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#253 – Announcing a New Tool, Updates, and Much More to Help You Get Ahead of the Competition (and Stay There!)

E-commerce doesn’t stand still and neither do we. In this webinar recap, Bradley details the recent changes (and additions) to our suite of tools
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As e-commerce and selling on Amazon continue to explode around the world, it’s important that the companies that are in the business of supporting those online sellers keep pace with the rapid growth.

That’s why we’re excited to announce another round of changes, additions and updates that will help make sure that Helium 10’s ability to assist entrepreneurs remains unmatched. Today on the Serious Sellers Podcast, Helium 10’s Director of Training and Chief Evangelist, Bradley Sutton dedicates the episode to recapping the quarterly webinar that just occurred.

As Bradley says is the podcast, gone are the days when Helium 10 was small enough for him to present the webinar himself. Now the “Meganar” is a veritable three ring, e-commerce circus featuring multiple Helium 10 product managers and data specialists explaining the increasingly sophisticated ways that we’re determined to make the lives of Amazon sellers easier.

For online sellers, the future is already here. Listen in to find out what it looks like.

In episode 253 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley discusses:

  • 01:30 – A New Redesign of Xray in the Chrome Extension
  • 03:30 – Demand Analyzer on Pinterest,, or Etsy
  • 06:00 – Black Box’s New Seller Filter
  • 08:30 – Introducing Search Volume Trend Filters
  • 11:00 – Listing Analysis Gives You a Closer Look
  • 13:30 – Cash Back Management and a Virtual Credit Card
  • 16:00 – Next Up; Elevate’s E-Commerce Documentaries
  • 18:00 – Portals Helps You to Put Insert Cards to Use Correctly
  • 22:00 – Introducing Helium 10’s Blueprints
  • 25:00 – Helium 10’s Social at the Las Vegas Prosper Show is Coming Soon
  • 28:00 – A New Partner Directory to Help Make Connections
  • 30:00 – Split Testing with Helium 10’s Audience   
  • 32:00 – Using Audience to Sell to Your Niche
  • 35:00 – How to Watch the Webinar

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Bradley Sutton: Did you know that you can register domains inside of Helium 10? Or that you can do customer polls that can help you split test your listing before it even goes live? I’ll go over these Helium 10 updates and more. How cool is that? Pretty cool, I think.

Bradley Sutton: Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the Serious Sellers Podcast by Helium 10. I am your host Bradley Sutton, and this is the show that’s a completely BS-free, unscripted and unrehearsed organic conversation about serious strategies for serious sellers of any level in the Amazon world. And last week in case you missed it, we had our quarterly Meganar, as we internally call it here is just basically a big webinar where we go over all of the recent updates and additions we’ve made to Helium 10 over the last few months. Some of them might’ve happened a couple of months ago. Some of them just happened last week and you might not have known about it. So, we had a lot of guest speakers and a lot of cool announcements and people were abuzz. We had over a thousand live viewers on this and people were buzzing about some of these things that we have gone over.

Bradley Sutton: So, I’m just going to highlight everything that we went over. And then if you guys want more information on it, you can reach out to customer support, but this is a lot of stuff that is going to help you on every step of your Amazon journey. That’s one of our mottos here, and that was actually the title of the webinar. Always innovating for every step of your Amazon journey. So first up, we actually had our product manager for the Chrome extension, Simon. And the first thing he was talking about was the redesign of x-ray. So a couple months ago, we kind of like completely refresh how X-ray looks, and now you can have a different columns there and you can filter these different columns, like the number one feature, I think for me on this redesign and you guys out there can use this, especially if you’re using the Maldives Honeymoon method is you have a filter for the results. So the filter that I use is the title filter. So like, let’s say I type in coffin shelf. I can now just click a button and put the filter, like show me all of the search results on page one that have coffin shelf in the title in phrase form. And then instead of just counting them or back in the day, I used to tell you guys, you have to download it to Excel and then do a control F to find how many have it on page one. Well, it’s just literally a click of a button now. And remember the Maldives Honeymoon method is if you can find keywords that have this exact match phrase in the title, like very few listings have it in the title, Hey, that’s going to be easier for you to rank on that keyword. So, that was one of the new filters and features that X-ray has.

Bradley Sutton: Another thing that was announced was Demand Analyzer. So, you guys knew about the Demand Analyzer working on It’s part of our Chrome Extension. You can be searching for something on and you’re like, Hm, I wonder if there’s demand on Amazon and you just click a button and you’ll see the search volume and top products, et cetera. Well, what you probably didn’t know is that now that Demand Analyzer works on Shopify websites, all right. It works on Etsy websites. So like, let’s say I’m doing product research on Etsy. Like we talk about in Project X, I type in coffin shelf or Gothic decor. Well, instantly I just click one button and while I’m on Etsy, I can see the demand on Amazon for that keyword. It also works now on Walmart, right? Some people are doing product research on there. It works on Pinterest. And then I actually did a BTS a while back where I showed you guys about Pinterest trends., you can kind of catch on to like trending things. Well, if you’re doing that and you’re doing some product research on this Pinterest trending page, guess what? You just click one button and we’ll start checking the Amazon demand and search volume and search volume history and top products, or whatever is on that page. So, that’s the Demand Analyzer. Also part of the Chrome extension.

Bradley Sutton: The last thing that Simon announced was our first wholesale tool, which is the Sales Estimator. You pretty much go on any Amazon page. Like let’s say it’s a wholesale product. How do wholesale sellers battle for the buy box? Well, usually they stay within 2% of the buy box. So the way that Amazon works is, if all of the things are equal, people have pretty decent metrics on their Seller Central accounts, how Amazon works is on these wholesale listings or how they rotate the buy box is if everybody is in like within 2% of the buy box, Amazon kind of rotates that buy box through those sellers. So like somebody is at $19 and 98 cents. Somebody is at $20. Somebody is at $19 and 96 cents. Theoretically speaking, the buy box is going to rotate through those three sellers. So what the Sales Estimator does, and this is on any Amazon page, right? Any Amazon page, you can run this, you had the Chrome extension installed. You can now just click this one button. It’s going to tell you how many competitive offers– competitive meaning within 2% of that buy box. And then what you do is you can just add one number to there so that you can have an estimation, like, all right, well, if I were to have my own offering for this and I, too, was within 2% of the buy box, what would my estimated sales be? And what it’s doing is it’s dividing the estimated sales for that product, which x-ray has by that number of sellers. Again, the idea being that the buy box would be rotated through those three, four or five sellers or whatever. So that is exclusively for wholesale sellers. Usually we have a lot of tools that are for private label sellers, and then, a lot of them work for wholesale sellers as well. But this is the first tool that actually was for we developed specifically for wholesale sellers in mind. So that is the Sales Estimator.

Bradley Sutton: So, next up we had Yaxi, our product manager for our research tools. The first thing that she mentioned was an update for Black Box and that’s a Seller Filter. All right. So how could you use this? Remember guys, this is not like some Helium 10 pitch fest here or something. These are things that are strategy. All right. So, we developed these things because Amazon sellers like yourself have asked us, Helium 10 users have asked us for these things. So, don’t be paying attention necessarily to the bells and whistles, but think about how these new things can help your business. And this thing I’m about to talk about is the Seller Filter in Black Box. So let’s say you’re a private label seller, and you want to just like, get some insight into what another competitor is selling. You see that they’re competing with you on the coffin shelf. All right. Let’s say they’re a competitor for Manny’s mysterious oddities coffin shelf. And you, you’re like, man, this guy has a pretty good coffin shelf. What else does he sell? I wonder if he has some other ideas that maybe I can expand upon, if he’s in my niche, right. Well, without having to go to his storefront or try and dig in, like maybe he’s got hundreds and hundreds of products, I don’t even know. Well, what you can just do is you go to Black Box on the products tab and under the seller search type in their storefront name. And as soon as you do that, they’re top 200 or top selling 200 products will show up there. You can filter it with all the same filters that you have in Black Box. So that’s a great way to do some product research. If you’re a private label seller, if you’re a wholesaler arbitrage, sometimes you might see a similar seller, always like fighting the buy box with you. Like in other words, maybe they’re getting the products from the same store that you source from, or from the same supplier. And you’re like, wait a minute. Okay. This guy probably has access to the same stuff that I do. I wonder if he’s selling something that I don’t even realize that I can get, right. Well, all you have to do is put their seller name right there in Black Box, and you can see all of their top 200 products that they’re selling and you might get some good ideas. Again, if you’re an arbitrage or wholesale seller. So that’s an update to Black Box.

Bradley Sutton: Another thing that Yaxi updated for us was the search volume trends in keyword research tool. So this is Magnet and Cerebro. You’ll see a new column and consequently new filters where it’s showing you the search volume trend. What does that mean? All right, well, this is represented by a red negative number percentage or a positive green number. So for example, emo decor bedroom. A couple of weeks ago, if you looked in Magnet, it said that search volume was 181 and at the search volume trend was a hundred plus 110%. What does that mean? That means if I go 30 days ago, all right. Last months, search volume increased 110%. And now, don’t ask me about the Math of what is that like? Let’s say that was 90 before now it’s 181 or whatever, but basically that’s what it means. So, this is a great thing to be looking at when you are doing your keyword research, look out for some of those big numbers or look out on the flip side, those big numbers that are going down, like maybe you’re excited about a new niche, but you see a bunch of reds across the board. Like all the keywords are reds. That means that it’s falling down. Like if you look at anything face masks, right guys, right now, you’re going to see tons of red because now demand for face mask is going down. So, make sure to look for that new column in Cerebro and Magnet, and then you could even search either or do filters inside Cerebro, and how to like try and find those keywords that are trending up or trending down. So that is for Cerebro and Magnet. She also talked about the new tool that we have, Listing Analyzer. All right. So Listing Analyzer, it allows you to check your listing against Amazon best practices. All right. And guys, I get it. This is very subjective.

Bradley Sutton: All right. There is no set of exact rules that Amazon says where, you know what you have got to have exactly 173 characters in your title. And you have got to have exactly seven images and this and that. Right. But how we came up with our scoring system for this Listing Analyzer is we have a big customer advisory board. And we just said, all right, guys, what are your goals? What an optimized listing means to you. And then we kind of took a consensus of all the sellers on our customer advisory board, and a lot of the sellers in our community that we reach out to. And that’s how we kind of made up this new scoring system. So, you can enter in your product and then you’ll get a score like 8.6 or 8.5 or 9.3. And it’s a little bit more in depth than that listing’s quality score that you get from the Chrome Extension when you’re on Amazon, because this one is taking into consideration. Some things like, Hey, are you trying to use caps and bullet points? Like I do. I like to use caps at the beginning of my bullet points, but guess what? Amazon really doesn’t. It doesn’t like that. So, we actually will dock you your score if you have that. So there’s a lot of other things that it’s checking too. So, you can check that on your listing or your competitor’s listing or multiple ASINs. So like, let’s say I enter in five ASINs. Now what I’m doing is I’m checking, just across the board, what’s the average quality score. And that could be a way to do product research too. Like if I see the top eight competitors in a niche or top five, right. I enter them all into Listing Analyzer and like their average listing quality score is 4.5 or five. That’s going to get me excited because if these guys are selling units and their listing is crap, holy cow, that let you know, that means that I can go ahead and I’m sure I can give a eight or nine score listing. And then I’m going to have a better quality score and a better looking listing than these other guys. So, that’s one way you can use it.

Bradley Sutton: So another thing that it is looking into is like the Market Analysis. All right. So, you can be on your own listing or your competitors’ listing, or multiple listings. And what happens when you enter these into there, it’s going to show you kind of like how that listing stacks up against some close competitors. And it’s using the Cerebro get competitors feature to find these competitors that’s working in the background. You don’t even have to do that, but it’s comparing that listing as far as the sales goes against the market average from those competitors, the BSR average, the number of reviews, the rating, the price, and the estimated revenue. So, it’s kind of cool that you can just do that at a quick glance. It’s also analyzing the top keywords, right? So, where these keywords are coming from, if you’re entering a single ASIN, it’s going to show you where you are in the top 10 organically with search volume of at least 500. So you guys know how you want to find the top keywords for a product or a niche. What do you do? You enter that ASIN or group of ASINs into Cerebro. And then you do like a query where you’re like, Hey, show me where this product is, has high search volume on a keyword and it’s in a top 10, right? Well, instead of having a filter down in Cerebro, if you just want to get a quick glance at that, you can do that right here in Listing Analyzer. And we’re ready going to search or sort that all out for you as including is if it’s a multi-asset search. So, this is kind of like a handy tool to do, to get some quick analytics on a product or a range of product. So, if you guys want to find out more information about that tool, if you’re already Helium 10 user, just go into Listing Analyzer, and start playing around with it. Or if you want to find more information about it, go to, and get more information on that.

Bradley Sutton: The other announcement that was made by Yaxi, is a kind of a cool one that everybody’s been asking for. And that is that our research tools are now working in Australia. All right. So, we have Cerebro, Black Box, Magnet, Market Tracker, Keyword Tracker are now working for Amazon Australia. So, anybody down under, make sure to start using that in your Helium 10 suite of tools. Next up, we had Tim Jordan from Alta. He reminded us about the AM/PM Podcast, of course, and about something we had talked about a few months ago already here on the podcast. And it’s like a cashback management solution with a virtual credit card in our Alta account. So, you guys want to find out more information about that. You just go to Alta is a Helium 10 company made with in partnership with Sellers Funding, and we’ve got things in Alta. I’ve been talking about them for four months, how I use that to help me gross over $500,000 in Q4 last year, because I was able to get that line of credit and the daily payouts that kept my cashflow. And so now the latest, FinTech or financial technology, I guess it’s called product that we have added to Helium 10 Alta is this Virtual Credit Card. That’s pretty cool because if you had that daily payouts going with Amazon, daily payouts means instead of waiting two weeks, every day, you’re getting a deposit into your bank or your Alta bank account, or what you sold, like most of what you sold the previous day. So, you can now tie this virtual credit card to that digital wallet. And so you can use that credit card just like you would use a credit card. So like literally you could sell something on Monday on Amazon. I can sell 10 coffin shelves on Monday. I’m going to get that money, those proceeds deposited on Tuesday. And then I could use a credit card using that money that I had just got. Whereas everybody else, I’m not seeing that money for two weeks, because that’s how long I have to wait. Depending on when the– your batch is, it might take me two weeks to get that money from Amazon. And then who knows how long in order to get that paid off to my credit card. So that’s kind of a cool feature.

Bradley Sutton: Next up, Cassandra, our Social Media Manager came on to talk about elevate, which is kind of like a docu-drama, I guess is like a documentary slash docu-drama series that we are doing for entrepreneurs. And it’s not like a webinar or it’s not like an ask me anything show, those are all cool. We do those all the time. It’s something different that we haven’t done, it’s like, you guys watch the quality of this and you’ll be like, wait a minute. Like, am I watching national geographic or something like, we have some pretty high quality cinematography on this show. Like, we got a great team here at Helium 10. And so they did a profile on four different e-commerce entrepreneurs. And we want to elevate people’s goals and elevate people’s ideas about what e-commerce can be and show you how possible it is. So, we just got real with four different professionals and who knows maybe, hopefully you guys will get some inspiration from that. That’s a new docu-drama series that’s coming out in July. The trailer just dropped last week on the webinar, or Meganar. So, if you guys want to see the trailer just type in Helium 10 elevate, or go to our YouTube channel and type in elevate, and you can see the trailer there. Pretty cool.

Bradley Sutton: Our next guest on the show, we actually had our new evangelist, Carrie, who, by the way, are the host of these webinars. You guys watch this. It wasn’t me. Remember back in the day, guys, you’d be stuck with me for three hours. Like I would do these three hour webinars. And it was just me. So, if you didn’t like me, feel sorry for you, because I was the only person on that webinar. Now we have 10, 15 people. It was hosted by our evangelist Shivali, who has been on this podcast. And so, yeah, we had a new evangelist, Carrie, who did this part, and she was interviewing Alex, our Product Manager for Portals. And you guys know we’ve been hitting this hard because we want to kind of flip the script. So many Amazon sellers out there think that things like insert cards are against terms of service. And they’re not guys, they’re not against terms of service. You’re not trying to go get another sale, like we’re not saying put an insert card in here and you’re trying to get like, send somebody directly to a Shopify store to get that Amazon product on Shopify instead of Amazon. Yeah. Nobody wants to do that. We’re not saying, Hey, use these insert cards to say, give me a five star review. Right. That’s yeah, sure. That’s going to get you suspended, but just regular insert cards where you put people through sales funnels or in order to get their information or lead generation, I should say, there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve never known one person in the history of Amazon and all the people I know who has ever gotten suspended or hate mail just by doing something like that, like sending people to social media or something like that. All right. So, as long as you guys stay within terms of service, there’s nothing wrong with inserts. And that’s why what we did now in Portals is we have Featured Product Inserts. So, you guys might be brand new to Inserts because you always thought that you couldn’t do it.

Bradley Sutton: And you’re like, wow, where do I begin? Like, what the heck? Like how do I know how to make an insert? So what we did is we went out there and some of our top influencers and actually former Serious Sellers Podcast guests, such as Norm Farrar and Paul Baron, they’ve been doing this for years. And so they had a bunch of inserts that didn’t really work. They had some inserts that really work. So guess what? They’re kind of like giving your knowledge to us. And they gave us templates on some of their best performing insert cards. And so now you guys can make their insert cards yours. So again, guys, go into Portals and go into the Product Inserts and check out those featured product inserts from our guest influencers and take advantage of all the trial and error that they already went to. Some of these are pretty cool. Like they’re fancy, like some warranty ones and one that has people tagged them on Instagram. It’s pretty cool. The other thing that Alex announced was Blueprints brand new. Nobody knew that this was even coming. Blueprints are out of the box, lead generation and sales funnel. So again, people are new to this whole, not just the insert game, but just making these landing pages and making these flows. Like so many people I talked to like, Aw, man, I haven’t done a Portal. I haven’t done a landing page. I haven’t done an insert card. I haven’t done a QR code because like, I don’t even know the steps of how to set this up. Well, that’s why we now have Blueprints, you just select which of these pre-made flows you want. And then just customize it to you. Some of the ones that we have right now are warranty activation, coupon claim code, and social media and engagement. So right there within Portals, you have these Blueprints guys. So, check it out and create your first one today. That’s your homework guys.

Bradley Sutton: All right. I know so many of you guys are always listening to the podcast and you’re probably like, oh wow, that’s great that this guy ever said this or this gal said that, and you go, you don’t actually act what you’re learning here. I mean, I love that you guys are listening to the podcast. That’s great. Yeah. But what we’re even greater is if you guys start putting into practice, the things that you’re learning here, and here’s one of them, right? So maybe you haven’t done a portal. You haven’t done a landing page before. All right. But you’ve got this in your Helium 10 account. You’re not paying extra for it. It’s right there. If you’re paying for the subscription, you’ve got full access. So, why not try it out guys? So, your homework is, go make a blueprint right now. If you’re selling on Amazon, you’ve got a product. Think about how you can benefit your brand. Like, would it be better to start building a list of email addresses so that you can start doing off Amazon campaigns, marketing campaigns? You know what? Why don’t you do a warranty activation blueprint. All right. So like, you can say, you can have an insert card that says, Hey, would you like a lifetime warranty? We’ll just scan this QR code and leave your email address. And you’re good to go. And guess what, if you get like 15 to 20%, opt-ins like, I’m getting in Project 5k. When I did this, I’m selling a thousand units a month, or every three months, guess what? I’m getting like 150, 200 brand new email addresses for my audience. Now, that I can start marketing to. So this is powerful. What if you are concentrating on building your brand and your brand awareness? Well, what do you think? Which blueprint you think would work for you? Probably the social media following. You want to send them to your Instagram page or to your Facebook group or something. That’s a great thing that you could make a QR code for and set up a flow so that people can get in there. You don’t know where to get, how to do that from scratch. Don’t worry. Use this blueprint for the social media following. What about a coupon claim code? Maybe you are doing a promotion for an influencer, right? You’re like, alright, influencer, I’m going to give you 10% off.

Bradley Sutton: Anybody who– or to your customers buy our product, just send them to this link, which is like a Portal, a Helium 10 Portals link, right. And then we’re going to deliver the coupon code in that flow. That might be pretty hard. You might be like, what are you talking about, Bradley? Yeah. Maybe you don’t know how to create a flow like that. Well, guess what? You don’t have to worry about knowing how to create that flow. We’ve got it all pre-set up in a blueprint. By the way, I don’t even know– sometimes I name tools here at Helium 10, this one, I didn’t have any input in, but they hit the nail on the head. So Alex, if that was you, good job calling this blueprint? I thought that was pretty cool. So just template or something like that. Anyways, the last thing that Alex mentioned was that this is ridiculous. Pretty much Helium 10’s GoDaddy, guys. All right. You can now register domains. All right. Because in Portals before, you could only use like our custom URLs like or something like that. And so people were like, man, I want to put my own like brand store. And I want to go get a domain. And then instead of sending it to, I want to send it to or something. Well guess what guys, if you don’t have your domain, you can now register your domain in Helium 10. Like, Hey, I’m going to go by You can go buy that URL. Now in Helium 10, right now it’s only available to elite members because it’s in beta, but it’s going to be available to everybody else real soon. Diamond and then Platinum.

Bradley Sutton: But that’s crazy guys. I mean, literally Helium 10 is GoDaddy. What’s next? Super bowl Commercials? It’s ridiculous. I love it what we’re doing here. Why would you want to do that? Well, we have QR codes, like I said, right? For these insert cards and things. But what about word of mouth? You know, you can’t like word of mouth, a QR code, and then you can’t word of mouth, the current long URLs that we have or whatever. Right. But you could verbally say, and people could spread around. Oh yeah, you want to get that lifetime warranty? Just go to or something like that. See, I mean, you can see how that can be beneficial for you. So that was another announcement. They talked again about our Helium 10 social event guys. So this is going to be at the Prosper Show. So I recommend to all of you guys and I’m not affiliated, I don’t get any money if you go to the Prosper Show or not, guys. Helium 10 has no ownership in the Prosper Show. We’re just exhibitors there. So go to, guys. This is the biggest Amazon seller event since the pandemic started. So in well over a year, it’s going to be in Las Vegas, around July 13, July 14, around there, I’m going to be a speaker there. There’s going to be tons of former Serious Sellers Podcast guests who are going to be speakers. Schrone, who’s been on the show a couple of times. He’s a speaker. He’s actually on the same panel as me. Tons of speakers there. I think Tim Jordan is going to be a speaker there.

Bradley Sutton: But anyways guys, Prosper Show is pretty good, but even if you’re like, you know what, I can’t really afford to go to the Prosper Show, but it’d be great to see you Bradley or it’d be great to go meet all these former podcast guests or Shivali or Barcus, or the other evangelists we have here. We’re going to have like 40 of our employees there at the show, come to the social, guys. Come to the social. It’s rock out on the record is what our social is called. So if you guys want to come to our Helium 10 social, go to And get tickets. And I guarantee, I will say hi to you. If you come up to me, just let me know you heard about it on the podcast, but I would love to meet you guys in person and talk about whatever you want to talk about. I’ll be out there all night. We’re going to have karaoke. It’s going to be a great time. So again, Or if you’re just interested in the prosper show, I think we might have some discount tickets, like a hundred dollars off. I’m not sure. Try it. If you guys are listening to this before July 13th, So, I would love to see you guys out there in Vegas. All right. The other next announcement that we had, you guys already knew about it. This is kind of cool because you guys heard about this first on the Serious Sellers Podcast. This is probably one of the first times we actually launched something on the podcast before anybody else knew about it.

Bradley Sutton: And this was from episode 250, all about the Maldives honeymoon launch strategy and CPR 3.0. CPR is our Cerebro product rank, which is how many units that you need to do search find buy on in order to have the best chance to get to the top 16 position. So, I’m not even going to talk about that in detail there, because episode 250, I want everybody, if you haven’t listened to it yet, go back. That’s only a few episodes ago, go back and listen to that. And then we talk in detail about everything right there. The other thing that we launched and nobody knew about this, this was something brand new is the Helium 10 partner directory. All right. So, how many times guys are you wondering, like, I wonder if who’s a good reputable shipping company or who’s a good third-party logistics, or who can help me host videos or who’s a company that can do this, or how about an agency that can help with listing optimization? And then what happens is, you put that in a Facebook group and all of a sudden RIP your DM box because everybody and their brother is like trying to sell you their services. You don’t know who’s good, who’s not whatever. You don’t know if they’re vetted or whatever. So we’re like, you know what? We need to change that and offer people a directory where they can go into these vendors and service providers and companies out there, and ones that Helium 10 has gone and done some investigation on to make sure that they’re not just here today, gone tomorrow kind of companies. And so that’s what we’re building up, guys. So, we have the partner directory now on Helium 10, and it only has a few vendors there right now. And we’re constantly adding some every week, but guys start to look here at this directory to get help with your business.

Bradley Sutton: All right. So if you want to see where that is, just go to That’s We’ve got sites like deliver on there, and there’s buttons on how you can contact those service providers, et cetera. The last update was another big one that probably not many people knew about. And it was about how we have a brand new tool in Helium 10 called Helium 10 audience. This is made by Pick Fu. You guys know I’ve been talking about Pick Fu for years. On this show, Kevin King is talking about Manny Coats, been talking about on the AM/PM Podcast. What Pick Fu does is it allows you to do like split testing with not on a live listing. That’s kind of like, that’s not a great official term, but that’s just like my little catchphrase for it. Because think about split testing guys on a live lesson, you can actually do that if you have brand registry. You can actually do that if you have brand registry. You can split test a listing right there. But what happens is like, let’s say you’re split testing a main image. Your hypothesis is that one image is going to outperform the conversion rate than the other. Right? Well, guess what if you’re doing a one month long split test on a live listing, and you’re rotating it back and forth so that it’s like two weeks for one image and two weeks for another image, if one of those images really does outperform the other, guess what? Half of a month you had subpar sales, right? Because you had the wrong image. So in my opinion, I mean, if you have no other way to do it, I mean, yes, still split tests. Still do it.

Bradley Sutton: But pick Fu has always been my go-to choice because before I even have my listing available or before I even make that decision on turning my listing live, I could run a Pick Fu test and I can get 50 or 100 Amazon buyers to tell me which image they think is best and why. So then, day one of my new listing, I’m going to have the image that I don’t need to split tests anymore. I already know it’s going to be the better one. So we’re like, we love this service. How do we bring it into Helium 10? Now it is called Helium 10 Audience. So that is now live in your dashboards, guys. You can go on there and do these audience polls. You can target demographics. By the way, we’re going to actually just go ahead and do my BTS right now, right?

Bradley Sutton: Bradley’s 30-second tip. This is the 30-second tip I gave out in the webinar, but you can target in Helium 10 audience very specific demographics. Like, Hey, I want to pull Amazon Prime members that are female, that are from the ages of 21 to 35 and have an income of this. But you might not– you might be like, well, how do I even know who my target market is? Well, here’s where that tip comes in. If you have brand registry on Amazon, you’ve got access to brand analytics, and then you can go in there and you can actually see demographics for your brands that you have brand registry for. Like, I could look at Manny’s mysterious oddities, that’s the coffin shelf that we have and see that, Hey, most of the buyers are female and both of them, or most of them are in this certain age range, et cetera. So, now what you do is take that information. And then if you’re launching something else in this brand or for that product, or for that niche now, instead of just like saying, you know what, just show this question or this poll to Amazon buyers. Like you can go more laser-focused and say, Hey, show this poll to my exact target market, my exact customer base avatar, if you will. And that’s going to give you much better information, because like, let’s say I have makeup, right? Like a makeup blush. Well, I might not want to pull an Amazon buyer who is a 70 year old dude who couldn’t care less about makeup. Right. So, I’d want to focus the poll to, like, let’s say, it’s like Boom by Cindy Joseph, which is Ezra Firestone makeup brand. Like I think it has makeup for seniors, women. Right? So then if I was him, like, I’d be doing my polls in Audience for like, alright, show this to females who are from the ages of 50 to 70 and who are retired and blah, blah, blah. Right. And then, so that means that every single one of the poll respondents is my exact target market. And the other thing that we went over guys is that, don’t think that these are just drones or people trying to speed through these and just pick a B or C eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a tiger by the toe. No, that’s not what this is about Audience and Pick Fu are paying these people for their feedback. Like we actually have to pay them. That’s why this costs money to do this, right.

Bradley Sutton: And it doesn’t cost much money. The average pulls like 50 to $60, for what you guys would have to pay. But the people who were pulling get a little bit of that, right? So, in order for them to get their money or to get credit for it, they not only have to choose which choice that they like better for whatever your questions were, but they have to say why. And so a lot of times you can get some really cool insights into not just which picture they like best, or which title or which price point or whatever you’re trying to pull, but why did they like this picture better? And you’re going to get insights that maybe you never even thought about, and it can have a trickle down effect for other parts of your listing at other parts of your marketing strategy. So guys, I’ve been talking about Pick Fu for a long time. You now have it available inside of Helium 10, really cool, Helium 10 audience. So that pretty much was the webinar. If you guys want to watch that whole thing and watch it as it goes live, just go to our YouTube channel. And it’s one of the most recent videos in there. So just go to the Helium 10 software YouTube channel, and then look for our webinars there. And you can actually see that whole thing. But like I said before, this webinar was entitled, Always Innovating for Every Step of your Amazon Journey. And that’s what we do here at Helium 10. Whether we’re talking about here on the Serious Sellers Podcast or inside of our tools, or with our blog, is we’re trying to innovate because we want you guys to be successful, right?

Bradley Sutton: We’re trying to empower e-commerce entrepreneurs, right. And whether you’re selling on Amazon or you’re wanting to sell a Walmart or whatever you want to do, we want to help you achieve your financial goals. And so, you know, help us help you. We love feedback. And every single one of these things that I just announced today, these weren’t just like some dream we had, right. You guys remember, there is a tool in Helium 10 that came from a dream I had. That was a very rare occurrence. We talked about that podcast, like a hundred episodes ago, but anyways, all these tools work from dreams that product managers are having. They’re from all the feedback that you guys have given us. So how do you get your voice heard if you’re already a Helium 10 member, just go right into your dashboard in the very top. There’s a question mark. Hit that question mark. And there’s a button that says something like, submit your idea or something like that. Just hit that and let your voice be heard. Let us know. Do you want to have Helium 10 work in Amazon Japan or something? Well, let us know. Do you want to have some tools for Walmart? Let us know. Do you want to have some kind of special feature for keyword research? Just let us know guys, and if it’s doable, we’re going to make it happen for you.

Bradley Sutton: So guys, thank you so much for tuning into this episode and joining us along this ride here at Helium 10. I mean, who would have thought that we would have seen the days that Helium 10’s got its own credit card. They’ve got Pick Fu inside of Helium 10, GoDaddy domain registration. It’s ridiculous. The level that Helium 10 is getting on. And it’s all thanks to you guys. So, thanks for joining us on this ride. And I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year and next year has for you, Amazon sellers out there. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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