Serious Sellers Podcast

Episode 38 – An Expert Discusses China based Amazon Product Sourcing Strategies

Curious about Amazon product sourcing and specifically about sourcing products in China? In this Serious Seller’s Podcast, Steve Simonson, an early pioneer of China sourced private label products speaks with Helium 10’s Director of Training and Customer Success, Bradley Sutton about how to negotiate with factories and other sourcing strategies for Amazon. With 20 years of experience sourcing from China, Steve is definitely a master of this important topic.
In episode 38 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley and Steve discuss:

  • 00:30 An Introduction to Steve
  • 01:40 The Early Days of Sourcing in China
  • 03:10 War Stories and Forgettable Dining
  • 05:00 What is the Canton Fair?
  • 06:22 Advantages of Attending These Events in Person
  • 09:08 The Pricing Benefits of Strong Personal Relationships
  • 09:55 Key Differences – Factories, Trading Companies
  • 13:25 The Buying Power of Trading Companies
  • 15:30 Language Barriers and Cultural Differences
  • 19:20 Native Speaking Translator – Double Edged Sword
  • 21:00 Additional Cultural Differences to be Aware Of
  • 23:30 Do I Need to Be Prepared to Haggle?
  • 24:15 The Big Takeaway – Know the Market Price
  • 25:30 How to Protect Yourself During Negotiations
  • 28:00 Doing the Math – What Percentage Allocated to Product?
  • 31:15 Here’s how to get in touch with Steve

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