you can use another function within Alta to easily pay your VAT and GST charges in the local currency. How cool is that?

Bradley Sutton: Now, speaking of selling in the UK, how do you set up a bank to get your payments from Amazon? Or what if you’re in the UK wanting to sell in the USA? This is another thing that a lot of sellers struggle with is they ask themselves, “Do I need a local UK bank? How do I set one up? Do I need to let set up a local business to open an account?” I mean, this is for somebody in the UK too thinking about selling in the USA. “How do I get the money transfer back to the US.” “How much am I losing on the exchange rate?” You know, those in the UK have similar questions. Do I need an LLC in the USA to open up a us bank account?” “How do I transfer the money back to back to British pounds?” Okay. Sorry for that accent. All right. So for the second product in Alta is Marketplace Payout. Alright, Marketplace Payout is what it’s called. Take away the confusion of having to set up a foreign bank account to receive funds in that country. Now, with Alta, you’re going to get a digital wallet. Now this digital wallet can actually hold 37 different currencies. I mean, from the Hong Kong dollar to the Hungarian, to the Hungarian, I don’t even know how to pronounce it. What is it called? The Forint or something like that from the Philippine Peso to the Polish złoty, I don’t even know if I’m pronouncing these things right. These are currencies– Oh I knew that Philippine peso one existed, obviously being Filipino, but the one in Poland I don’t even know what that is, but basically there’s tons of currencies, 37 currencies in all that you’ll be able to keep inside your digital wallet. Now, this is what you’re going to use for your marketplace payout, which is this the second feature of Alta. Like, for example, if you’re in England, setting up your Amazon USA seller account, instead of having to get an American bank to get your disbursements, you would have Amazon directly deposit to your Marketplace Payout, Digital Wallet from Alta, your disbursement for what you make on Amazon. You don’t have to set up a bank account anymore. All right? The same goes, if you’re in the USA and you want to sell on Amazon UK from the Digital Wallet, you can now withdraw it to your own bank account whenever you want. How cool is that guys? Did you ever imagine you’d be running a reverse ASIN search and one part of Helium 10 and then switched to another section and be managing your VAT and your foreign disbursements. I told you guys, we are bringing the wine tasting and farmer’s market to fat burger. All right, guys, this is just ridiculous things that I hope is blowing your mind, because this is just blowing my mind even I’ve known about this for a few and I still can’t believe I’m actually saying this. All right. What else?

Bradley Sutton: How many different suppliers or logistics companies, warehouses, et cetera, do you pay, maybe you’ve got a factory in China, a factory in India, local shipping company in China shipping company, based in Israel who handles your China shipment, a 3PL warehouse in California, packaging company in New York. It’s a lot to keep track of, right? Here’s another question. How much do you lose and currency conversion. All right. Let’s say your price for a product or shipping is X amount of RMB or Mexican pesos, et cetera. Now today that might translate to X number of dollars. But what happens if 50 days from now the dollar drops a lot in value? Well, guess what?

Bradley Sutton: Your price is going to go up. If you’re paying in dollars or whatever other currency that could fluctuate, right? Let’s say you wire money from your bank? How do you know if the supplier got the money? How do you know if your supplier got your money? Like you just got to call them and WeChat them and say, Hey, did you get my money? Do you have money? It’s really hard to see sometimes confirmation of receipt on your own side, right? So with that mind, product number three in Alta is Supplier Pay, pay anyone for your business expenses from one central dashboard within Alta by Helium 10. Again, you’re going to be able to convert between 37 different currencies. You’re going to be able to send payments to more than 200 countries. You can program in your suppliers there so you can just pay them easily.

Bradley Sutton: You’re going to be able to get potentially discounts from suppliers who maybe prefer payments in the local currency. You’re going to be able to keep multiple currencies in your digital wallet to pay without having to convert, right? You could save up to 80% on exchange rates compared with traditional banks, right? Guys, this is ridiculous. You’re going to be able to do this with Alta by Helium 10, all of these benefits that can save you time and can save you money. All right. More questions for you. I still got two more things to go over guys. And I, you know, me, I always save the best for last, right?

Bradley Sutton: How many who are listening right now, who are already selling on Amazon? Love the fact that you have to wait two weeks to get your proceeds from your sales. Isn’t that exciting guys. I sell something this week and I’m not going to get to see it for until two weeks from now. Isn’t that wonderful? Of course not! Everybody hates that, right? Like, “Ah, man, it sucks that I have to wait for two weeks”. Well guys, I think you know where I’m going with this introducing product number 4 from Alta Daily Advance, get your sales available the next day, every day. How cool is that guys? You read it right? You’re going to be able to get between 70% and 90% of your daily sales sent to you the very next day. Sometimes even hours later to your digital wallet for a fee of only 0.25 to 2% of your gross sales. Every day, no longer do you have to wait– if you qualify guys, this is not across the board. Of course you’re going to need, I’m going to give you the link later so that you can read all the fine print and understand how you can qualify for these things.

Bradley Sutton: But if you qualify, you will be able to get your payments every single day of the week, instead of having to wait for two weeks, all right. One of the qualifications is– it’s not, you don’t have to be something like crazy six figure seller, right guys, basically, if you’re in the US or UK seller with gross monthly sales of at least $2,000 in the last three months, more than $2,000 in the last three months, then that’s one of the first qualifications. All right? So we’re setting the bar kind of low. You know, you don’t have to be like some seven figure seller to be able to do this. All right, guys, I’m going to give you the link later so you can get more information. I got to keep going here because I’m going away over time here, but guys, do you understand the impact? What can you do with that now? What can you do– if this is going to help you scale faster, maybe it’ll help you reorder? But especially if you have local suppliers, I mean, it’s going to help your ROI. It’s going to help you with, with how you manage your inventory. I mean, this can be a game changer for a lot of you guys who are really struggling with having to wait every two weeks for your Amazon payments. All right.

Bradley Sutton: My last questions for you, have you ever found an opportunity and product research and wanting to act on it, but maybe you didn’t have enough funds to order right away? Anybody? Or maybe you knew you needed to order more product to have enough on-hand for a person Prime day or a Black Friday or something, but you couldn’t afford to order all you needed. Have you ever wished you had a cash infusion so that you could scale faster with new products instead of having to sell out of your current inventory? Well, what solutions did you have? Some people will ask for loans from family members, but usually they already might’ve helped you with your first order. Others maybe they try and take a cash advance on a credit card, which costs an arm and a leg and it’s usually only limited, some hope to get an invite to an Amazon loan. Some try to get a loan from a bank, but then that requires a personal guarantee. What if there was an option to have up to a million dollars? Do you think that was crazy? Well, yeah, I might be crazy, but I’m happy to announce that the 5th product from Alta by Helium 10 is a credit line, which is a funding option for a line of credit, with limits of up to $1 million based upon business size performance, and other factors.

Bradley Sutton: And guys, again, not everybody will be approved, right? You get, like I said, you can get up to a $1 million credit line. The minimum is actually $20,000. You’re going to have nine months to pay your principal balance and up to 12 months, total term length, it’s really fast approval. On this you’ll know fairly fast compared to other kind of institutions that might, you know, put you through the ringer for a month or something because you know, Helium 10 and Sellers funding, which powers Alta by Helium 10, we know e-commerce sellers, right? These are interest-only kind of types. There’s no personal guarantee. You’re going to have quick access to funds. You can withdraw it right to your bank account or to your Helium 10 Alta Digital Wallet. You can request money when you need it. You know, you don’t have to withdraw the full credit line at once.

Bradley Sutton: Let’s say, for example, you, you, you, you qualify, you get qualified for a hundred thousand dollar credit line. Well maybe on day 15, you’re like, you need to pay a supplier a $9,000. Well you can take $9,000 from that credit line. All right. And then that becomes like, kind of like a loan, I guess you could say in itself, and then day 45 now, Hey, it’s time to buy your product and you’re going to go ahead and you need $21,000, not a hundred thousand dollar credit line. Well, now you have another kind of day zero loan right there. And then you pay accordingly. So guys, it is really flexible. It can really help you out. I know you probably have tons of questions about this, but just to recap, the five tools of Alta are the Credit Line, the Daily Advance, the Marketplace Payout, Supplier Pay, and the VAT and GST service.

Bradley Sutton: So guys, I don’t know what to say, man, if, if you’re not a Helium 10 member yet, I think you can understand why it is great to become a Helium 10 member. So I want to give you guys the URL to use for more information on Alta, just go to Alright. If you’re not a Helium 10 member yet, guys, what are you waiting for? You know, go ahead and use the Serious Sellers Podcast discount. Get 50% off your first month by using the code SSP50. This is not for Alta. There’s no discounts for Alta I mean it’s not really something that costs money. You know, like a monthly subscription or anything Alta is separate. But for the rest of Helium 10, if you’re going to get Platinum or Diamond, we use SSP50 to get 50% off your first month. Or if you’re like, “Hey, I’m going to be a member for life”. The better coupon to be honest is a 10% off for life. So use SSP10 for 10% off for life. So guys, this is the longest– this has just turned into the longest episode we’ve ever done, but I really wanted to let you guys know about all these new, exciting things that are coming and have come to Helium 10, all designed in mind to give you guys not just the serious strategies, but the serious solutions for serious sellers out there across the eCommerce ecosystem. So guys, I hope you enjoy these new toys that you have to play with. Let me know what you think like in the comments below, if you’re listening to this on the website, or if you’re on Spotify or iTunes, don’t forget to give us a review and send messages as always to our customer service at [email protected]. Hope you guys found this beneficial, and I will see you guys on the next episode.


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