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#180 – How to Become a Helium 10 Certified Expert

Academy helps you become a certified Helium 10 user by giving you the hands-on, technical skills to master our tools.
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We all know how competitive selling on Amazon can be. E-commerce is exploding and every day, more people are becoming aware of the possibilities that exist on Amazon’s enormous marketplace.

Today on the Serious Sellers Podcast, Helium 10’s Director of Training and Chief Brand Evangelist, Bradley Sutton welcomes the person responsible for our new learning Academy.

Desiree Hamill is a Technical Writer for Helium 10 and the person spearheading this project.

After 20 years of teaching and with her expertise as a writer, Desire has helped create Academy, giving Helium 10 users the hands-on, technical skills to master our tools.

Amazon has become a busy place. Academy might just be the best way that you can gain an advantage on all the other sellers out there.

In episode 180 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley and Desiree discuss:

  • 02:57 – An Editor’s Poor Pay Leads to a Teaching Career
  • 03:31 – 20 Years of Teaching
  • 04:35 – Self-Publishing with Kindle (KDP)
  • 07:14 – Writing for Passion and Enjoyment   
  • 12:13 – Helping Helium 10’s Customers with Over 100 Technical Documents
  • 12:49 – How Can People Find These Documents?
  • 13:28 – Understanding Where to Start with Helium 10’s Tools
  • 15:54 – Quizzes, Tutorials, and Activities to Accelerate Learning  
  • 21:56 – Next Level Validation – Helium 10 Certification   
  • 22:55 – Academy is Designed for Everyone from Enterprise to Individual Sellers
  • 26:18 – Building Technical Documents 101

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Bradley Sutton: Today’s guest is going to talk about her experiences publishing books on Amazon, but she’s also going to introduce a brand-new training program that can actually help you to become a certified Helium 10 expert. How cool is that? Pretty cool. I think

Bradley Sutton: Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of this Serious Sellers Podcast by Helium 10. I am your host Bradley Sutton, and this is the show that’s a completely BS, free unscripted and unrehearsed organic conversation about serious strategies or serious sellers of any level in the e-commerce world. And today guys on the show, I’ve got somebody who’s not a seller, but she is pretty serious. At least some of the time. Desiree, how’s it going?

Desiree Hamill: Good. It’s going great. It’s all books, you know.

Bradley Sutton: That’s right. So, do you do it seriously though?

Desiree Hamill: I do it seriously, but it’s not through seller central.

Bradley Sutton: That’s right? I forgot about that. So that was even before you started working at Helium 10, you would do that, right. Was this like textbooks or just fiction or anything

Desiree Hamill: Fiction. I write under a pseudonym and publish fiction as well.

Bradley Sutton: You write your own books too.

Desiree Hamill: Yeah.

Bradley Sutton: I didn’t even know that all this time, a pseudonym, like you’re protecting your identity or what?

Desiree Hamill: Well, it started because I had to keep my work professional career separate from my sort of writing career. So that’s why I did it.

Bradley Sutton: Yeah. See, that’s what I love about that. I’ve been working with you for a year. I didn’t even know that because anybody who I’m like, you know what they’re going to be on the podcast. Eventually. I kind of like purposely make a note, not to try and learn, not that much about them, because like I say, this is just an organic conversation. I don’t want to know these things beforehand, usually with the guess, but it’s kind of embarrassing when somebody in your own team, some important personal things you don’t even realize, but all right, we’re going to get into that a little bit, but let’s take it back to the beginning. All right. Where’d you grow up?

Desiree Hamill: North Dakota.

Bradley Sutton: North Dakota. Oh my goodness. In the middle of nowhere. How far away were you from like civilization?

Desiree Hamill: Well, I grew up just outside a town of around 30,000 people, but it’s like the fourth largest town.

Bradley Sutton: So growing up eventually, we’re going to get to your career later, but did you always know you wanted to be a teacher or did you have aspirations to be an astronaut or what does a nine, 10 year old North Dakotan envision with her life?

Desiree Hamill: I really did not want to be a teacher. In fact, my 11th grade or 12th grade English teacher said, Oh, you’re going to be an English teacher. I was horrified. But after going through university, grad school and finding out what editors generally get paid, I ended up becoming a teacher.

Bradley Sutton: Graduating high school. Then what, what did you go to college for? What was your major?

Desiree Hamill: I started out in journalism and then migrated over to English.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. All right. Interesting. And then upon graduation, what was your like main gainful employment?

Desiree Hamill: I went almost directly into teaching. I went from– my bachelor’s into grad school and in grad school I got tapped to teach composition at university.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. So how long did you end up in this profession that you never thought you would be in?

Desiree Hamill: 20 years.

Bradley Sutton: 20 years, Desiree. Did you graduate college when you were 10 years old or what what’s going on here?

Desiree Hamill: That was probably it, yes.

Bradley Sutton: That was Doogie Howser here, by the way, You remember the Doogie Howser original show, right?

Desiree Hamill: I do.

Bradley Sutton: Did you hear that they’re making a remake of it, like a similar story, but it’s going to be a female instead of a male.

Desiree Hamill: No, I hadn’t heard mostly we watch science fiction and superheroes.

Bradley Sutton: I mean, any, anything, they’re talking about remaking the Wonder Years and, Doogie Howser. So, any of these 80’s shows that I grew up with and I got to at least give it a try, Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I heard there might be a new, fresh Prince of Bel Air People can’t come up with unique ideas anymore. Anyways, I digress. Let’s get into how you started selling books on Amazon. Was this or started writing books, which came first, the selling books on Amazon or publishing your own books?

Desiree Hamill: I’ve been writing for years and years. And then I got published. I had a short, novel published with a small publisher. I wasn’t that keen on the experience. then I just that was around the time that Amazon was a Kindle books for making it pretty easy for people to self-publish. I just started self-publishing.

Bradley Sutton: And is that with what that we call, like that we call the KDP?

Desiree Hamill: Yep.

Bradley Sutton: Oh, okay. So what year was this?

Desiree Hamill: 2012 was when I got published with the small press. And then I think immediately after that, I rolled over into doing my own publishing.

Bradley Sutton: So at that point, the only way that people could get your book was from KDP or was it there was hard copies out there too?

Desiree Hamill: Yeah, initially I just did digital books, but I also did it through other distributors. So you could get my books on competing booksellers, but KDP, I have a couple books in KDP now. but generally I tried to publish across all the different platforms.

Bradley Sutton: What is success for a KDP author? Are you happy if you sell five books a month or five bucks a day, or what were your wins and losses there and when you were publishing there?

Desiree Hamill: I don’t know. I think the biggest win was when one of, I put a book up free and it became number one on the site for about 24 hours for that broad genre. But those were back in, that was back in the–

Bradley Sutton: How did you do that? Did you do some kind of campaign or was it organic?

Desiree Hamill: You know, it was mostly organic and just word of mouth. Yeah, it was in those early days, writers were publishing really rapidly. People really got excited and they were downloading free books like crazy.

Bradley Sutton: So in those first 24 hours, do you remember about how many books you “sold”? I mean, obviously it was free, but, or how many downloads there were?

Desiree Hamill: It was just over 2000.

Bradley Sutton: in one day. Wow. That’s got to feel good as an author, like wow. 2000 people wanted to read my book.

Desiree Hamill: Yeah. I don’t know if it happens that way anymore.

Bradley Sutton: Interesting. Now, do you still do publishing at all? Have you done anything since you’ve worked here at Helium 10?

Desiree Hamill: I have not put out a new release since I worked at Helium 10, but it’s in the works.

Bradley Sutton: All right. All right. Cool. I see you up late at night sometimes sending me Slack messages at three in the morning. So maybe that’s what you’re working on your next, your next book. Huh? Was it ever for money for you? Obviously that one you said was free. Are all your books free or did you actually do this to try and get some money as well?

Desiree Hamill: I don’t know. I don’t have them out. There’s nothing up there for free now. And I think I do it just because most writers and artists don’t make any living at writing or creating art. I do it out of my personal interest and passion for literature and for books and I enjoy writing. It’s exciting part of my life. I don’t think I don’t ever expect to make a living at it, so–

Bradley Sutton: I should hope not. Yeah. I’m hoping that we’re taking care of you here. You’re making your living from Helium 10, good grief.

Desiree Hamill: But it’s really fun. And I’m in a big community of a lot of writers and I’ve met a lot of people through it. So it’s kind of my hobby and passion.

Bradley Sutton: Let’s switch gears a little bit. We didn’t hire you for your prowess at making KDP. I didn’t even realize that you did that. You were hired because you had retired from teaching. Want to take a new step in your life, I guess. And, we needed a technical writer. And something that I think a lot of people struggle with Helium 10 is, in the beginning, 2016, those of you who have been with Helium 10 from wave, and before me, we had like, what, one, two, three tools. There was like Frankenstein. There is Index Checker, which was at that time known as 5k checker. And then that was like, pretty much it, there was like just a couple tools that people were using. And it was pretty easy to become a master at that. But now we’ve got over 30 tools in our suite and sometimes newer people, they get started with Helium 10, like O M G where, I mean, like, I don’t even know where to begin. And then, so that’s where I came in is I revamped all of the training videos and there’s a learn button on every tool. And you can just watch the video a little tutorial, but as time went on, we were like, you know what, there’s a lot of people who just don’t like videos or they’re always around people or they can only do this when their mate is sleeping next to them in the bed and they can’t turn on volume and stuff. And like, or are they just, like I said, they just don’t like videos. And they’re like, they were– we were getting a lot of requests for like technical documents that have screenshots and step by step. And we’re like, ah, don’t ask me to do that because I don’t know. I don’t know how to do those kinds of things. So we’re like, we need a technical writer. And that was the first thing that you were hired for. So, about how many of those would you say technical documents for the Helium 10 tools have you written since you’ve been here, will you say just rough estimate.

Desiree Hamill: Over a hundred,

Bradley Sutton: Over a hundred. Now, each of these it’s not, Oh, let me just grab a couple of screenshots here it is. And boom, 10 minutes later, how much time do you put into one of these technical documents?

Desiree Hamill: I’ve put as much as a full week effort, eight hours a day. Especially when you get into ADS. So, some of the tools that are more sophisticated and have multiple layers, we have, obviously I have more documentation for those. And some of the simpler ones, you maybe could do put together in four or five hours. But, I remember I had to teach myself the tools too.

Bradley Sutton: Yeah, yeah. I mean, like we said, you, weren’t using Helium 10 in your Amazon business before, so you had to learn from scratch. Now, I think this is important for it for Amazon sellers. And this has nothing to do with Helium 10, but sometimes we focus too much on the shiny stuff, like for our product, especially if it’s more technical where like, Hey, I’m going to make a video on it and I’m going to put it in my listing or on my website, I’m going to have a video of it in use, or I’m going to show some lifestyle photography, but guys, just because that’s the best way for you to learn how to use something. A video does not mean that your customers all feel the same way. There are customers out there who just don’t like learning things from videos or having to sit through an eight minute video when all they want to know is just how to do one little thing. So what I suggest doing the lesson here is that we learned here at Helium 10 is that– that you can apply an Amazon is have, if you’ve got a technically somewhat difficult product that you’re selling on Amazon, make a technical instruction guide too, that you can even either include in your listing or that people could go and get from you. That might be good for how you can get people to use portals. You can make a landing page where they can send you the email address so that you can send them a technical document. But trust me, guys, it might not be more than 50%, but I mean, I would say at least 10 to 25% of your potential customers might find it more useful to have a technical document or a technical guide on how to use your product as opposed to just a video or nothing at all. And guess what if your competitors don’t have that, there’s another advantage that you can have over your competitors. Now, what’s the main difference between my videos, for example, of how to make the tool and your documents. I know some are very close to the videos, but you also make technical documents that we haven’t even made videos for. Right?

Desiree Hamill: Yeah. I mean, what I do is I literally go through the entire tool and try to identify every single aspect of the tool and what it’s for. So, I mean, they really need your videos to kind of figure out, how am I using this, how I’m maximizing the value of this tool. But if they’re really like looking at what are all the intricate components to a tool, the document should do it.

Bradley Sutton: Okay, cool. Now where can people find it? Because I’m pretty, pretty sure people don’t realize that we even have this because it’s not in the learn button. I got to work on making it more front facing, but how can people find all of these technical documents, if they’re one of those that don’t like to look at videos to learn how to use a tool?

Desiree Hamill: Well, it’s, I think we have a link under the learn button in the left menu of each tool. We have a link on the bottom of the Helium 10 website called the knowledge base. So the knowledge base should have, anywhere you see knowledge base that’s link, or if you can just go to and it’ll take you straight.

Bradley Sutton: K, like karma. B, like Bradley. And then they can just, there’s a search button there where if they’re looking for Cerebro documents, Magnet documents, they just type in the name of the tool right there. Okay. So guys, that’s the first thing I wanted to let you guys know is take a look at these documents and it might be better for you to learn from these than the regular videos. And again, just keep that in mind, just in general, selling on Amazon, if especially, the biggest problem that I’ve seen, like I dealt with this one company who do these fancy tempered glass for those are cell phone screen protectors, but a really fancy kind. And it’s really difficult to install. And they were getting tons of bad reviews and the product is great, but it’s just people couldn’t figure out how to install them. And as lazy as American people are, if they can’t figure it out right away, they just give up and they say, there’s defective. I’m going to return it. And they leave a bad review. And then when they started making technical documents that help people better understand how to install it, the review rating went up because they had less of those complaints and less return. So it’s something that sometimes is overlooked in the Amazon world. And we were overlooking here at Helium 10. And that’s why we brought you on last year for this. Now the last few months, you haven’t really done any technical documents cause you’ve been all focused on this one big project that we’re calling Academy. So, how this came about again was alright, we’ve got all the technical documents. Great. We’ve got all the videos wonderful, but still when you have 30 tools, what questions were still coming up?

Desiree Hamill: The Academy we put together because people were still kind of confused when they got to the knowledge base, like really where to start and what video to watch and what order. And so the Academy is designed to take people from beginning to end through each sort of process, let some know which tools are going to help them in each effort, product research, keyword research, listing optimization. And so that way it’s kind of, they just could dip in when they have time and keep moving through it. We also set it up so you can skip around. And so some people might want to still just go in and learn one small component. And they can’t, but they know that that’s at least presented them in order. And it’s leading up to something, I’m sure you’ll bring up.

Bradley Sutton: Talk a little bit about what is different about Academy than just somebody going through the videos. There’s a lot of extra things that we don’t have inside of Helium 10 that is in this Academy that people can take to learn about Helium 10.

Desiree Hamill: We have quizzes after the videos and that allow you to sort of check your knowledge. What did you pick up or did you miss something important? We’re building in the process. We’re still adding a lot of material, but we’re building in tutorials, we’re building in activities so that you can actually go out and practice with the tool. Maybe it’s not something you’re using at the moment, but just, we want to have you do some hands on application, open up that tool, practice with it, take on a little task and start to feel more comfortable with it.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. Excellent. Excellent. So, glossaries and quizzes and just something that sets your mind again, you being a teacher for 20 years, you’ve got great insight into to how to structure educational things such as this. And so that was a definitely a big help, but this is just has made it so much easier for people to learn how to use this. And we’ve got– I think it was the last time I checked something like three to 400 people joining the Academy every single week since it’s been out there. And hundreds of people have gone through the course, the complete course. Now this is completely free. All right. So, anybody can take these courses. So what’s the website that people can go to just to get started in Academy today if they want to.

Desiree Hamill:

Bradley Sutton: All right. And they have to– you got to set up a separate login. It’s not your regular Helium 10 login. If you want it to make it your regular Helium 10 login, username and password that’s up to you, but it’s a separate, you got to still create it. It’s a separate one, but you know, start today on it. And you’ll be able to understand how to use the tools better. Remember the point of this is, we’re not doing this training so that we can hire you to work for our company or something. This is– our tools are designed to help Amazon sellers increase their sales, help them manage their business and maybe even save some time. So the way that we help you guys is by giving you the education, because we can have the best tools in the world, but if you don’t know how to use it, you’re not helping your business. So we really want you guys to succeed. So, that’s why we’ve made this available. Now, there are some people out there who want next level, like kind of, I don’t know what the word validation, I guess, that you could say that, Hey, I know these tools are my employee does. And so some of the examples I’m thinking of would be like we have companies like LEGO, billion dollar companies who use Helium 10, they’ve got probably a staff of 15 people who are using Helium 10. There are other big companies who use Helium 10 and maybe their Amazon manager or something wants to make sure that their team really is proficient in Helium 10. Like, Hey, how do I know you really know what you’re doing. In other cases, those of you who are smaller sellers, you still have your own employees who may be handle an aspect of your business, or handle your Helium 10, or you hire VAs perhaps to be on your staff, to do it. Well, you want to make sure that they know what they’re doing and that they really intimately know the tools. Conversely, what if you are a VA that just is a private contractor or a consultant, and you want to prove to your potential employers, or potential companies that will hire you that, Hey, part of my resume is I am an expert at Helium 10. I mean, I’m not making this stuff up, guys. We have seen tons and tons of like classified ads and things of people looking for Amazon, or Amazon knowledge people to join their Amazon team. And it’ll say there, Hey, we require you to be proficient at Helium 10. Well, how do you prove that you’re proficient at Helium 10? So because of what other extra step do we have with this Academy program?

Desiree Hamill: Well, we’re really excited. We’re rolling out a certification exam so that people can go, they can either go through the parts of the Academy that they want to strengthen their knowledge on, or if they already feel that they’re experts. And they’ve been using Helium 10 since the beginning, and they just want to leap in and take this test if they can score high enough, then they will get a certificate and a badge that they can add to their LinkedIn demonstrating their mastery of the Helium 10 tools.

Bradley Sutton: Excellent. Excellent. Now, this one, how much does it cost to get certified? Just like with Adobe certification or any official certification. A lot of times there are costs involved. So, what’s the fee for this? And how many times do they have to pay it?

Desiree Hamill: It’s $77, but it is a one-time cost. You get to take the exam and when you pass it, you become certified. And that certification is good for one year because Helium 10 is constantly improving its tools and adding to its tool set. And I’m sure people are checking in, because you’re always announcing something new. It’s going to require an annual renewal, but that annual renewal will be completely free.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. Okay. So just like, if you’re a real estate agent, you don’t just take the test and you’re good for life. You’ve got to make sure that you’re up-to-date with all the recent things. So, they have re-certifications and I used to be a fitness instructor and I was part of a– I forgot what it was called now, ACE. I think it was where I had to get recertified to make sure I wasn’t giving people exercises that would kill them or anything, or break their bones or anything like that. So it’s a common thing, but it’s free of charge to recertify. Now, how is it verifiable? So like, I’m assuming they get an official certificate if they pass, right? Well, what does it take to pass by the way I skipped that part.

Desiree Hamill: Well, it’s 100 questions, multiple choice, and you have to get 80%,

Bradley Sutton: 80%. Wow. That’s pretty, pretty strict. All right. I like it. I like it. We got to be strict with this. Because if we’re going to put somebody an expert on it, then we need to know, they know. So they get their certification. And how we can, I mean, people can like forge documents, you know? Right. They can use a Photoshop to make a fake Helium 10 Academy certificates. So, how can employers out there know if this person is legit or not?

Desiree Hamill: Well, we have the, just as we do with Freedom ticket, we have a certificate that is linked into LinkedIn. So if anyone goes to someone’s LinkedIn, they can go down and look at their certifications and they’ll see that they can link out and check the validity and the timeliness of the certificate for that individual.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. Because we have an outside company that is verifying these. And it’ll also say if it’s expired, right? Maybe they take the test tomorrow, they pass it. And they’re trying to still give that certificate as valid three years from now, somebody goes to check that, it’ll say, Nope, this is expired. So, guys take advantage of that. That’s not for everybody. If you’re just doing Helium 10 completely on your own, you’ve got your own business. Yeah. Take the Academy. Don’t pay the $77 to take this test. I mean, unless you really are just like so amazing. You love Helium 10 so much. You want to be able to show to your friends that you’re an expert, go ahead and do it. But this was really designed for those who have the teams and you want your teams to really make sure that they understand Helium 10, or if you are an agency or you’re a consultant and you want to prove to people that you know what you’re doing with Helium 10, this is for you. Now I know, it’s not immediately that this is going to be available, but in the coming weeks, like anybody who takes the test, actually, I mean, anybody who takes the test, even from tomorrow, they’re going to get this eventually. But what are some of the goodies and the swag bag that we’re going to send them?

Desiree Hamill: Well, we do want them to– we want to show our appreciation also for them joining sort of our family and becoming an expert. And so we have a professional certification shirt for them and we have a little medallion and graduation hat.

Bradley Sutton: Oh, like, when you say graduation hat, is that like the cap and gown, the cap kind of thing that, Oh, I can already see the Instagram, like possibilities there. You have your Academy shirt. And then you got, you got your little medallion and you throw your cap up in the air or something.

Desiree Hamill: I’m looking forward to seeing those.

Bradley Sutton: I love it. All right guys. So, go through academy. Don’t try and get to that test right away, because guys, it is a little bit difficult unless you are like super, super expert on Helium 10. So go through the Academy, refresh yourself. There’s going to be a practice quiz that before you go in and take the final one that, you know, you can just make sure to see what you need help on. Possibly don’t think that, “Oh, I’m going to go get these questions from Fiverr or something”. I mean, this is– we kind of do things next level here. These questions are rotated. You know, you’re not going to get the same questions, the whole exact same test twice, even if you fail, et cetera, et cetera. So, we’re trying to do stuff a really professional here, and that’s why we have such a professional as Desi on the team to do this. So now just going forward, I mean, Academy, I know you’ve been working on this for a long time. It’s finally launched, you’re going to be going back to a technical documents and, and helping maintain the Academy. But any other things in store that you think are going to help Helium 10 members out there that you can help with?

Desiree Hamill: Well, I think we probably will come up with some things down the road, but right now I think if you haven’t checked out the knowledge base, or if you haven’t enrolled in Academy and gotten started with it, that those would be the places to get going.

Bradley Sutton: Excellent. Excellent. So now real quick though, I want to get, I want you to give us a TST which is our TST 30-second tip, especially since most of our listeners are Amazon sellers. Instead of talking about, you know, how best to use Helium 10’s Academy or training videos, what I’d love for you to give us a tip on if you can do it in 30 seconds or less is about what I mentioned earlier about how we take the concept of like what you’re doing with technical documents and Amazon sellers, applying that to make technical documents for their products. If you can give us like a 30-second tip on best practices on how to even, you know, not everybody out there is going to have a Desiree who’s a professional writer to be able to write these technical documents. If they’re trying to do it on their own, what are some best practices on how they can structure like technical guides to their products?

Desiree Hamill: I think probably the number one problem that people face is that they’re, they don’t think about who they’re speaking to when they create a document. Like when I write the documents for the knowledge base or for Academy, I always consider we’re an, you know, we have international members. And so the person might be a second language speaker. English is not their first language, or they might be operating from a cell phone or they might just literally have limited time and access. I think it’s really important to, especially if they’re a brand new with a certain type of product, it’s really important to consider the least knowledgeable person as the baseline that you use when you are explaining how to use a product. I don’t know if you have to go quite as simple as Campbell soup, you know, open can, step one. But I do think that you need to consider all the possible things that someone who doesn’t know is actually coming to look at your document because the people who are approaching and using these kinds of tutorials or information, they don’t want to be confused or try to second, guess what you mean, or stay away from slang and lingo. Just try to be direct, straight, simple, clean, active verbs, and avoid things that can lead to confusion in your texts.

Bradley Sutton: All right, excellent. Now, now guys, I did specify that TST standard for 30-second tip, but maybe Desi thought it meant two minute tip. But that was good. We got four times the value there, but it still started with a T there, but anyways, thank you for that Desi, thank you for your hard work in all these technical documents that you’ve been writing for us. And also of course, Academy, it’s going to be fun to see people, you know, pass this and guys, you know, tag Helium 10, put it in your Instagram Desi would love to see it. And just as I’m sure you had that feeling, that’s one thing as a Zumba instructor, it was so amazing to have the feeling where like, there are students who like lost 50 pounds on my class, or they became Zumba instructors themselves. Like I had so many students become Zumba instructors themselves, and I’m sure you had the same thing teaching high school students for 20 years. And then you see your students graduate college, or maybe become professionals. It’s a good feeling. Right?

Desiree Hamill: Fantastic.

Bradley Sutton: Yeah. So we want that same feeling here. Right?

Desiree Hamill: I want everyone to be able to use Helium 10’s tools easily without having to really think about it and to make a profitable business with.

Bradley Sutton: Yup, absolutely. That’s what we want to see. So guys, once you guys do get certified, blow it up in social media tag, Helium 10, and we’ll definitely see it in Facebook, Instagram, whatever, you know, makes some TikToks for it, even right. As long as TikTok is still allowed. When you guys are able to do that, but anyways, Desi thank you so much for joining us and we’ll look forward to a future project together.

Desiree Hamill: Awesome. Thanks for having me.

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2 responses to “#180 – How to Become a Helium 10 Certified Expert”

  1. Hello,
    I’m learning English. And I want to use your software on Amazon. Do you have a Turkish education related to this?

    • Hello Cem Deniz. We are sorry, this time we don’t have an education video in Turkish. But we suggest turning on the closed captions for the videos, even though it’s in English many find this easier to understand with that.

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