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#129 – This Coronavirus Round Table Offers Up to Date Wisdom from Amazon Super-Stars

Episode 129 of the Serious Sellers Podcast features four eCommerce super-stars in a round-table discussion on the Coronavirus and selling on Amazon.
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3 minutes read

Uncertainty is contagious. That’s why it’s great to get up-to-date information from some of the smartest, most experienced people selling on Amazon today.

Today, on the Serious Sellers Podcast, Helium 10’s Director of Training and Customer Success, Bradley Sutton has put brought together some of the sharpest minds in eCommerce to talk about what they’re doing to adjust to the Coronavirus and the current selling environment.

Tomer Rabinovich, Kevin King, Tim Jordan and Carlos Alvarez are with Bradley today and spend almost a full hour passing along wisdom and answering questions.  

You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

In episode 129 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley presents a special round-table discussion about the Coronavirus’s effect on eCommerce and Amazon.

  • 02:30 – An Update on Products that Sellers Can Send to Amazon
  • 04:30 – Changes are Affecting Everyone Equally, But Multiple Brands Help
  • 06:30 – If You Can Pivot, Opportunities are There
  • 11:45 – Without the Buy Box, Your PPC Might Not Be Working
  • 13:40 – Should You Switch to Fulfilled by Amazon?
  • 15:15 – Just Watch the Market
  • 18:45 – Multiple Brands Definitely Allow You to Adjust  
  • 21:25 – Don’t Just Swap Your Listings to FBM
  • 23:30 – Do It Yourself Products are Taking Off
  • 26:20 – Brand Analytics and Product Search on Amazon
  • 29:30 – eCommerce has Increased So Quickly that Amazon Can’t Keep Up
  • 31:25 – A 50% Reduction in Some Products, but Also Skyrocketing Sales
  • 35:30 – “Never Turn Off Your Prime Offerings”
  • 38:25 – Asking for Followers with Your Live Amazon Content 
  • 41:40 – Amazon’s Changes Can Lead to NAs in the Metrics  
  • 44:00 – Buying from China
  • 46:30 – How these Veteran Sellers Deal with Returns
  • 51:30 – Now’s the Time to Get Involved with Amazon Selling Communities
  • 53:45 – Sometimes You Might Need to Mute the Negativity on Social Media

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