#135 – Working from Home? A Celebrity Fitness Trainer Offers Health Tips for Amazon Sellers

For the last 20 years today’s guest has been the go-to personal trainer for Hollywood’s top TV, movie and music stars. He has his own show on Amazon Prime as well as an Amazon business.  He’s also got some great tips how the work-at-home Amazon seller can maintain daily structure and stay in shape with the free workouts that he’s offering.

In this episode of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Helium 10’s Director of Training and Customer Success, Bradley Sutton welcomes the fitness expert, “Eric the Trainer.”

With more of us at home these days, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the great advice that Eric is offering. He speaks about balancing fitness, healthy eating and sleep. You might not guess what he considers to be far and away the most important part.  

Get your workout gear ready and listen in for more.

In episode 135 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley and Eric discuss:

  • 01:20 – Sumo-Dan and An Early Meeting Between Eric and Bradley
  • 02:45 – “Why Do We Have to Live Up Here?”
  • 04:15 – An “Accidental” Job in Fitness
  • 06:00 – A Fitness Icon Takes Eric Under His Wing
  • 09:15 – Building Hollywood Super-Heroes
  • 10:20 – Exercise, Diet and SLEEP
  • 12:00 – Sleep is the Magic Ingredient
  • 14:00 – Water-Based Carbohydrates and Dark Colors are Key
  • 16:40 – Free Daily “Eric the Trainer” Online Fitness Workouts
  • 18:30 – Celebrity Sweat on Amazon Prime
  • 21:00 – The Amazon Store Doesn’t Care What Time You Go to Bed
  • 25:00 – Home Quarantine and Exercise Bands
  • 26:20 – Eric’s 30 Second Tip
  • 28:30 – How to Register for Eric’s Zoom Workouts

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Bradley: On today’s episode, we have a special guest who, for the last 20 years, has been the go-to personal trainer for Hollywood’s top TV, movie, and music stars. He has his own TV show on Amazon Prime as well as his own Amazon business. We will be discussing his top tips for how the work-at-home Amazon seller can stay in shape, and he’ll even let us know how we can join his Zoom workouts every day for free. How cool is that? Pretty cool, I think.

Bradley: Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the Serious Sellers Podcast by Helium 10. I am your host, Bradley Sutton, and this is the show that’s a completely BS free, unscripted, and unrehearsed organic conversation about serious strategies for serious sellers of any level in the e-commerce world. We’ve got somebody who does have an Amazon store, but that’s not why we have him on here. I like to welcome to the show Eric The Trainer. Eric, how’s it going?

Eric: It’s going great man. Thanks for having me on. I’m super happy to be on the show.

Bradley: Happy for you to be here. Now, funny story how we originally met years and years ago. I was in an American Sumo Amateur Club, and one of my training partners, Dan, also known as Sumo Dan, I guess, he was friends with you, and then, he would bring you out to some of the events. I’m like, “Who’s that really buff guy that Dan keeps bringing out?” Oh, my goodness, that’s probably been like a good seven, eight, nine-plus years.

Eric: Oh, yeah. Sumo Dan is the best. Dan Kalbfleisch, the US heavyweight sumo champion is such a character. It’s almost like if John Belushi and Elvis Presley had a baby. That was Sumo Dan; he kind of has this swagger, and he and I had been friends for years.  I love that guy so much. He’s the greatest.

Bradley: Cool. Cool. Now, fast forward, you’re one of the most-known trainers for a lot of celebrities out there, and you’ve got your gym up there, but I want to go back¾way back. Now, you grew up in Maine, was it?

Eric: Yes. I grew up on a farm in Maine, and we had animals. We had 250 acres of forest around us. We had pigs; we had sheep. We even had a donkey.

Bradley: Wow. A donkey. Okay. I had a goat and a pig here in California, but that’s about my limit. I don’t have them anymore. We didn’t eat them. No, we just sold them to a petting zoo. But growing up there, did you already know you want it to be in the fitness world? At eight, nine, 10 years old, what was your aspirations at that time?

Eric: Well, this is what happened. I was a very small kid. I grew up, I was one of the shortest kids in my class. I was very, very slight, and so I had to use other methods besides physicality to win over friends. I told a lot of jokes, and I was kind of the class clown and I’ll tell you; I was living in Maine, it was very cold up there. It’s very rural. It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere. And I said to my parents when I was about 12 or 13 years old, I said, “Why do we live up here?” There are no theaters; there’s only one movie theater in the whole town. There are no plays, there are no concerts, like all of the culture that you love and that I love, it’s not up there. And they looked at me and they said, “Look, when you’re older, if you want to live in a place like a big city with a lot going on, if you want to live in a warm place where they have palm trees, and you can wear your bathing suit year round, go ahead, but  we like it here.” Sure enough, as soon as I got the chance, I moved out to Los Angeles, and it’s very different than the farm in Maine.

Bradley: I can imagine it’s different. Now, did you go to college out here? As soon as you got out of high school, did you start working? What did you do?

Eric: No, no. I got out of high school. I went to college in Connecticut¾New Haven, Connecticut. And after college, I graduated and went to New York, and my goal, my dream after college was just to move to New York City, learn how to play guitar, and have some fun. But when I moved to New York, I didn’t realize how expensive it was. It’s pricey to live in Manhattan, so I had to get a job. While I was offered a job in a law firm, I was offered a job in a publishing house, I was even offered a job in a young executive program at retail, I didn’t want to do any of those things. I was so tired of college and doing work. I went to the gym, the local gym in New York City, to work out to think about which job I was going to take. And the woman who managed that gym said to me, “You look like you have a lot on your mind.” I said, “Yeah, I was offered all these jobs, and I really don’t want any of them.” She said, “How would you like to work here instead?” And I said, “That would be awesome if I could work here. It’d be great.” She said, “How much did they offer you?” And I told her, and she said, “We’ll match it.” I started working as a trainer.

Bradley: Ah, okay. Now, was there a point in that journey where when you started working there, maybe you weren’t completely sure about it, but then, as you started getting into it, you’re like, “Whoa, this is what I was meant to do.”

Eric: Well, I got certified as a trainer, began working at that gym, and the next thing you knew, I was being promoted and promoted and promoted within the company, because at 1500 trainers, I ended up being their top earner. I was logging more client hours than any of the other 1500 trainers, because I loved it so much. I fell in love with the process of helping people go from normal to extraordinary in the best way possible. I just manipulated their exercise, their diet, and their sleep. I aligned the exercise, diet, and sleep together. We started getting incredible results and success followed. I was there for five years. It was incredible.

Bradley: Awesome. Awesome. Now, how did you transition to kind of where you’re at today, where now all of a sudden, you’re kind of the go-to guy? If there’s going to be a movie filming or a television show, and they need to get somebody into shape, or just anybody in the music industry and the TV industry and the movie industry, they all seem to go to you for a personal training. When did that transition happen?

Eric: Well, what happened was I had a lot of success in New York, and at a certain point, New York Magazine, which is a very influential magazine in New York, printed a story saying, “Eric, the Trainer is the best trainer in Manhattan.” I took that story, ripped it out, and sent it to a guy named Jack LaLanne. Jack LaLanne is arguably the greatest fitness person of all time. And I said, “This means nothing to me if I can’t study with the best.” Jack wrote back and said, “Come on out to Los Angeles, and I’ll show you a few things.” I came out to Los Angeles. I spent some time with him. I learned from him. It was really, really cool. And I started working with movie actors and television actors and rock stars. And sure enough, very quickly, the word got around that there was some crazy kid from Maine who had come out to Los Angeles and had a method of transforming people’s bodies in days, not weeks or months. And that was, man, close to 25 years ago.

Bradley: 25 years. Oh my goodness. I thought like maybe I might’ve been older than you, but I think you might be a little bit older than me unless you’ve started at the age of 10 or something.

Eric: No, no, no. I recently turned 51. I’m 51 years old. I feel great. I’m having a great time out here. I’ve been a trainer for nearly 30 years, and to me, I wake up every morning and it’s an honor to work with people, whether they’re celebrities or non-celebrities, it doesn’t matter to me. I love working with people and helping them, listening to what they want to accomplish and then finding the right combination of exercise, diet, and sleep to make that success happen.

Bradley: Now, what’s an example of somebody who¾not necessarily somebody who had to,” Hey, I need to be in this character, so I need to lose 30 pounds for this role.” Like you said, either a celebrity or non-celebrity, what’s a cool, inspirational story about somebody who when they finally just got down to getting their body healthy, getting their diet healthy, they were able to make a transformation that had big ripples throughout their life. Can you think of any examples?

Eric: Oh, yeah, I can think of a million examples. I mean, we worked from everyone from Def Leppard to Fall Out Boy to The Strokes to Nickelback. We’ve work with huge musicians. We also work with tons of actors, and we even worked with directors. Did you ever see a movie called The Notebook?

Bradley: I think a few people out there have seen that. Yep. Yep, absolutely.

Eric: Well. That movie, The Notebook, was directed by an incredible guy named Nick Cassavetes. He’s one of the hottest directors in Hollywood. He’s my client. We work with actors, we work with directors, we work with producers. But I remember a couple of different stories that you’ll like. First of all, one day, I was in the gym training, an actor named Johnathon Schaech. You know that guy Johnathon Schaech? He was in That Thing You Do. Remember the movie that Tom Hanks directed about The Wonders? He was the lead singer of The Wonders. Johnathon Schaech, he was a great actor, and we’re working out. He’s such a great guy in great shape, and all of a sudden, he stopped and looked at me, and he had this far-off look in his eyes, and I said, “Johnathon, what’s on your mind?” He said, “Eric, I know I’ve had a great career, but I really wish I could be a superhero. I would love to be a superhero.” And I said, “Well, honestly, if you want to become a superhero, these are the things you would need to do in the gym to make it obvious.” And we went over the whole physical fitness protocol that it takes for a normal actor to transform into an obvious superhero physique. Well guess what? He said, “Let’s go for it.” And we started training, and I’m talking months later, he was cast in the DC Universe as the new Jonah Hex.

Bradley: Oh yes, that’s right. Legends of Tomorrow or something like that, right?

Eric: Yeah, he manifested it in the gym with me. We talked about it; we strategize; we made it happen. It was a huge success.

Bradley: That’s awesome. Now, I hear a lot of different studies or opinions on the role that fitness as a well as well as what you eat kind of plays, and obviously, both are important. But there are some people who say, “Hey, it’s 90% what you eat; 10% working out.” Some people say it’s 50, 50. In your experience, having thousands of clients, what would you say the ratio is of which one is more impactful on your well-being?

Eric: That’s a great question. In my opinion, and I’ve been a trainer for almost 30 years, I would say that if you’re thinking about going through a physical transformation, you need to embrace the very science of change. The science of change are three things: exercise, diet, and sleep. Of those three things, I give each one a 33% weight in the end result. However, of those three things, the most important is not diet, and the most important is not exercise. The most important is sleep. And I’ll tell you why. Sleep is the only time the body can change. All physical transformation from normal to extraordinary occurs exclusively during slumber. Instead of having a protein shake after a workout, you should probably grab a pillow and go to sleep, because that’s when the real change happens.

Bradley: Well, that’s so interesting, because I usually the people I talk to is just one or the other, either fitness or diet. But then, I totally missed the sleep. And not only is that a major factor that you were saying, that the most important factor. Other than maybe possibly taking a nap after a workout, what are some good rules of thumb? How much should somebody sleep in the night or other tidbits you can give us?

Eric: I would tell you this: sleep is to the body what an oven is to cookie dough. It’s when all transformation occurs. Bradley, imagine this: you and I are at a party and there are lots of kids there, and they want cookies for dessert. If we made the very best cookie batter, mixed it up with chocolate chips, if Martha Stewart herself gave us her recipe, we couldn’t serve that batter to the kids. We would have to put it in the oven first where it transforms into that crunchy dessert that we all love so much. Your body is the same way. Even if you worked out with me, Eric The Trainer, in Hollywood at my gym, even if we had Wolfgang Puck himself make all of the necessary dietary stipulations that I would ask for, you will not change unless you sleep.

Bradley: Interesting. What is your suggestion as far as how much somebody should sleep in the nighttime?

Eric: I would suggest that you sleep between six and a half to eight hours a night. But here’s the thing, it’s not just how much you sleep, it’s actually when you sleep. Because guess what? The hours that you’re asleep before midnight are worth nearly twice as much as the hours after midnight as far as transformation. Therefore, Bradley, if you went to bed at 10 at night, and you went right to sleep, you woke up around six or six 30 in the morning, you would be stronger and better looking than if you went to bed at midnight and woke up at eight.

Bradley: Oh, this is blowing my mind. I’ve never heard these kinds of things before. That’s awesome. But somebody like yourself who looks like they’re 35 and is over 50, well I definitely am going to listen to what you’re saying. Okay.

Eric: Thanks man. It’s definitely working for me. I’m feeling good.

Bradley: That’s awesome. Now, what are some good rules of thumb as far as how somebody should choose to diet? I mean it seems like every couple of years, some new fad comes out; somebody writes a book, and then everybody’s talking about the book, and they all do it, but things come and go. But are there any constants that regardless of what is the fad, like something that somebody should just like say, “Hey, no matter what the fad is, this is good advice about what you should do.”

Eric: Absolutely. And realize, Bradley, as I give this advice, this isn’t just advice that I’m giving to you and your awesome listeners. This is the advice that I give to movie stars and rock stars who need to look their best, because they’re onscreen and onstage in front of millions of people. Are you ready for this? I’m going to give you the diet, and also, I’m going to give you some insight that nobody knows. Okay. This is an exclusive for you. First of all, diet wise, this is what I would suggest to you and your listeners. I want you to eat animal-based protein sources like lean cuts of beef and turkey and chicken and fish and eggs. I think those are all amazing. I’d like you to eat water-based carbohydrates; meaning, I don’t want you to eat a lot of pasta or rice or cereal or any of that or bread or any of that junk. I want you to eat water-based carbohydrates that have sat in the sun like fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates, but they’re not starchy carbohydrates. They’re water-based, so your body can glean energy from them, but they also contain high levels of antioxidants if they’re dark colored. Remember, the darker the color, the better it is for you. Always have fresh fruits and vegetables, a full spectrum of color each day. The darker the color, the better. And lastly, healthy fats. Great healthy fat sources are raw nuts, avocado, olive oil, and those types of things. And also, you should be drinking lots of water: always room temperature, never cold. And also, green tea is great for you. You know, if you look over at Asia, and you see all those people that live to be over a hundred, a billion people can’t be wrong. You’ve got to have some green tea, hot green tea every day.

Bradley: Love it. Love it. All right, so we got some good advice about sleep. We got some advice I’ve never heard about that sounds very logical and very awesome about what you eat and how you eat it. What about the last part? The fitness side. Of course, there are so many different people who have different lifestyles and in different jobs. One thing that we all have in common right now, due to the coronavirus, is we’re all kind of stuck at home. But even when we’re not under quarantine, a lot of our listeners, they’re Amazon sellers, they’re into e-commerce, and so, a lot of them already worked from home just normally, because they’re entrepreneurs; they work for themselves: somebody who you know is not walking across a parking lot and up five flights of stairs to their office job every day and just getting a natural workout; somebody who’s just staying sometimes eight, 10, 12 hours in front of a computer. What is some advice you can give to somebody like that on how they can keep their physical fitness well with that kind of lifestyle?

Eric: Of course. Well, the first thing I would say to you, especially you, Amazon sellers, is I think it’s important for you to get up and walk around the house a little bit once per hour. It’s very, very important. Men have different circulation in their bodies than women. Men have less circulation naturally below the waist than women do. That’s why men get more blood clots in their legs on those long transatlantic flights. Now, it’s not only important to walk around your house once an hour, but also, you need to schedule in exercise sessions at your house each day. During this crisis, I have been leading, not one but two workouts every single day that are open to the public that are free. All you need to do is go to my website, ericthetrainer.com; that’s E R I C T H E T R A I N E R, and go to the blog section¾ and you can sign up for the free workouts there twice a day. One of them uses lightweights; one of them is just a mat, bottle of water, and a big smile, and we have the greatest time. We have great workouts; we have a lot of celebrities that join us every day on the show working out, but also, we always have celebrity guests that join us where I will interview a celebrity guest, almost like you’re listening to a podcast, during the workout. Well, first, we’ll do a quick set of exercise, and then, while you’re resting, we’ll talk to the celebrity and ask him a few questions. Then, we’ll work out some more, and then we’ll talk to the celebrity and more. It’s so much fun. We were having a great time, and if you go to my website or if you look me up on social media at Eric The Trainer, you will see that we have great celebrity guests. The workouts are huge. We already have hundreds of people on together exercising in a very positive way, and I would love to have your listeners join us.

Bradley: That’s awesome. I’m definitely for one going to be joining. Anybody out there listening, if you sign on there, make sure that I’m there, and if you don’t see me there, call me out on social media and say, “Hey Bradley, you were supposed to be on that Eric The Trainer’s workouts. Where were you at? Why are you slacking?” I need the motivation. That’s so cool that you’re making that available.

Eric: Well, it’s my pleasure.

Bradley: Awesome. Awesome. Now, let’s switch a little bit to the other business side and other things like you’ve had your own different TV shows. Celebrity Sweat for many years has been on a number of channels. I remember, I’d be on airplanes and then, all of a sudden, I’d be on JetBlue or the other airlines, and I would see the channels. And then, your show would come on. Now, for the last couple of years, you were actually on Amazon Prime.

Eric: Yeah, we’re on Amazon Prime, and they’ve been a great partner for us. They promote us a lot, and it’s been a lot of fun. We were also in-flight on Delta Airlines, so if you fly Delta Airlines, you’ll see our show Celebrity Sweat. I actually had a couple of rock stars come back from touring in Japan, and they landed, they drove right to the gym for a workout with me and they said, “I just spent seven hours with you on the flight.” And I said, “What are you talking about?” And they had watched every last episode of the show.

Bradley: That’s so cool. Now, I know part of the premise of your show in the past, I haven’t watched on Amazon yet, but I remember when I would watch in the past, you’d always be interviewing people like Evander Holyfield and other people and just asking them how they’re able to maintain their fitness. What is something that you can remember that stands out? One piece of advice that you heard from one of your guests that you can share it with our audience?

Eric: You know, we’ve worked with so many incredible stars over the years from Reba McEntire in Nashville to Evander Holyfield to the Chippendales Dancers themselves in Las Vegas. And there seemed to be some commonality when it comes to their recipe for success. And it really comes down to self-care; meaning, they prioritize their diet; they prioritize daily exercise regimen; and they prioritize going to bed on the early side because they know what keeps them sharp and healthy, and they need to be that way for their audience. And so, I’m actually here today on the show with you, Bradley, to implore your listening audience to actually sit back for a second and ask yourself, “Am I actually eating super healthy foods or am I just sort of grabbing what’s around? Do I actually break a sweat every day?” Because if you’re working at home, I want you to break a sweat every day doing some sort of exercise.

Eric: And not only am I asking you to do that, but I am providing a forum and a platform for you to do that at the highest level with me for free, because all of our workouts online are free and a lot of fun. And lastly, if you work at home, you have to ask yourself a question, “Why am I staying up so late at night? Is it really necessary?” The last time I checked, being an Amazon seller is a 24 hour a day job, which is understandable, but I maintain that if you can go to bed on the earlier side and you wake up on the earlier side, you’re going to feel better. Your mind will work better, and you’ll be a clearer thinker. And as those Amazon stores are open 24 hours a day, the Amazon store doesn’t care if you go to bed at midnight or if you go to bed at 10, and I’m asking you because you’re a human being with physical fitness issues. Let’s fix those issues right now. I want you to work out with me. I want you to eat healthier foods. Get rid of those starchy carbohydrates. Stop eating food at night when you know it’s going to end up around your waist, and let’s work out each day together. We’ll have a great time.

Bradley: I love it. I love it. Now, speaking of Amazon, that’s not the only dealings with Amazon. You have your TV show, but you actually have Celebrity Sweat kind of like section on Amazon where they help you guys set up with a lot of your partner companies. I remember one of my old companies that I work for; that was another way of how you and I connected back in the day. You were able to get us a lot of publicity on some of our products, and so you work with different companies, and you can put their products on your special Celebrity Sweat Amazon page. Now, how did that even come to place because not just anybody can have that special section of Amazon, right? Or did you guys ask for that or did they approach you?

Eric: You know, they approached us. We actually had our TV show on different television networks, and we were hoping that we could make the jump from traditional TV onto either Amazon or Netflix or Hulu or one of the online platforms because from a streaming standpoint, it’s just so nice to have all of those views available 24 hours a day. I mean, on traditional television, our show still plays but only plays at certain times. And unless you have a DVR, you might miss it. When it’s on Amazon Prime, not only does everyone have Amazon Prime, but they can access season one, two, three, four, five anytime they want. it’s really gives us more views. We had such a great relationship with Amazon. They were great with us, and it was just a natural progression for us to get into the commerce side of things.

Bradley: Okay, cool. Now, I’m just taking a look right now at some of your Amazon listings, and you know what, I think there’s some maybe help I can give you guys on that since that’s our specialty, so maybe offline after this, later, we can talk about giving me access to some of those products. You talk about transforming people’s bodies; how about I transform some of your Amazon listing and see we can increase those sales even more.

Eric: That sounds awesome.

Bradley: Awesome. Awesome. All right, now we have a section of this show that we call the 30-second tip, but before I get into that, there’s this other thing that we do. It’s is called the search volume game, and basically, here at Helium 10, we have this tool that can estimate how many people are searching for a certain keyword on Amazon, maybe how many people search for “celebrity sweat” on Amazon. We have a database of all these keywords and with how many people search for it. I’m going to give you three workout-related keywords. The whole reason I do this game is because 95% of the people who play it, they get it wrong. I think I’ve only had two people get it completely right, and it kind of proves the point of why I try and run it. But I’m going to give you three workout-related keywords, and then, I’m going to give you, in no order, the number of times people are searching for that a month. And then, you kind of match which keywords you think is searched the most, like which goes to which number. The three keywords here and the order that I’m giving it to you is just the shortest keywords to the longest. The first keyword is workout mat; the second keyword workout bands; and the longest keyword here is workout shorts for women. Okay? Workout mat, workout bands, workout shorts for women. Now, the three search volumes here, the one that is searched for the least is search for about 50,000 times a month. It’s still searched over a thousand times a day. Now, the middle one is a little over a hundred thousand times. And the one here that everybody is searching for is searched for over 300,000 times. Which one goes to which would you say?

Eric: I would say the most searched one is workout mat.

Bradley: Okay. And what else? The other two are workout bands and workout shorts for women.

Eric: I would say the middle one would be workout bands, and I think the least searched one would be workout shorts for women.

Bradley: Okay. Just like everybody else, you got one out of the three, right? I would say, nine out of 10 people who play this game get only one right. And that one is a workout shorts for women, that’s only searched for 50,000 times a month. But surprisingly, workout bands is at 300,000 right now. The reason why I always play this, and I tell people, especially the Amazon sellers who are listening is, we might be experts in a certain field, you know, like I might be an expert in a low-carbohydrate chips, like quest. Your buddies over there at quest nutrition make, right? But just the way that I search for things on Amazon or the way that I as a consumer operate isn’t necessarily the way that the majority of the population does. Maybe in your mind, “Hey, you would go for a workout mat as opposed to workout bands,” but actually workout bands is more popular. I always tell people it’s like, “Hey, don’t trust your own knowledge. Always use the tools like Helium 10 or whatever out there so that you can get the actual information.” All right. Thank you for playing along. Now, we have this part where we call the TST, stands for TST or 30-second tip. You’ve been giving us tips throughout this whole episode, but what is something that maybe you can give in 30 seconds or less that’s really valuable? Maybe it’s like a sample workout that people can do at home or another tip about sleep. It could be about anything you want, 30 seconds or less, and you can start whenever you want.

Eric: Awesome. Here’s my 30-second tip for you. When it comes to animal-based proteins, which are amazing for maintaining and building muscle mass, there’s truly three levels of protein. There’s protein that makes you bigger; there’s protein that commands your body to stay where it is weight wise; and then there are protein sources you can eat that help you drop weight and become sleeker and lighter. If you want to gain muscle mass, if you’re a little guy and you want to gain muscle mass, you’ve been working out and maybe it’s hard for you to gain muscle mass if you want to get bigger, the three things I want you to eat from a protein standpoint are whole eggs, beef and dairy like cottage cheese and yogurt. Amazing. Yeah. If you look good and you want to maintain where you are, chicken and turkey are great for that, but please don’t ever eat chicken or turkey and think you’re going to lose weight because that’s not what chicken and turkey ask your body to do. They ask your body to maintain where you are. If you want to lose weight, if you want to be sleeker, if you want to change your body so people see you and say, “Whoa, you look incredible.” The three best things are pole-caught tuna, wild-caught salmon, and egg whites¾not whole eggs but egg whites. Tuna, salmon and egg whites are protein sources that when you eat them with fresh fruits and vegetables, you will lose weight and your body will become sleeker and leaner. Chicken and turkey will help you stay where you are once you get to a place that you like, but if you want to grow and have big muscles and be a big person, you want to go straight up: whole eggs, beef and dairy.

Bradley: I love it. I’m going to try and put as much as I personally have learned in this episode¾and it’s a lot that I’ve learned¾in practice because full disclosure to everybody out there, I’m just going to call myself out here because I need to be accountable. I’m like the heaviest I’ve been since I was a sumo wrestler back in the day and wrestling, Sumo Dan back in the day, but I’m like about almost 250 which is not good for me, so I’m dedicating myself to getting more sleep. I’m going to eat those foods that you were talking about. I’m going to try and sleep earlier. That’s new to me, and I’m going to be on those Zoom workouts. One more time, can you let us know how to register for those Zoom workouts?

Eric: Yeah, those free Zoom workouts, twice a day, one of them uses lightweights, the other one doesn’t use any equipment at all. Just a mat, a bottle of water, and a big smile. Go to my website to register. It’s all free. My website is ericthetrainer.com, go to the blog section and you can sign up for all the different links. That way, you can go to any class throughout the week that you want to. It’s Monday through Saturday. It’s so much fun. We have a great time. It’s all free, and I can’t wait to meet you all.

Bradley: Awesome. Eric, thank you so much. If people want to reach out to you just to see you, what you’re doing. What’s your Instagram again?

Eric: My Instagram, my Twitter, and my Facebook is Eric The Trainer. @Ericthetrainer, that’s one word.

Bradley: Awesome. Eric, thank you so much for joining us. Wish you the best of success, and let’s see if we can help you out with some of those Amazon listings as well.

Eric: Sounds great. Thanks again, Bradley. You’re the best.

Bradley: Thank you. Quick note guys, don’t forget that regardless where you are listening to this podcast, whether it’s on your iPhone or on Stitcher, on Spotify, that you hit the subscribe button so that you can be notified every time we drop a new episode.


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