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#186 – Looking for Another Sales Channel? How About Newegg?

Since 2001, Newegg has been fulfilling orders for some of e-commerce's rising stars. Now they're giving Amazon sellers yet another way to diversify!
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36 minutes read

I’m just guessing when I write this, but I have a pretty good idea that more than a few of the titans that rule the tech industry and e-commerce have spent time at some point in their lives, pouring through the Newegg catalog. Whether it’s video games or parts for a home-built computer, Newegg has over the years been front and center for those interested in computing and technology.

Today on the Serious Sellers Podcast, Helium 10’s Director of Training and Chief Brand Evangelist, Bradley Sutton welcomes Daniel and Gregg from Newegg. They’re here to talk about how the company has evolved to become an interesting new sales channel for e-commerce sellers. 

Founded in 2001 as a retailer of electronics, computer parts, and gaming products, it has now expanded its offerings to include health and beauty, automotive, apparel, and more.

For those looking for another potential off-Amazon sales channel, this one is for you.

In episode 186 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley, Daniel and Gregg discuss:

  • 02:15 – Daniel’s Origin Story
  • 04:30 – Gregg’s Origin Story
  • 08:00 – How Did Newegg Get Started?
  • 12:20 – Keeping a Level Playing Field for Sellers   
  • 14:20 – Is There a Newegg “FBA?”
  • 16:40 – Newegg Offers Tech-Centric Brands and Sellers a Ready Market
  • 18:30 – Human Contact is Part of Newegg’s Culture
  • 21:00 – Because of COVID, Home Office Products are Booming   
  • 24:15 – What are the Big Areas of Potential Growth?  
  • 28:00 – Newegg Algorithm 101
  • 29:55 – Organic Search Results Have More Space on Newegg
  • 33:30 – Newegg’s Listing Optimization Mirrors Amazon  
  • 35:15 – Product Managers Assist with Metrics
  • 37:30 – How to Set Up a Newegg Account   

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Bradley Sutton: You might’ve thought of as a marketplace only for electronics. But no longer. They’re branching out to tons of categories and are now a viable opportunity for Amazon sellers to sell their products. They even have their own version of FBA. How cool is that? Pretty cool, I think

Bradley Sutton: Hello, everybody. Welcome to another episode of the Serious Sellers Podcast by Helium 10, I am your host Bradley Sutton, and this is the show that’s a completely BS-free, unscripted and unrehearsed organic conversation about serious strategies for serious sellers of any level in the e-commerce world. And we’ve got a couple people who are helping serious sellers out there, but on a platform maybe none of you guys would have thought about selling on. And that’s why we wanted to bring them on today. We’ve got Gregg and Daniel here on the show today from Newegg. How’s it going guys?

Daniel: Doing great. Thanks for having us. So yeah, look excited to be here. I think Helium 10 has been doing a lot over at Amazon and we are Newegg. I’m in charge of our marketplace seller acquisition, as well as seller experience. Definitely like to reach out to you guys to see how we– how new it can be of support.

Bradley Sutton: Cool. And Gregory. What’s your position there at Newegg?

Gregg: I’m a senior marketing manager over on the marketplace platform and really focused on liaison with our teams internally and trying to provide the best value we can for marketplace sellers and designing new platforms and tools available to them.

Bradley Sutton: All right. Cool. Cool. Now, before we get into the business side here, how I do these podcasts, I always like getting the backstory of everybody because the one thing that I try to show you, the buddy here on the podcast is, is it doesn’t matter where we came from or what our jobs were before somehow or another. We always end up in e-commerce. So, we have listeners of various backgrounds and who are everything from– in the military to lawyers and things. And anybody really can still end up in the same place of e-commerce. So, let’s start with Daniel. Where did you grow up?

Daniel: I was actually, I am a mixture of things, so I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. I actually grew up in Taiwan. Then I spent the last 10 years in Chicago doing equipment leasing and business evolvement overseas as well.

Bradley Sutton: Where were you when you were like 10 years old? Were you still in Atlanta or you were in Taiwan?

Daniel: No. I was in Taiwan.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. So, you’re a young growing up in Taiwan. What did you envision? I mean, obviously you’re like, Hey, when I grew up, I’m going to work in Newegg. That probably didn’t happen. So, what did you think you were going to be when you were an adult?

Daniel: To be honest at that point, about 10 years old, I thought I would be a lifeguard or a firefighter.

Bradley Sutton: Hey. See. I like that. That’s a typical ten-year-old right there. You’d be surprised if you listen to his podcast. We’ve got people who said when they were 10 years old, they really wanted to be an accountant. And I’m like, what in the world who wants to be an accountant when they’re 10 years old. Lifeguard and firefighter. I like that. Alright. So upon graduating high school, did you go to university in Taiwan or in the States or where?

Daniel: No, I went through the state, so I actually went to Urbana Champaign in Illinois.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. And then what was your major?

Daniel: Finance.

Bradley Sutton: Finance. Okay, so you still ended up into the boring part of things. No problem. No problem. How did you get introduced to Newegg and how did that happen?

Daniel: Sure. So, I was doing various things, business development overseas in the US, then doing startups. Then I started to think about what do I want to do. I always wanted to be part of the future. I always want to be part of where the action is, and I think that’s where I realized I have to be in the e-commerce world. I have actually been a Newegg customer for about 10 years. So, I reached out and I tried to look at, are there any place that can fit in within Newegg? And that’s why I joined Newegg. It’s a growing platform that has been around for a very long time, but for some reason it has been neglected by a lot of people, overshadowed by Amazon. So I wanted to change that and make Newegg emerge within the e-commerce platform area.

Bradley Sutton: Okay, cool. Greg, how about you? Where were you born and raised?

Gregg: I was born in San Dimas, California here. And just a stone’s throw from we’re actually where we’re at right now and grew up in San Bernardino a little bit farther out, farther out East and went to University of California, Riverside. And grew up actually my whole life in San Bernardino, outside from my college years in Riverside. And if we’re talking about–

Bradley Sutton: So, growing up then other than lamenting how hot it was where you probably were, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

Gregg: Well, if you’re talking about 10 years old, I would have to say that my goal at 10 years old was pretty much in line with the top gun trend. And I thought a fighter pilot would be my ideal scenario for a career, for a brief period of time.

Bradley Sutton: Hey, another great typical ten-year-old. I love hearing the astronauts, firefighters, top gun, but I can’t believe there’s another top gun movie possibly coming out soon, but anyways. All right. So what– you went to a college here in California and then what did you– what was your major?

Gregg: My major was in Sociology and Marketing.

Bradley Sutton: Love it. All right. A little bit more exciting than Daniel, Sociology and Marketing. Now, what did you end up doing, like for your first major gainful employment as I say?

Gregg: So, I worked my way into a company that was in the B2B space and it was actually wholesaling corporate awards and trophies. And so like the placards, the crystal, the trophies and that sort of thing that corporations give out at their awards gala’s et cetera. And that’s a far cry from being a fighter pilot, but it was interesting and, you know, you get to see out of college, you get all your textbook type of things, and then things in practice shift around a little bit and get some good experience in real life scenarios. And that was good for a little while for me to get some exposure to not necessarily e-commerce, but more of the– it was a little bit in, I didn’t, I got my hands in the various aspects of the business as far as SEO and website development and marketing there, and similar to Daniel. I had experience back when I was in probably in middle school, building a PC with my dad. And we did actually buy something from Newegg as we built a PC. And I was looking for something a little bit more exciting, a little bit more focused on the business to consumer side of things, or a little bit just more of an in engaging industry. You might imagine that corporate awards are not the most thrilling of enterprises to be in.

Bradley Sutton: Let’s talk about the origin of Newegg. Now. I actually had some experience that Newegg, I actually– when I first started breaking into the e-commerce, I was working for a company that was doing cell phone cases, I don’t know, 2014, 2015, I remember Newegg was one of their bigger, bigger platforms. I never purchased necessarily from Newegg. I just had this kind of recollection that it was a lot of electronic products, but can one of you talk about kind of the origin of Newegg, like when it started, if it was ever called something else maybe, and how it’s evolved, I guess over the years.

Gregg: Yeah, sure. So, Newegg started in 2001, right here in city of industry, Rose Hills area. And we initially started as a, I believe the very first iteration was abs and basically focused on providing computer components for builders and that it all stemmed from the idea of our founder, Fred Chang, who was into PCs himself and looking around and not really finding a location or an area for people who are looking to build PCs themselves. So, really started from that core element of computer components and having a good selection to pick and choose for people who knew what they were doing because that’s really where it all started. And today, PC components are still a major element of the Newegg business. However, even broader than that, electronics of every kind from drones to IOT and smart home tech, to even personal healthcare and electronics in that realm are a very large part of what Newegg is. A little bit more recently though, the purview of Newegg has expanded a little bit to beyond specifically those electronics products. And there are areas where, like industrial supplies and tools and, health care and personal care and those kinds of things are growing, categories for the company.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. Cool. Go ahead. Go ahead, Daniel.

Daniel: Yeah. Just jump in a little bit. So, Newegg since Greg said, since 2001, it’s more of a trading company then later on, we started adopting this marketplace philosophy. So, we actually pushed out something called Newegg MO, quite a while ago. And at that time, it was a little bit harder to push a marketplace concept because I think the market wasn’t ready, then later on, we saw the up rise of e-commerce and we created Newegg marketplace. And I think what really set us different is we are very seller. We’re more seller centric compared to other platform trying now. We try to help sellers create strategies for them and understand their journey, how to grow their business. And that’s why Newegg marketplace is very attractive for sellers that is trying to grow bigger, trying to 10x because we actually do provide dedicated account managers and category managers just to teach them, educate them about what’s happening in the market. And then how do we capture that profit.

Bradley Sutton: Okay, interesting. So, I would say like what my question would be, and I’m assuming other individuals might have this question, they’re familiar mainly with Amazon and Walmart and they kind of have an idea like, okay, on, there’s a tons of stuff here that’s sold by Walmart and it’s this kind of same stuff I see in their store. And then I know that there’s a small fraction of also by third party sellers. Hey, on Amazon, we’ve read stories. All right. There’s a lot of stuff that’s Amazon basics, obviously that’s Amazon and Amazon has a lot of brands. And then, we’ve heard the stories it’s like 50 to 60% though is third party sellers. What is the structure on Newegg? Do you have your own products that you sell? If so, how much percent, is it similar for third party sellers? Is there a big number of third party sellers selling on the platform, et cetera?

Gregg: Yeah. So, with regards the marketplace is the prime bulk of the business is still going to be focused around the electronics, like we were saying earlier. And for the PC components, we have a large majority of those are sold by Newegg ourselves. One of the areas where we like to differentiate ourselves is that the– we keep a level playing field when it comes to buy box type of situations where Newegg isn’t going to be taking over control of the buy box, just because it’s a product that’s sold by Newegg. So we like to keep as much as possible level playing field for sellers to even if they’re selling, these categories that Newegg has been– is buying and selling direct from the manufacturers and do the best to give the customer the experience that they want. And not necessarily just take over control of that. But, when we’re talking about Newegg specific brands, we do have a couple of house brands that are Rose will and ABS, and DBS is focused in the computers and PCs, fully built systems space where Rosewill is more accessories potentially like air fryers or keyboards or other things like that. But those were rather limited in terms of our own brands selling on the platform.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. All right, cool. Now, another question that people have is the reason why everybody obviously loves Amazon is because of FBA and how easy it is. And Walmart has been trying to come out with something a little bit similar, but very few sellers have been using that. Now, the third party sellers are Newegg. Are they all shipping and fulfilling the products themselves? Or do you guys have some kind of FBN, like fulfilled by new egg or something like that? Like similar to Amazon?

Gregg: Yeah. So, there are a couple of options. We do have sellers are free to do whatever they choose if they decide to fulfill by their self. They can do that. There’s also a Shipped by Newegg, SBN, so close, but not quite the FBN. And that is basically where it’s very similar, where sellers can ship their inventory to one of our warehouses, either a couple of our warehouses in California, either in New Jersey or in Indiana, and then the orders come through and they will be very similar to FBA, fulfilled through those warehouses. The other method is where it’s shipped by seller program. Excuse me, a shipping label program where it’s still shipped by the seller, where they basically are able to still retain their inventory, but take advantage of the Newegg bulk discount rates, and essentially just print off the labels to ship their products out, utilizing our larger scale account if you will, or our service account.

Daniel: Yeah. So, Newegg does have a robust logistics service as well. So, shipped by Newegg is definitely one of the attractive options for a lot of our sellers. And because we also do multichannel fulfillment is not just Newegg orders. We are able to do orders from other places and fulfill those orders. And in addition to the US, we also have warehouses in Canada that could also do SPN service over in Canada.

Bradley Sutton: Have you any idea of how many of your sellers, again obviously you don’t have numbers on this, but would you say most of your sellers, or less than half, more than half are also selling on Amazon, or you’ve got a big portion of your third party sellers are maybe just selling on your platform?

Gregg: I would say that a large majority of our sellers are selling on Amazon and the eBay potentially, or Walmart as well. I would say that the bulk of the sellers who are selling on multiple platforms are also selling on Amazon. One of the benefits of obviously expanding your marketplace presence is not just more eyeballs, but potentially a different audience demographic. As we’ve been kind of talking about the tech, we’ve been kind of focusing heavily on the tech element of things. And if you are a seller who is selling anything in the tech space, new egg is a pretty easy choice to go ahead and expand into that market, just because of the fact that we have over 40 million customers who are, I would say the lion’s share are very interested in tech. And so they return to new egg again and again, to purchase anything tech related in that space. So, it’s a good opportunity to expand beyond the other current marketplace channels that they might be selling on. And our customer base is a little bit different. Our customer base is quite savvy, being that they traditionally come from that PC builder, very tech enthusiast space where they want every single piece of information about a product before clicking that buy button. So, that can be a benefit to those sellers and those brands who want to provide a good customer experience and share their, all the product information that they can and really have a robust product. And it’s not necessarily– it’s a good place for brands that don’t necessarily have a following yet where they can come. And if they have the product specs that a customer’s looking for, our customers are willing to take chances on brands they haven’t necessarily heard of before and put that to the test. So, those are some of the reasons why, you know, it makes sense for brands and resellers to expand to a marketplace like Newegg. Additionally, when we’re talking about kind of like the differences, I guess, in some of the platforms, I know that one of the main pain points with some of the sellers selling on the major platforms is the ability to get in touch with someone. And I think that that’s one of our key value adds is that we are a human marketplace. There’s the ability for a seller of any size to reach out and talk to their account manager and get– ring people up on the phone or via email. No matter what size they are, whether they’re doing, 10 million a month, or whether they’re doing a hundred dollars a month. And to what Daniel mentioned earlier, as far as building that strategy and the strategic approach, one of the things that we’ve really taken pride in over the years is since our marketplace establishment in 2011 is really working with sellers. I mean, we know obviously Amazon is the 800 pound gorilla in the room and that’s okay. We know there’s a lot of opportunity for sellers there, but if a seller is looking for Hey, what can I do to help grow my business? How are my products performing here? What else can I, what other tactics can we try? How do you think that this price point works in the market, et cetera, whatever elements that a seller is struggling with, that they would rather have that human interaction, instead of speaking with a chat bot, those are areas where New Egg really fills that void.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. So just, out of curiosity, you’ve talked about customer base in house, since the origins of Newegg, and it’s kind of more in the tech and computer space, but obviously now as mentioned, you’ve been trying to expand to kind of be a one stop shop. I’m just looking at your website right now. You’ve got home decor and you’ve got office goods and egg incubators, I’m seeing on here. So, is it still a struggle to get those other kinds of customers to kind of consider New Egg for these other things, since the core customer base is so used to just the tech side of things, or like what efforts are you guys making to try and make sure or to try and attract customers who would even be searching in the home decor, or hand tools category that you guys now have?

Gregg: Yeah, sure. So, obviously with COVID happening and everyone moving away from the work in office type of environment, what we’ve actually seen throughout since March and still running strong through now, is that work from home segment was a huge growth area for us. So, things that are not necessarily tech related like office furniture, desks, chairs, accessories for working from home, obviously your laptops, your headsets, and webcams, those things were growing quite rapidly. As well as people looked to build out that home office environment. And again, health and home care was something that has actually grown rapidly on new egg as well. Not just obviously for PPE kinds of things, but air care and home lifestyle electronics, like vacuums and that sort of thing. Those are also growing areas that are not so much in the core element that are growing. And what we’ve found is that there are efforts that we’re doing as a company here to market to our customers continually not just for those core categories, but we’re constantly working with our sellers and our brands who are in those, I guess, peripheral categories, that to establish more of a horizontal structure in terms of developing the customer base to, Hey, you know what, you’ve bought your laptop from us, you buy your webcam, you bought your motherboards and your GPS and all these other tech related things. This is also what we have to offer. We have vacuums and air purifiers and massage chairs. So, those are areas that we are building out through continued customer engagement and development.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. Now, just out of curiosity, I’m going to completely switch gears here, but you probably, I’m sure you guys have met. You probably don’t have some huge yet. Hey, we’ve got 20,000 people searching for dog pooper scooper on Newegg. You definitely should start selling or should list your product today. And you’ll probably get some volume by tomorrow. What would be some categories where you’re like, Hey, we see on our side that there are searches here, but man there, there’s just not, there’s actually not that many sellers who are selling this category of product yet. So, that there’s big opportunity. So, where in your mind are some of the categories where right now somebody is selling from Amazon, they’ve already got a product. If they went ahead and started on Newegg, it’s a pretty good opportunity for them.

Gregg: Well, yeah, I agree that if you’re selling dog pooper, scoopers, that’s definitely not going to be the money raining from the sky category on Newegg. But, one of the things that we are seeing is that home living, so let’s say like, vacuums, cordless vacuums, air purifiers, small appliances. These are things that really have growth potential that we’ve been seeing start to pick up steam, especially in this last year. And in additionally of course, taking a step outside of the real hardcore component element, consumer electronics are big on Newegg and continually growing in terms of like TVs or headphones and things like that. But really when it’s some of the trends we’re seeing are like those home living supplies, massage chairs and personal health and grooming, and those kinds of things are growing as well.

Daniel: Yeah. I think you’ll see a trend, especially with Newegg and what’s happening within the world right now at COVID. Newegg has been strong over with tech electronics and systems. So, we are seeing the continuous growth, but we’re seeing it in the space where though now in the different space, so traditionally has been PC gaming or work-related now because everybody is at home. So the tech there’s a lot of emerging tech that’s coming on that is trying to make our at home living or at home working more comfortable. And those are the items that are constantly growing right now that we think will be the growth category for the at least the next few months or until we have a solution for COVID.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. But then in general, though, are there any categories where you’re like, no, you guys should not just sell this at all on Newegg. I mean, even though it might not be big volume, you still want to get as much diversity of products on the platform now. Right?

Gregg: I think that the apparel is something that’s not very popular on the platform and it would be just not the best space to sell apparel on the platform. But when it comes to those other areas, like Daniel and I were mentioning as far as small appliances things around the home, home goods, robotic vacuums and kinds of and things like that. Those are all areas that, that might not come to mind is first cause everyone knows new egg from, Oh, I used to build PCs back in the day. So, those two categories, like home living and PC components might not immediately spark a kind of connection. But those are the areas where we’re really seeing a lot of growth and potential.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. I’m just doing some random searches while we’re talking here. I typed in computer monitor. So a couple of questions. I typed in a computer monitor here now, nobody knows the 100% exactly how Amazon’s algorithm works. But I think whenever you’re talking about SEO, it’s, the basic principles are the same, whether you’re talking Google, Amazon Walmart. And so my question is like, is it similar here? So like, I see a couple of organic results here at the top, like a Westinghouse and Acer monitor. So, would it be safe to say that the reason why these products are at the top is your algorithm, the way it works is that, Hey, people searching computer monitor had some good interactions with these exact products. So, they got moved up in the search, like maybe somebody searched computer monitor, they had found this Acer one, the conversion is pretty good on it. So, you guys bumped it up in the search results. Is that kind of like a safe thing to say?

Gregg: Yes.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. Now other things I’m seeing on here is I see what looks like almost like a– wait. It says you may also be interested. And then I see, like, it’s almost like a banner at the top of four different products. Now, is that a sponsored banner or is that the search engine just suggesting related products?

Gregg: So, that’s actually a search engine suggestion there. However, I, you kind of stumbled on something that I can speak a little bit too. That is going to be removed in the very near future. And if you– I did the same search. And if you look to the third, fourth, fifth spots, you’ll see a little icon in the upper right hand corner that says, add. That’s basically, those are part of our sponsored product ads program. And that’s an area where sellers can go into their seller portal and run a pay per click ads to boost their products in the search results pages. That four product spot slot, you mentioned at the top is going to be going away in the very near future. And that will be opened up as real estate for these sponsored product ads that we are currently serving on the site. So, I guess the short answer is, it will be an–

Bradley Sutton: Yeah. I mean, you actually predicted my next question. Because that was the next thing, I was like, Oh, I see some like sponsored results. You’re very, I think Amazon seller would be very familiar with this kind of setup that’s kind of how Amazon search results are. You might see a banner at the top or something, and then there’s some organic results for, I think what Amazon sellers are going to like is the fact that you, I mean, at least on this research result, the first two results are organic, like nowadays if you search on Amazon, you got to scroll down like a couple pages just to see the first organic, because it was just completely filled with sponsored placement. So that’s kind of a breath of fresh air, I guess you still are showing some love to the organic search results.

Gregg: Yeah, definitely. And I mean, what we want to do at the end of the day is try and provide the best experience possible for customers and the best experience possible for sellers as well. So, we’re trying to tow that line between giving sellers the opportunity to promote their products, who that might not organically rank as high, and then give them a little boost with those sponsors slots. And then, obviously if they’re just not providing value to the customer, then give the customers the value that they are seeing, which is those higher ranking more engaged products.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. Now, I’m seeing here something that again, I’m just trying to draw the parallels with what most of our listeners are familiar with. Instead of like a prime badge, there’s something that says shipped by Newegg. So, does that mean that it’s a– that you guys are shipping it out from your warehouse or does that mean that it’s actually owned by you two? It’s your listing?

Gregg: So, one of those that’s it could be both, but actually any product that is utilizing the shift to buy new egg program does have that badge as well.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. Okay. And then I see here on one of these, I’m looking at an ASUS one and I see, there’s a buy box I guess, is the terminology that we use for one. And it says, okay, sold by Newegg, shipped by Newegg. So, that would be similar to like sold and shipped by Amazon. And then I see a button here that says 17 new. So, I guess those are like third party sellers who are also listing against this, like their own version of the product. Right?

Gregg: Correct. Yes.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. What is this best sellers on the right I see here?

Gregg: So that is actually populated based on some of the products that are popular, that are getting a lot of attraction, as well as products that are utilizing the shipped by Newegg program as well. So, oftentimes those products will be populated by specifically products that are shipped by Newegg. So, whether they’re sellers or whether they’re their first party, but predominantly you’ll see that those products are third party sellers who are using our ship to buy new egg program. And that’s an additional placement to kind of give it a little exposure to those products that aren’t necessarily ranking as high in the overall grid.

Bradley Sutton: Okay. I see images. There’s a carousel of images. It looks like some sellers just like on Amazon, do not know how to optimize their image is I only see a coffee, a couple of guys with only one image. I see bullet points. I see multiple bullet points. I see, like, some of these have like seven, eight, nine bullet points. I see variation. It looks like you guys have variation listings. I see an overview, which I guess would be kind of equivalent to the Amazon description section. I see Q and A, reviews obviously is big for any buyer or seller. So, I kind of like, as far as the, just the general structure of Newegg, it is nothing that is going to be foreign to an Amazon or Walmart seller. Pretty much most of these components, people are very familiar with, so that’s going to be helpful. Now, what is the referral fee for something sold on Newegg?

Gregg: Daniel, maybe you can speak to the commission fees there.

Daniel: Of course the commission fees are going to be, it’s going to be different for each category. They are actually published at If you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll be able to see all our commission fee. Yes, I understand the Amazon cause referral fees. I think we’ll still call it a commission fee for now, but everything is going to be very comparable. If not lower than Amazon.

Gregg: It’s going to typically range from like 8%. I think 8% to the highest that they believe is like 15% for jewelry or something like that. But yeah, it’s going to be within that normal range.

Bradley Sutton: Okay, cool. Obviously, Helium 10, not yet, at least has no metrics or capabilities with Newegg. So we can’t give people search volume or sales estimates. I’m just wondering though, is there a way that a seller can just, by looking on Newegg kind of estimate, things like, for example, on Amazon, even if somebody doesn’t have Helium 10, they could look at the BSR on different items and say, okay, I can see that this is a top seller because this is their BSR. And yesterday it was this BSR. So, their sales must have gone up or down. And I mean, it’s a very rudimentary thing, but that’s how people can do it. And that’s how Helium 10 works. That’s how Helium 10 is able to make estimates. It’s based on things like BSR. Now, I’m looking at listings and I don’t really see anything like that. So, is there something, until Helium 10 ever comes out with something for Newegg, is there a way where somebody knows, Hey, this product is selling more than this one or vice versa?

Gregg: Not currently, no. The best way that a seller can, who is currently listing on our platform can find out about new opportunities is basically to speak with the account manager and pick their brain and get their insights on what, where they feel the product in the category, or are headed in that kind of regards.

Bradley Sutton: You have a nice little autocomplete going in your search bar. So, I’m sure people can do a little bit of keyword research. You have this thing that pops up that says matching keywords, you’ve got matching brands and it already gives you recommendations. Now, are those recommendations completely based on your algorithm or are people paying for those spots at all?

Gregg: No. So, actually those recommendations are all organic, based on a customer search right now. Yeah. So, the autocomplete and all those kinds of things are purely organic at the moment.

Bradley Sutton: All right, now, you know, I could go on and on and on. Because I’m a nerd when it comes to these kinds of things. But at the end of the day, I mean, the reason why we’re doing this is I would just love to see a lot of our listeners give Newegg a try. I think the more people diversify their incomes when it’s online, the better. Don’t put all your eggs into Amazon, don’t put all your eggs into Etsy. If you’re on Etsy, use Amazon handmade. If you’re on Amazon handmade, use Etsy. If you’re on Amazon, try Walmart. If you’re on Walmart, try Etsy. I mean, like, it just goes on and on because at any given time something could happen. Your listing gets suspended, your account gets suspended. And if all your eggs, your eggs, I love it– are in one basket. All your Newegg’s are in one basket. Well, you guys are setting yourself up for failure, so diversify as much as possible. So, if somebody got inspired by listening, what’s the process? How can somebody get set up on Newegg, and by the way, what I’m going to do is you guys didn’t even know this. I just came up with this right now. I’m going to commission one of the writers on my staff to do a case study on getting a couple of our Helium 10 products that maybe are very applicable to Newegg. We have one like a shelf, like a home decor product. I see you guys have a home decor section and we have an egg tray. So, I’m going to get him connected with you guys to get a Helium 10 account. We call that thing Project X, and we’re going to just like show everybody in a blog. And like maybe a case study to show how the process is to get set up. But for people who don’t want to wait for that and they want to like, just start right now, what can they do?

Daniel: Definitely. So, we have actually prepared a little bit of something for our Helium 10 listeners. And so just go on, and you will be able to look at the offers that we have prepared for them as well as the application. So once you sign up, we’ll definitely reach out to you, understand the sellers go and how we can help them. We can onboard you as a new egg seller.

Bradley Sutton: Awesome. Wow. I didn’t even realize I just looked at that page right now. It even says Serious Sellers Podcast listeners special offer. Well, you guys are pretty cool. I need to have all my guests do something special for the listeners like this.

Daniel: Yeah, man. Hey, Newegg is about, I mean, we are seller centric. As Greg said, we tried to create a level playing field. You saw a lot of our search algorithm. It’s not paid to win right now. So, we are trying our best to make sure everybody can have a great experience and having Greg on here, I think there’s definitely a lot of value of what he just said. And I think we can definitely push a lot of sellers to have been on Newegg.

Bradley Sutton: Cool. Now, I don’t know how many episodes you guys have ever listened to the podcast, but we have this thing at the very end where we call the TST, the T S T 30-second tip. So, somebody is about to get started on their new egg journey. What is a strategy and you guys can decide who’s going to give it, just one of you who can give us a strategy that you can say in 30 seconds or less, that will be very valuable for somebody just starting out to sell on Newegg?

Gregg: My 30-second tip is what I’m going to call my golden rule for sellers. Please, please, please fill out your product specifications, your bullets. It’s really like the simple things, right? Get your product specs, get your bullets, bullet points, fill out your overview correctly. If you’re trying to rank in onsite or external search, it’s massively important to have those faces covered and make sure that you have your product images. They’re good quality. They don’t have a bunch of watermarks on it and really facilitate that process where you can have just think about the customer. If you’re a customer shopping for a product you want every piece of information you can have about it. So, get your bullets done, get your overview section, make sure your short title is teed up and use the A plus content to have that good rich experience. And that’s my 30-second tip.

Bradley Sutton: All right, guys. Thank you so much for the information here. This has been very valuable. In case you guys missed it, the website to go sign up now just to test out the platform. And I want to hear it from you guys. My Instagram is @h10 Bradley. So let me know, send me a DM guys, tag me in a story that I can share in mine. I want to know how it’s working for you as you get started on New eggs. So go to guys. Daniel, Gregory, Thank you so much for joining and I love to have you guys back on the show maybe next year, and it’d be really cool to see where New Egg is and how it’s changed since this year.

Gregg: Definitely. Thanks for the opportunity and great to speak with you.

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