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Episode 6 – Former Office Assistant Becomes Amazon Superstar Mentor in Just 1 Year!

Making the transition to selling on Amazon, how to sell products on Amazon using YouTube videos, and doing effective networking through Facebook.
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33 minutes read

How do you go from being a regular everyday office assistant to crushing it on Amazon by selling over $ 200,000 in just one year? Tamara, a 6-figure Amazon seller who also mentors new sellers, started off in the financial world. After a layoff in 2017, she became a major player on Amazon with only four products last year.

Not only that, but Tamara also became a well-respected mentor for new sellers through her popular Facebook group and YouTube channel.  

In episode 6 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley and Tamara discuss her rise to Amazon greatness and more, including:

  • Introduction to Tamara and Her Background
  • Transitioning from Accounting to Amazon
  • Succeeding On Amazon Amid Turmoil
  • Selling on Amazon US VS Amazon Canada
  • Why Tamara’s First Product Failed on Amazon
  • Learning How to Sell Successfully Through YouTube Videos and Networking
  • Giving Back to the Amazon Seller Community Through a Facebook Group
  • Building Up Tamara’s YouTube Channel
  • Becoming an Amazon Mentor by Accident
  • Splitting Time Between Amazon FBA Business and Mentoring
  • Tamara’s Affiliate Marketing Strategy
  • What Kind of Person Can Succeed at Running a YouTube Channel?
  • Why Tamara Would Never Buy a Lamborghini
  • What Makes Tamara’s Amazon Course Different
  • Tamara’s #1 Tip for New Sellers in 2019
  • Tamara’s Advice on Getting Amazon Reviews

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Bradley Sutton: On today’s episode, find out how somebody who was working in the accounting field in one year became a six figure seller on only four products., turn that into a popular Youtube channel and then even now has her own FBA Amazon course.

Bradley Sutton: How’s it going, everybody? And welcome to this Serious Sellers Podcast. I am your host, Bradley Sutton. We’ve got an awesome episode for you today with me. I’m very honored to have my good friend, Tamara, here. How’s it going, Tamara?

Tamara: Hi, Bradley. I’m good. How are you?

Bradley Sutton: I’m doing just delightful or just ducky as my dad would always say. You guys want to hear that up in Canada, right? I’m just ducky?

Tamara: No. Definitely not.

Bradley Sutton: Alright, so speaking of it, I just said you were from Canada. Whereabouts in Canada you at?

Tamara: Vancouver, BC where it rains a lot.

Bradley Sutton: It rains a lot. Yeah. Today, it’s raining in Southern California and it’s a very rare sight. You’ve got people who do not know how to drive and it’s just amazing, but you guys are probably used to it up there.

Tamara: Yes, unfortunately we are used to it. Yeah. We’re having both five umbrellas right beside me as we speak.

Bradley Sutton: Awesome. Awesome. Alright, well we–speaking of rain, we’re going to be raining down some knowledge on our listeners today hopefully from you. I know you’ve got a unique story and kind of a cool perspective on different things that you can do in order to scale your business that are even outside, just necessarily selling on Amazon. So before I get started into that, let me just ask you maybe a little bit of your backstory. Like how long have you been selling on Amazon?

Tamara: So I’ve been selling on Amazon since late 2017. I remember my very, very first product went live on Amazon in September, 2017.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. September, 2017. How did you first hear about the Amazon selling experience or what motivated you to start?

Tamara: So I used to be a big seller on Ebay actually. I think like eight years ago or something. I used to sell a lot of stuff on Ebay. So I was just kind of looking around on Youtube and I’ve met some people in my life that we’re talking about Amazon FBA. So I was like, oh, what’s Amazon FBA? So, I looked on Youtube and I found all these people talking about it. And all these great opportunities and how he can sell physical things, and make passive income in the very comfort of your own home. And at that time in my life, I was actually very miserable at my 9-5 office job. I had a desk job for the last 10 years and it was like, you know, every day, 9-5, sit in front of a computer.

Bradley Sutton: What are you doing–what industry were you in?

Tamara: Oh, I was in accounting and I also was in the..

Bradley Sutton: Oh, That is the worst.

Tamara: That is the worst. Oh, absolutely the worst than, you know, people–I hope no accountants are listening, but you know, a lot of accounts, they don’t have a lot of like the social skills and everything. So, yeah, I felt like I was at a very dead end job.

Bradley Sutton: Yeah, okay.

Tamara: So, I knew I had to do something. I just didn’t know what. So when I came across Amazon FBA–

Bradley Sutton: I think you had told me it was like ex-boyfriend or something that originally told you about Amazon?

Tamara: Yeah, yeah, it was so random. Like I met this guy and–I don’t talk to him anymore obviously, but he was like, oh, I sell things on Amazon and that’s what all I do. And I was kind of like, oh, all right. And then we stopped talking and then that’s when I started doing my own research, right. I joined a lot of like online groups, Facebook groups and heard about all these tools, such as Helium10. So I decided to get started myself.

Bradley Sutton: Now you’re probably selling a lot more than this ex was, right? Probably not?

Tamara: You know what, I am not gonna lie. I heard about like, just the amount of money that you can make with Amazon, like on Youtube and from this guy that I used to know and that I did like, you know, a bit more research, reading forms and whatnot. People were making a lot of money. So that was what intrigued me. I was like, okay, well at my office job, I only made fifty five thousand dollars a year. And I couldn’t go any further than that with the skill level that I had. So I was really keen to getting started with Amazon.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. So, pretty much 2018 was your first full year of selling, right? Since you started in the middle of 2017?

Tamara: Yup. It was actually January. So this is funny. So what happened was I actually felt like this was meant to happen because my very first product went up live on September, 2017. And then, October of 2017 I actually got laid off my job, like my 9-5. So I was like, you know, I need to make this work. I need to just, you know, find how to sell on Amazon, like what tools I need to use and all that good stuff. And then, I decided to go full time with it. In January, 2018 I had my first winning product, so my first product failed and then my second product was a winner in January, 2018.

Bradley Sutton: Oh, okay. So how did you do in your first full year? Do you feel comfortable selling–letting us know?

Tamara: Yeah, of course. Yeah. Talk about this all the time on my Youtube channel as well. The first year I actually made close to $200,000 US in sales.

Bradley Sutton: Wow, that’s awesome. Are you mainly selling in Amazon USA or are you also doing Amazon Canada as well?

Tamara: I only sell on the USA because I think there were a lot of people on Youtube saying, hey, you know what, like USA is the biggest marketplace and it is. I mean, I’ve checked out Canada by using Helium10 and I was like, okay, my product would not make sense in Canada, right? So I started my own brand. I now have four very steady products on Amazon in the US market place.

Bradley Sutton: So, it was just four products that generated the $200,000 in sales?

Tamara: That is correct. Yup.

Bradley Sutton: That’s awesome. I think you had mentioned that your first product, you kind of failed that. Can you elaborate a little bit on that? Like why did you fail and what happened?

Tamara: So I talk about this a lot. You know, to my students and people who are part of my Facebook group. The biggest mistake that I made with my first product was just not knowing what to do. I was way too excited. I was overconfident, you know, that was like the know-it-all. Like, Hey, you know, maybe I can just do this all myself without any tools. Like absolutely no tools, no support, and I just threw something up on Amazon. It was a cellphone case, by the way.

Bradley Sutton: I have experience in that. That was how I first started getting into Amazon way back in the day–cellphone cases..

Tamara: Yeah. I was like, you know why maybe let’s just pick the most generic thing possible that every single person is selling. Let’s sell a cell phone case. So I lost quite a bit money there. I lost like close to $5,000, but I didn’t give up after that. I know that with Amazon FBA and in business, you know, you really have to learn everything in order to get it right. So I didn’t give up. I invested again in January, 2018 and after that, every product was a winner. Yeah. Every product after that–after I figured out exactly what went wrong, I knew from there what to do.

Bradley Sutton: Okay, that’s great. So let me ask you something. You said you started going on Youtube to learn about Amazon. Now, did you take any courses or did pretty much everything you learned about selling on Amazon come from Youtube or going on Facebook groups?

Tamara: So, I actually have a very interesting story. I never took a course, however, I had all that free time. Now, remember I got laid off from my job. So, you know, I had the whole day at home to research, to listen to different sellers on Youtube, and everything. And I was just trying to get free information as much as I can. And when I did, I realize, okay, that’s, you know, these things are what I did wrong. So, I never repeated those mistakes ever again. And that’s how I got the success with my second product. But, I mean, to answer your questions, I did not take any courses, but I did a lot of networking. A lot of people I’ve met in the Facebook communities, the Facebook groups, they were so helpful. So I was very lucky for that.

Bradley Sutton: Yeah, so networking is very fortunate. Did you go to any conferences?

Tamara: I did. So I went to, let me think now. I haven’t gone to one in a while, but I know in Vancouver there were a few meetups that I did attend. I think this was further on in my journey though. I remember the very first one I attended was the summer of 2018, but by then I was kind of along my journey already doing my own thing. But I still wanted to network because it was, I feel like with Amazon FBA, it’s people that you know and they can provide you so much knowledge online as long as you’re open to learning and everything. So it was great.

Bradley Sutton: Alright, that’s awesome. Now, one thing that I really find interesting about you and this is going to be the main reason why I invited you on here is that, apart from just selling on Amazon, there was a time last year where you just realized that you could start doing some of the same things that you were seeing from other sellers on Youtube and start your own channel. Now you did us–you started a few different things. Now, what came first? Did you start your own Facebook group or did you start your Youtube channel, or how did you get into that and what inspired you to even do that?

Tamara: Yeah, so actually when I–after my first product failed in late 2017, thank goodness, Q-Four kind of took out all my bad inventory. In the beginning of 2018, I was very focused on just making one or two products work, right? So I think it was in the middle of 2018, June, 2018. Oh, I’m sorry. May or June of 2018, I was like, I have a great idea. You know, I was very active in every single Facebook group and I’ve started to get a lot of–I guess other sellers that wanted to learn from me. They would private message me on Facebook and be like, Hey, like, thank you so much for answering my question. How can I get more content from you? And that kind of surprised me. I was like, oh wow. Like people are actually reading what I’m saying. So, then I decided to open my own Facebook group. The purpose of my Facebook group was to provide value to new sellers because I knew how hard it was starting up. So I, you know, I just wanted to give back to the community at this point. So I decided to a create my own Facebook group and then eventually people were like, hey, like can you do video tutorials of like this and like that. And so I thought, okay, why not just start my own Youtube channel, which is something I never–like, absolutely never in my life would have thought of doing.

Bradley Sutton: Wow. That’s interesting. So, now we’re in January of 2019. How have you built both of those? Like how many people are in your Facebook group and how many subscribers do you have on Youtube?

Tamara: Yeah, so I started my Facebook group in late May of 2018 and now we have close to 4,000 members. Very, very active Facebook group by the way, Amazon FBA winners. And on my Youtube channel, I’m close to 4,000 subscribers. So, it just kind of happened. I did not want to do Youtube. I’ll be quite honest, like I was very uncomfortable being in front of a camera. I was very–it’s just wholly new to me, right? And I’ve been very proud about my life at most times, but when I saw others–a seller’s struggle and have all these problems and they really want it to learn from me, I was like, you know what? I really, let’s just give this a try. And then it was just video after video and then, I met you guys from Helium10. That’s how you guys found me from Youtube. So yeah, it just came like a separate business. And then I began mentoring and coaching and it just kind of happened. Like it just kinda happened.

Bradley Sutton: That’s awesome. Now, you talked about being kind of like a separate business and obviously it takes a lot of time to, you know, maintain Facebook group in order to make videos. So, how have you been able to monetize this? I mean 4,000 followers or 4,000 people on Facebook, 4,000 subscribers, you know, it’s not like you’re charging people to watch the video. So how have you made it worth your while to do these endeavors?

Tamara: So actually, this goes back to networking. I’ve met so many great people along my Amazon journey in 2018. I remember just opening up my Facebook group. There are people like, random people that found me on Youtube, and then they started joining because I have all my links in Youtube like, Hey, follow me on Facebook. Follow me on Instagram. So they started following me. But then, I got a lot of private messages, like such anxious sellers that want to help me. Like, Hey, you know, if you ever need help managing your group or anything, let me know. Or if you need help with this, let me know. And I met so many great people online. It’s all about networking. And then I got my fiance involved with it, so he does a lot of my Youtube editing and all that. Or there will be no way I can possibly manage my Youtube, and my students, and my course, and the Facebook group. But I have met a lot of friendly sellers online that helped me with the whole Facebook group and everything. So it’s great.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. Are you making money from it? Like it’s, you have this help, that’s great. But I think a lot of our listeners might be curious. Like, if they’re interested in doing something like this, like of course, you know, if it’s just giving out free content, which I know you do. You know, that’s great. But then some people are so busy, to like, they might not want to do something like this unless somehow down the line it could actually work out for them. So is there actual financial opportunity with starting a Youtube channel or managing a big group?

Tamara: Yes, definitely. So when I first started, everything I put in was for free. Like, I put up a lot of posts, I put up a lot of tips and advice and everything. And then, later on, I’ve gone so busy that I knew I had a special skillset, right? All these people were coming to me and I thought, you know what, I really want to help you but I also need to grow my business, my Amazon business. So they started offering me compensation and everything. So I thought, you know what, let’s just start coaching. Let’s just start coaching people. So that’s what I started to do and now I have my own online coaching system where people can just book me and talk about Amazon or whatever issue that they’re having with their Amazon business. And that’s how it all started. And people started posting really good reviews about me and I’m like, okay, okay. Interesting. So it just kind of, again, it just kind of happened. But now it became like everyday when I wake up in the morning now, it’s not just about Amazon. I feel like– have a separate business now where people are finding me on Youtube. They want to learn from me because they know I’ve had success. So, a lot of the times when I see sellers just starting out, I always tell them, hey, you know, there are so many opportunities out there. You should start a Youtube channel. And one of the responses I got a lot of the times where I don’t know how to do Youtube or well I’m not making that much money. But the thing about Amazon and starting a Youtube channel is it really doesn’t matter if you make a lot of money on Amazon. I think as long as you’re sharing your experience and putting in value, people will find you and watch you on Youtube. And that’s exactly how I started.

Bradley Sutton: Oh, okay. Interesting. So basically kind of like your process was you started just giving out free content, but then as your audience was building, you realize that you could leverage that and help people even further in almost like as a business. So is that kind of like, you know, you didn’t start making money at the beginning, you were just putting out content, but then later on you went ahead and started promoting your consulting and your course and different things like that. Do I have it right?

Tamara: Yeah. Exactly. And I knew what I was teaching was worth something at that point, right? I was like, wow, like everything that I’m teaching, it’s working. And people were actually offering me like, hey, like you know, I would love to compensate you for your time. Like it’s valuable. And then I started to think like, Oh wow, this is totally a separate business. I can start. So that’s how everything kind of started. And now everything’s very steady. I mean, every week I get new students. Every week I get new members that are needing help with Amazon. They book me. So I tried to coach them on there as well. It’s very different from my typical nine to five job. I’ll tell you that much.

Bradley Sutton: Yeah. Okay. So how much time are you dedicating to this side of the business as opposed to your FBA business now?

Tamara: You know what I have–so, with Amazon FBA, for anyone who’s listening and they are a new seller, it may seem like in the beginning I put in a lot of work, like I’m not going to lie, like with the product listing, with the product research, with the images, with the ad copy and running PPC, all that stuff took a lot of time. But, now that my products are up and running and they’re ranked and launched on Amazon and everything’s kind of taking care of itself, I only spend about 15 to half an hour a day on Amazon right now. And that’s just to check my advertising, right? Just to see if everything’s running smoothly, tweak my campaigns. But, all the other time that I use throughout the day would be coaching my students, doing coaching calls, spending time on my Facebook group, creating content on Youtube to get more people to start this type of business because it’s a really great business model. So, yeah, that and I spent a lot of my time learning as well and reading. I find that that takes up the most time.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. Yeah, that’s it. That’s good. Good pointers for us. Now, do you actually make money just on the youtube videos alone? Like, you know, I know they have ads and things like that, or is that kind of like so little that it’s not even worth mentioning?

Tamara: Yeah, so actually, I make zero money from Youtube. Youtube does not pay me at all. I had an option actually to start making money on Youtube, but it was so little that I just didn’t, I don’t really care for it, but I had a lot of people such as yourself. I had a lot of, you know, other software companies related to Amazon find me on Youtube and they always inbox me to promote their tools. Now, one thing with that is I do do affiliate marketing. So that’s like another thing that I do. I love Helium 10, by the way. Great tool. But the thing with me in affiliate marketing is I only promote services or tools that have worked for me because, I mean, I get inboxed all the time, like, hey, you know, help me promote this, help me promote that. But when it comes to business and Amazon, I only promote things that I love and that have worked 110% for me. So I do that as well. Affiliate marketing.

Bradley Sutton: Yeah. So for those who don’t know about affiliate marketing, basically how it works is, you know, may be in a video, you’re talking about a certain tool, and then you tell people, hey, if you’d like to use this tool or try it out, you know, use my link below or use my coupon. And when they click on it, then you’re kind of registered with that company and then they give you a commission off of any sales that resulted from your audience clicking on their link. That’s kind of in a nutshell how it works, right?

Tamara: Yup.

Bradley Sutton: And now that’s also, you know, can be lucrative. I know with Helium 10–the way it works is anybody who signs up with your link, you’re actually getting for life 25% of what that person is paying to us at Helium 10, right?

Tamara: Yes.

Bradley Sutton: You guys can do the math out there. That can come to be pretty handy, especially when you have a lot of people who are signing up. That’s actually funny. You were talking about Youtube. I used to be, I don’t know if I told you this before, but I used to be kind of a Youtube person myself back in the day I was a zumba fitness instructor, and I did all kinds of videos. I’ve always been kind of like a marketing mind and originally I started just like you. I was just like, Hey, let me, some of my students, you know, I would teach at like 24 hour fitness and my students are like, oh, I’d love to do these routines at home, or other instructors is like, “Brad, I really would like to see some of your routines so I could use them in my classes.” So I just throw up some videos and a couple went viral. Like I remember I was one of the first one to do Kpop and there was one video that got like 1 billion hits and then it just totally took off. But like you said, you know, from the youtube videos itself, I never actually made money. But by having thousands and thousands of subscribers, all of a sudden people were inviting me to give masterclasses out, and so people would pay for me to go to Japan, and Europe, and Mexico, and give these classes. So it’s kind of a similar trajectory like you did. You started off, you know, giving out free content. People appreciated it and wanted to actually give you money in order to give more personalized content for them.

Tamara: Yes. Yeah. And you know what? I remember when I was just starting out, I was putting a lot of videos and tutorials and all these posts on Facebook, and then when people were actually compensating me for it. And I remember this one time when I first started my Amazon course. Actually, I made a full course on how to start from Amazon, from beginning til end. I helped one of my students make massive amount of profits in a very short period of time. It was over $30,000 in profits, in just like two months. I was like, okay, you know, like this is a real business now. So yeah, everything was just unexpected. But now it’s growing and I’m getting more and more busy. It actually feels like it’s a–I do work for myself now. I wake up every morning, I’m like, okay, it’s time to go to work. But the good thing is I’m working for myself. So that’s meet your class.

Bradley Sutton: Okay, that’s cool. So, I would assume that you wouldn’t say that, “Hey, any Amazon seller at all can do what you did and start a Facebook group, and be on Youtube.” And every single Amazon seller should do that. So, what kind of personality, or circumstances, or whatever would it take, or what would you suggest for somebody to maybe consider doing something like that and have similar success as you?

Tamara: That’s a very good question. There are a lot of times, and I’ve seen this. I’ve seen a lot of people start their own Facebook group, their own Youtube channel now. The first thing that you have to have is consistency. Because before, when I dived into this, I was like, okay, can I really do Youtube and post? I used to post three, four times a week and I thought that was a lot. I was like, can I really do this? And I was uncertain in the beginning, I was very uncertain, but the people that were watching, and commenting, and liking my content, that motivated me more and more. Now the first type of personality that you do need though? I think the most–one of the most important things is obviously you have to be outgoing and you have to be very available. Because I think one of–I’m a part of a lot of groups and a lot of the times people are saying, you know, like their coaches are never to be seen. They don’t reply. I think the most–the biggest challenge for me at least is being consistent with my content and replying to literally everybody. Literally everybody. So you have to be very–you have to have a very outgoing personality, I would say. And, be very patient because I get a lot of questions from newbie sellers. Sometimes it’s kind of funny, but you have to be very patient with the new sellers and new people that are coming into the business.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. If it really blows up, I mean you’re doing great right now, but like let’s say it really blows up your cited businesses here of Youtube and things. Are we going to see you making videos with like Lamborghinis? Like we see others do? Be Honest.

Tamara: So, I see so many of these posts where people–make fun of people, other coaches or mentors with Lamborghinis, but I thought about it a little bit.

Bradley Sutton: I say if you could do it, if you got it, flaunt it, right?

Tamara: I think it really comes down to what you want to spend your money on because I’ve thought about it. And, I think everyone likes to spend money on different things. So for myself, I told myself, you know, once I start making a lot of income or whatever it is, I want to spend my money on traveling. However, other people may not find traveling that important. They might want to buy a Lamborghini and that’s totally fine because I think a lot of the things that you see on Youtube are not really real. I mean, you’d be surprised at how many people rent Lamborghinis just to do like, yeah.

Bradley Sutton: That’s true, that’s true. Yeah.

Tamara: Yeah, they just rent Lamborghini’s. But to answer your question, I don’t think I’ll get a Lamborghini. I think my plan in the future is just best in real estate. Or something that is definitely going to meet me some passive income. I love passive income.

Bradley Sutton: Cool. Alright now, you mentioned that you do consulting and also some of your students have done really well like that individuals made 30,000 in profit right away? Now, can you give our audience like one strategy or hack or tip? Like something that you give your students, you know, just one, just a little taste, that kind of like sets you apart, or that you think is kind of unique. Just like, kind of like, wet their appetite of what people might expect when they take your courses.

Tamara: So I think for my course, I, first of all, I teach things that I’ve tested out myself, right? I know, now I haven’t seen many people’s courses and to be honest, I haven’t seen anybody else’s course. But, I hear a lot of things like online and everything, and people compare courses all the time and they’re like, “Well this course was very similar to the other course.” But one complaint that I had a lot was that the coach was never available. So with my course, I think how it’s different is first I only teach strategies that have worked for me. If it never worked for me, I’ll never teach it to you. It’s just doesn’t work that way, right? Second is that I am very, very available. I think everyone in my Facebook group, all of my students can agree to that. I’m actually–they think like I’m actually up 24 hours a day ’cause I’m very responsive. So I think that’s what will make my course different is that I am available. If you do need help, I will respond to, and not just with a one word answer, but I really like to go really in depth with explaining things. And that’s how my courses, it’s very in depth with some video tutorials and there’s PDF documents. And if you need help, I have a separate Facebook group for students only. And if you still need help, there’s additional coaching that I can do. And if you need help, you can always send me a message.

Bradley Sutton: All right, that’s good. But I’m telling you, I want something specific. Like give me some nugget for our viewers. You know, that’s great that you’re going to be available. But like if you are available and they do ask a question, like can you give us, you know, I know you don’t want to give–of course we’re not going to ask you to give out your whole entire course because nobody needs to pay it. But can you give me one tip or trick that you think that will really help sellers in 2019 that you give your students and that you’ll be willing to share with us today?

Tamara: Oh yes. It doesn’t really have to do with how you’re manually doing things. I think it’s all about having the right mindset. So I always tell my students, and I hear it a lot if they’re like, if their problem is I don’t have time to go through the whole course. You know, I really need someone, like, by my side on that. I think the main thing is just staying focused and kind of train your mind to stay on track because a lot of times, we have our personal commitments, right? And I see this over and over again–is that I always tell my students, you have to. You have to have to. And I make sure all of them do this. You have to spend time on Amazon every single day. Like I know that sounds–some people might not like to hear that, but I think that, is what I would tell people and I always ensure that they’re on track of that.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. What about something even more specific than that? Like do you have–let me just tell you, you know, a lot of people ask me on AMA. How do you get reviews nowadays? How do you teach your students? Or what’s the best way to get reviews? And of course if you teach black hat stuff, I don’t want to hear about that. I wear a black hat for Helium 10. We don’t teach black hat stuff. Not that I know. I know you wouldn’t anyways, but just throwing that out there.

Tamara: Yeah, so actually with Amazon, first I want to tell people that it changes really, really quick, right? And it’s up to you to stay on top of all the changes and everything. And with the review policy. I know it’s changed a lot throughout the last year. So the very, very easy way to get reviews is obviously to ask your friends and family. That’s easy. However, if you want real organic reviews from customers that have bought from you. I actually recently tested this myself. I actually use Facebook ads, and ManyChat now to get my reviews. So this is runny ads on Facebook, outside of Amazon and targeting customers that have bought my product on Amazon. So I’m doing all the targeting with the custom audience, and after they opt into my chatBot, after that, I would just follow up with a review. And this works wonderfully. It’s something new that I taught. For myself it worked really, really well. But yeah, that would be another way.

Bradley Sutton: And it’s very helpful. That’s very helpful. And, that’s part of your course too?

Tamara: Yes. Yes.

Bradley Sutton: Alright. So speaking of that, we gotta get going here. I can’t believe the half hour already passed by. Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess. So, let us know. We talked about your Youtube, we talked about your Facebook, we talked about your course. How do people go to any of these things or to contact you? Where can they go for this?

Tamara: Oh yes. So, everything is on my Youtube. My Youtube is Tamara Tee. If you cannot find me, just type in Tamara Tee Amazon. I have all the links to my Facebook group, my Instagram, my direct chat and my ManyChat, my course, my coaching, everything that you can find. It’s all in the Youtube description.

Bradley Sutton: Awesome. Awesome. All right guys. There you have it. This is a great story about how–it’s not just an amazing story of a some, eight nine figure seller, right? This is a real person who, you know, on a whim, heard about Amazon, started studying. She didn’t even take a course and she was able to do six figures in her first year. And not only that, she was even able to start these side hustles, I guess you could say, building in social media. So this is a really cool thing, guys. Re-listened to this and ask yourself if this could be you. You know, maybe you’re an Amazon seller. Well you’ve never considered starting your own course, or starting your own Youtube channel. Well, make sure to relisten to this and then see if this is something for you. And then, hey, if you make it big like her, make sure to let me know. Make sure to let Tamara know that this episode inspires you and we’d love to hear your story.

Tamara: Yeah, sounds good.

Bradley Sutton: All right. Tamara, thank you so much for coming on. It was a pleasure to have you here on the Serious Seller Podcasts. And we’ll keep in touch and maybe we’ll do this again sometime.

Have more questions about Tamara’s rise to Amazon stardom or her mentorship course? Let us know in the comments below!

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One response to “Episode 6 – Former Office Assistant Becomes Amazon Superstar Mentor in Just 1 Year!”

  1. Great results, Tamara! Consistency is the key.
    The Amazon Winners group has a good and active community, there are many things to learn there as well.
    For the Amazon sellers and for the people who have YouTube channels.
    You can catch a lot of good stuff being shared for free in the group, lots of good tricks for sellers. Some people ask questions and you see very interesting answers and opinions.
    As for people who run YouTube channels (and I’ve got good ideas for my channel from yours), you can get some ideas on how to build a better community. It’s good to have people interacting and helping each other, and it doesn’t happen in one day, that’s a continues effort, and for a good cause.
    Good luck!

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