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#133 – This 7-Figure Amazon Seller Started Working in Russia at 12, and Sold Her First Business at 17

Episode 133 of the Serious Sellers Podcast hosts a Russian woman who sold her first business at 17. Now she’s a 7 figure Amazon seller and coach.
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We’ve all heard the stories from our grandparents about having to walk uphill both ways through blinding snowstorms just to get to the school bus. Some of those stories are more factual than others.

Here’s a slightly more authentic story from an Amazon seller that grew up in difficult circumstances. Raised by a single mother in Russia, she began working at 12, and later started her own business at 17. After selling it for a good profit, she jumped into eCommerce with Fulfillment by Amazon, and hasn’t stopped since.

Today on the Serious Sellers Podcast, Helium 10’s Director of Training and Customer Success, Bradley Sutton welcomes Izabella Ritz who prevailed over those challenging beginnings and has become a 7 figure Amazon seller.

But what excites Izabella the most is the Amazon coaching business that she’s in the process of transitioning from its start in Russia to her new home base of North America. 

This is another eCommerce success story that you don’t want to miss. In episode 133 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley and Izabella discuss:

  • 01:35 – Izabella’s Origin Story
  • 03:50 – Creating Her First Business at 17
  • 04:50 – Money Equals Opportunity
  • 07:00 – After Doing the Math, She Decided to Become a Coach Herself
  • 09:00 – Her Beginnings with SEO and Social Media
  • 11:00 – Putting Her Knowledge of Niche Products to Use
  • 13:30 – Silicone Wine Glasses Got Ger Started
  • 17:30 – Now She’s Doing 7 Figures on Amazon  
  • 20:30 – “Made in the USA” Makes All the Difference
  • 23:00 – Using Chat Bots to Get Reviews
  • 26:00 – “It’s Cheaper to Just Get New Subscribers”
  • 28:00 – How Did She Start Coaching?
  • 30:30 – A “Boyfriend” Called Helium 10
  • 33:00 – Arranging Her Payments Through Alibaba Helps Her Feel Safe 
  • 38:07 – Izabella’s 30 Second Tip
  • 39:00 – How to Reach Out to Izabella

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Bradley: Today’s guest began working in Russia at the age of 12 and started her own business at 17. Now, she’s here in the States and is a seven-figure Amazon seller. How cool is that? Pretty cool, I think.

Bradley: Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of the Serious Sellers Podcast by Helium 10. I am your host, Bradley Sutton, and this is the show that’s a completely BS free, unscripted, and unrehearsed organic conversation about serious strategies or serious sellers of any level in the e-commerce world. I’m happy to welcome to the show today a serious seller, calling I believe from Orlando, Florida. Izabella, how’s it going?

Izabella Ritz: Hey Bradley. I’m doing very good, and I’m happy to join your podcast. Thank you for having me here.

Bradley: I’m happy to have you here. We’ve hung out a few times already. I think the first time we met in person was at one of the Helium 10 socials in Vegas that we had, right?

Izabella Ritz: Yes. It was a very fun time, by the way,

Bradley: Yes, and we kept in contact since then. I know I’ve been near you in Orlando before, but did we ever hang out in Florida.

Izabella Ritz: Well, I even invited you to my birthday in August, but yeah…

Bradley: Oh, no. I stood you guys up. Sorry about that. I wanted to bring you on to get to know more about your professional and personal background, because we just kind of talk business and things like that when we’ve done a videos together for your group. I don’t know too much about you and want the audience that gets to know you too. I take it from your accent, you were born and raised in Mexico City?

Izabella Ritz: Oh, it’s funny for sure. Usually, the people are asking me like, “What does your accent from?” You have only one attempt to guess, and the people takes usually only one of them.

Bradley: Where exactly though are were you born and raised?

Izabella Ritz: I was born and raised in Russia. I was born in Moscow in the capital, and I used to live on a big city around the business environment, and as a lot of successful stories, I was born in a very poor family. I was raised by my mom only, and since 12 years old, I started working.

Bradley: What did you do when you were 12? What was your first job?

Izabella Ritz: It’s super funny, because I teach kids English and French, and for some reason, I don’t remember French at all for now, because I didn’t practice well since 2000, but my French was fluent.

Bradley: Wow. Now, at that age, 12 years old, you kind of have some rough times, you’re having a work due to circumstances, what does a 12-year-old Izabella have as her goals? How did you think your life was going to turn out or how do you want your life to turn out at that time?

Izabella Ritz: You know, at that point, I didn’t have anything; like our fridge was empty. I had only two or three clothes, and I wash everything with the hands. Everything that I wanted to get¾some extra gel pens as my classmates; I wanted to get a cool pencil case; I wanted to get a good backpack¾my interest level was around my classmates. But after all, I think at 16 years old, I decided that I want to have my own business, and I created it at 17 years old. My first business training company has been sold for 35,000 bucks in a year and a half.

Bradley: Whoa, Whoa, wait. Take me from age 12, with nothing in the refrigerator to five years later having such a big business. How did that happen?

Izabella Ritz: I think that I’m the person who put the goals and try to achieve this goal pretty quick. I don’t like to wait. When I was 12 years old, I feel money (gives) more opportunities. Okay. Now, I have a pencil case. Now, I have a new backpack. Now, I have a pass for the subway that I can travel around the city with my thing, going out with my friends. And every single time that I tried to earn more, I find out that money is an opportunity, and it was a huge opening in my mindset because once you’re raised in a poor family, you will never realize that you can get something else or you can get something more or you can go to the restaurant. In Russia, the restaurant, it was something like the Everest for us. And I started to work for companies, for different companies since 14 years old because it was allowed. And I studied at school and at the same time, I got three or four jobs, and my total income was about $500 per month. That’s equal for the average income now in Russia. But it was 22 years back.

Bradley: Okay. That was pretty impressive for somebody young. Would you say that you are somebody who at an early age had that kind of entrepreneurial mindset?

Izabella Ritz: Yes, I think so. Yeah.

Bradley: Just out of curiosity, what was that business that you had at 17 that you ended up selling for a lot of money later?

Izabella Ritz: It was business training company. It started in a very traditional way when I was hired as a public relationship manager of the company, and I didn’t know anything about it, and they said to my employer like, “I don’t know. I don’t have any knowledge. I don’t have any experience.” He’s just, “You’ll get it”. I started researching for any business trainings, and I found one and it was cool. I attended there; they paid for that, and then I thought, “Okay, they paid for me 350 per day, and this trainer got 650 per day just to study [teach] us, and the company who created that, this event, they got much more money. I kind of steal this training, and I tried to create this training for other people, and I started to promote myself as a trainer, and then, I was hired by another company. My first training was very cool, even for a 16 years old.

Bradley: Interesting. Did you have to lie about how old you were or did people know?

Izabella Ritz: I didn’t lie. I just said, “I’m experienced.” I tried to be cool and tough. It worked.

Bradley: Now, fast forward, how did you end up in the United States and when did that happen?

Izabella Ritz: I moved in in 2015, and I think it’s an ups-and-downs story, because I came here with some savings, and I was cheated by Russian people. I lost 100,000 bucks in the first one, two months. And I was left with only the five thousand dollars, and I decided to invest all this money to Amazon.

Bradley: Well, how did that start? I mean, in Russia, were you doing e-commerce at all? I thought you were here a lot longer. I didn’t realize you’ve only been here for five years.

Izabella Ritz: Yeah, less than five years.

Bradley: Then, in Russia, did you get into e-commerce or was your first e-commerce kind of Amazon?

Izabella Ritz: I was involved in the marketing stuff a lot, because I run my own company in Russia during, I think, 14-15 years, and it was an interior design studio. It was a web development. It was a infographic studio. I owned a lot of different companies there, and it always was around social media. It was always about SEO. I was involved in the SEO ranking, and it’s kind of the e-commerce too, because, as you know, Amazon’s A9 algorithm.  And if you will never understand what it is and how it works, it’s impossible to run any e-commerce.

Bradley: Okay. Then, 2015 you found out about the opportunity on Amazon. Did you start off with arbitrage or wholesale or did you go directly to private label?

Izabella Ritz: I went directly to private label.

Bradley: Are you still selling your first product?

Izabella Ritz: No, I don’t.

Bradley: Tell us what that first product was.

Izabella Ritz: Yeah, it was silicone wine glasses.

Bradley: Silicone wine glasses.

Izabella Ritz: Yes. I even didn’t customize it, and my first return from this kind of product was $14,000. And I think that this is an amazing result without any customization in the old polybag set of four, and if you remember 2015, we didn’t think about verified reviews. We just asked people to give us videos for the 99% off. And I got like 80 or 90 reviews and it was a good sale.

Bradley: Interesting. Okay. Then, how did you expand out? Did you make that a brand or you just started getting a whole bunch of random products. Or tell me about your Amazon, how you scale up?

Izabella Ritz: At this point, I was excited. Okay. I got some piece of money from there, because I really was broke, and I had to live for something. Other money, I invested to other products. I was experienced in a lot of niche, and after all, I decided that I need the brand because I had a lot of problems with hijackers who shut down our listings, and I walked through all these mistakes before I started teaching people here how to sell on Amazon. And by the way, in Russia, I was always involved in the business coaching, and I wanted to start it here again, but I didn’t start it before I got experience on Amazon. I think that every single business coach must be experienced before he starts teaching people.

Bradley: Yeah. Now, just taking a couple steps back, when you got here, are you able to say how you lost $100,000? Were you kidnapped? Being from Russia, now, I have, “Oh, maybe some ex-KGB kidnapped you” or what happened there? How did you lose $100,000?

Izabella Ritz: I lost $100,000 when I came here and tried to find a way how to care about my family, and I just started finding out that your communications was different for other types of people. For sure, I started talking with Russians, and they said, “Okay, we have a great opportunity. Go and invest in our business. We have returns every single month, blah, blah, blah. You will be fine.” And I just trusted them. It was honestly stupid. Now, I tried to see back, and I’m like “What were you thinking about? Why did you do that?”

Bradley: Was that all your money? Or you still had some, and that’s why you’re able to invest to Amazon. It wasn’t all your savings that you had?

Izabella Ritz: It was all, and after invested to Amazon $5,000, I stayed only with the $200 in my pocket.

Bradley: Where were you? Did you have a job at the time?

Izabella Ritz: No.

Bradley: You really needed those wineglasses to pay some the bills?

Izabella Ritz: Yes.

Bradley: How long did you sell those wine glasses?

Izabella Ritz: I got my return in 45 days. As you know, Amazon is holding your money like three weeks, and I need the time to ring the product a little bit. It was pretty easy at that time. And I got my first return in 45 days, but all this time, I tried to survive. I tried to earn money somehow from Russia. I tried to do everything just to survive during that time. And then, I got my profit. I was like, “Okay, now I am a queen, and I can do it.” I feel very great that time, and I believed in myself. I trusted Amazon.

Bradley: That first year, about 2016 maybe, was your first full year of selling on Amazon?

Izabella Ritz: Yes. 2016.

Bradley: And how much did you gross during that year would you say on Amazon?

Izabella Ritz: My gross was, I think, close to $600,000 for the first year.

Bradley: And what kind of profit what were you doing?

Izabella Ritz: You know, I am very greedy, and I’m always about at least 100% person profit from the product, and I started my PPC campaigns only in 2017.

Bradley: 2016 you didn’t even do PPC?

Izabella Ritz: No. It’s funny, I know, but I never tried and I felt like people were “Are you dumb? Why are you using PPC if you can sell with just with organic sales?” And then, I started my PPC campaign only in 2017.

Bradley: That $600,000 was with no PPC?

Izabella Ritz: No PPC.

Bradley: That’s crazy. Then, now you started PPC, 2017, what were your sales, did that help?

Izabella Ritz: Yes, for sure. I was up and down with PPC. I tried to figure out how to use PPC campaign, because if you remember in 2017, Amazon removed a lot¾not like a lot¾I think almost all the reviews and old products, they adjusted it to zero. And then, I  remember how I started to launch all my products like zero, even I started new products and I decided, “Okay, I will not try this products again, because I just don’t want to deal with products that already failed because of fake faking reviews.” And I started almost from scratch with new products, and then I started to do PPC. I started to figure out how to get verified reviews, and I achieved again the six-figure sales.

Bradley: What was your best year? Was it last year for Amazon or was it 2018. What was your best year?

Izabella Ritz: Oh, I think the last two years¾2018, 2019. They’ve been very good, and then like this year, honestly, I don’t like this time like right now, because I didn’t order my products before Chinese new year.

Bradley: Getting low on inventory?

Izabella Ritz: Yes. Yes. They are low on inventory. They are low on the raw materials. And we’re just waiting when they will start the production. Yes. This year, a little bit loss, but I’m sure I will gain some amount in the next months because I’m very aggressive on sales, and if  I lost somewhere, I have to gain double because this is what my passion is about.

Bradley: I love it. I love it. What did you end up with on sales last year, in 2019?

Izabella Ritz: Do you want me to? It’s seven figures, but I don’t just want to say how much, but it’s seven-figure sales.

Bradley: And now obviously, I’m sure you’re not making 100% profit anymore like the old days, so what was your profit margins last year?

Izabella Ritz: No, I still stay with 100%.

Bradley: How is that even possible? Give me an example. Give me one of your products and like what you pay and like what you’re charging and how it comes out to how you can find a hundred percent profit margin these days.

Izabella Ritz: Okay. I have a product that the retail cost is¾I will just right it down to make the good math. I have a product, the cost is $24.99. This is, by the way, not the Chinese product. This is the product that I’m buying in the States.

Bradley: Made in the USA?

Izabella Ritz: Made in the USA. Yes. This product costs me $5.95. The Amazon fee is about, it depends because the shipping cost changed. If it’s back to like a year ago or maybe eight months, the cost was always the same for the Amazon fee. And now, well, because the US make some changes, now sometimes you have some difference, but it’s about between $6.50 and the $6.80 is the Amazon fee.

Bradley: That includes their 15% and their fulfillment?

Izabella Ritz: Yes. Total. This product is 1.7 ounces; less than 2 ounces. It’s very, very light. In total, we have like generally speaking, 25 bucks minus six minus seven. It’s about 12 bucks I have in profit. And one sale with the PPC costs me between 0.8,  sometimes 1.1, it depends on the keyword and I’m spending about 50 bucks per day for this product. You can see that the profit here is pretty good.

Bradley: Well, I didn’t sleep last night, so you could trick me easily. You could tell me anything, because my brain is not working. I started to write it out here in my paper. I’m like, “Okay, my head is starting to hurt. Okay, I’m just going to trust Izabella.”

Izabella Ritz: I just can tell you that this is the skincare product, and when you’re working with skincare, when you’re working with health and beauty, you can make more profit than you deal with the regular products because you can put the here a lot of benefits for people and it’s about marketing. You can sell it in the Black Box or you can sell it in a good marketing box and the profit will be different.

Bradley: Now, do you take advantage of the fact that it’s made in the USA, like in your marketing or branding or your listing, and if so, do you think that helps you?

Izabella Ritz: For sure, for sure. Yes. Everything that you sell on Amazon, and you post the label Made in the USA, Canada or Europe, and if some products that you sell on Amazon, they’re related to the powerful countries, Germany, for example, or Italy or Israel. Yes, it helps. For sure, it helps.

Bradley: Okay. Interesting. Interesting. When did you start doing that? Like obviously the silicone wineglasses are from China, and I would assume in your first couple of years, most of your products came from China. When did you start sourcing from the US, and how much percent of what you sell now is from the US?

Izabella Ritz: I have three Amazon accounts. Two of them this are the China products, and one of them is a Made in the USA product. This is the health and beauty.

Bradley: And is the health and beauty brand 100% sourced in the USA?

Izabella Ritz: Yes. Sometimes, I’m trying to think that maybe I have to switch to China, but no, no, no. Stop girl; just stop. It’s not about the extra $2 per item. It’s about the really good quality and your image. This product is Made from the USA. I started that in the middle of 2018.

Bradley: Now for somebody who’s out there who might find this interesting, they’re like, “Whoa,  it’s interesting to be able to have such a high profit margin and made in the USA.” How does one go about finding a manufacturer or finding a supplier that is the USA? How did you find yours? Was it just personal connections or it was like a website that you could find suppliers? How did that happen?

Izabella Ritz: Yes, I started just with finding suppliers. And honestly, before I speak of supplier here, I think I checked all existing suppliers of the health and beauty in the United States and some of them in Canada. My house was full of samples.

Bradley: Huh. Interesting.

Izabella Ritz: I think I still use some of them.

Bradley: Now, you said that before obviously you relied very heavily on your network of reviewers and things. When that changed, now as you’re launching new products, obviously it still is important to get reviews. What are some ways that you are able to get verified reviews now so that you could start scaling your product?

Izabella Ritz: Chatbots

Bradley: Chatbots. Explain how you use that.

Izabella Ritz: I use chatbots for sure with the ManyChat, but I have two ways. I will not promote anyone here, but there exists some tools that or not only related to the Facebook Messenger, they are related to more messengers that we are always using daily. And I’m gaining reviews through chat bots, not only through the text, as ManyChat or through the Facebook messenger. By the way, I will shut down on the Facebook if you didn’t see yet. And the thing is that I’m trying to be in the range of one verified review to 10 organics reviews. For sure I’m using Follow-Up with Helium 10, that helps too, but I’m not counting that reviews that are coming from Follow-Up that are really important for me because this is always verified reviews. And to have the verified reviews from the chatbot, you have to be very careful because if you will go ten out of the ten, you will fail, and Amazon we’ll remove them, all of them. That’s what Amazon is doing usually before the Black Friday, somehow like October-November, and somewhere in May or April, so twice a year, we’re having some issues with Amazon reviews.

Bradley: The chatbots is also part of like your launch strategy. Since you have them in the chatbot flow to purchase your item, then you could also ask them for the review since you already have their messenger information, in other words. Right?

Izabella Ritz: Yes. Well, probably my actions are not so smart, but I’m not trying to launch my products with the same subscribers that I already have, because every single subscriber costs me about 26 cents, and every single review through the chatbot costs me about a buck. Plus, for sure, the reimbursement, plus the rebate. But for me, it’s cheaper to gain more subscribers and use them as the newest one than to use my previous subscribers and for them to launch my new product. But I have subscribers; I have about 10,000 subscribers that I can use for now or launching a new product.

Bradley: Okay. Now, for each of these different Amazon accounts, would you say that you’ve built brands around the brands that you’re selling or some of them you’re just selling products or everyone you’re doing social media for your brand and website and things like that?

Izabella Ritz: I started my A-plus content last year because it took time to register the brand. I’m on the process to register my second brand. I hope it would come out next week or after next week because it’s already supposed to be published on the USPTO [dot] gov. I am working with the branding, and when I’m teaching people, I’m always saying, “For now in 2020, start to register your brand first and then we will start to work on your product because when you register your brand, it’s much easier to rank a product. It’s much easier to be on the market. Everything is much easier than like versus if you don’t have it.”

Bradley: Okay. Okay. Now, you said you’ve started, I guess, at 16 years old doing training and stuff, but now, you’re doing something similar, especially in the Russian community, because I’ve done videos with your group, and I see you on Instagram, and I can’t understand what you’re saying other than “dobroye utro” sometimes¾good morning¾and that’s about the extent of my Russian. But I could kind of tell what you’re teaching on there. How did that start? Was it just maybe some people knew you were selling on Amazon, and they’re like, “Hey, we’d like to learn how this is done” and then you start small, and then got bigger? What happened there?

Izabella Ritz: Well because I started my business coaching career back in Russia, almost 20 years. I had my data involve 50,000 or maybe a little bit more people. Well, I had my own subscribers who trusted me, and I just started working with them. But now, by the way, I am launching my last course for Russian speaking community. I’m switching to English speaking, to Americans.

Bradley: Oh, okay.

Izabella Ritz: I am right at the age now, I’m switching from one audience to another audience. And yes, answering your question, how I started teaching people with Amazon. That happens because I had a data before, and I am selling on Amazon to teach people, because my passion is not about launching products. My passion is about teaching people because the product will never tell me, “Thank you” or will clap their hands and like, “Oh, Bradley, you did do a good job.” No. I love people. I love to teach. I love to help and laugh when my customers are coming into my office like yesterday and before yesterday. And they say like, “Thank you so much. I launched my product. Now it works. And you can see my first results.” For example, yesterday my customer showed me her  first screenshot for two weeks; she got $5,000 in revenue, and it’s only with the PPC. We rank your product on the first page using the PPC and just probably 10 or 12 giveaways. And I think it’s a good result too. I’m not crazy about giveaways, I’m more passionate about keywords and SEO. And by the way, I’m using Helium 10 a lot. I think I’m sleeping with him.

Bradley: Okay, well, you have a boyfriend on the side, and his name is Helium 10. That’s good. All right.

Izabella Ritz: He’s my husband. He’s my boyfriend, lover. He is Helium 10.

Bradley: There you go. Just make sure not to cheat on him with other software please.

Izabella Ritz: I will not.

Bradley: All right. Now, what is maybe one of the biggest mistakes you’ve made selling on Amazon that you can share with us and maybe somebody can hear it and maybe avoid that mistake themselves?

Izabella Ritz: Oh, I think I have some. One of the biggest one, I did not protect myself from suppliers’ fraud when I thought that after some orders, my supplier will send me out the same products and I stopped using the Alibaba trade assurance and I paid them directly. I ordered 2,000 items, and it’s not a secret now because I stopped to sell this product. It was a travel pillow, and he sent me out very poor quality travel pillows, and I was on sales with this product like 40, 50 per day. And that was very good on profit, because I had about $16 per pillow profit. I was very good, and I got almost 2000 items in the returns from customers. I lost money with the supplier; I lost money with returns; and I got a very bad performance on Amazon. I had to resolve this issue for about months.

Bradley: How could you have avoided that?

Izabella Ritz: Honestly, I never went back to paying Chinese supplier without any protection. When I’m paying them, when I’m setting up any payments, it’s always going through Alibaba trade assurance. If they are not there, and I’m fighting any supplier, the new supplier, I’m asking them to join Alibaba and to pay them through this system. Probably a lot of sellers will let me know that it’s stupid, that I can work through the broker, blah, blah, blah. And they know that. But I feel safe because after I got some different issues, it wasn’t just one.  I didn’t lose any of my money, they refunded me.

Bradley: Okay, that’s good. That’s good. Now, on the flip side, what’s the best thing that you’ve ever done on Amazon? I mean, of course it could be just yourself or it could be from one of your students, and obviously you just mentioned, hey, you had a student who was able to make $5,000 in her first two weeks, but I’m sure you have even better stories than that, either from yourself, like an incredible launch that you did or maybe for one of your students. What a great story that can maybe motivate our listeners?

Izabella Ritz: The great story, I think I have a lot of them. First, I think my story is great. Probably, it’s not like super great because I don’t have $10 millions a year yet, but they have some customers who launch for eight hundred thousand her first year. I have a customer who launched a $250,000 per year and he just created for me the video review yesterday. I will post soon. I have a lot of customers who launch and never stop and they double their income next year, because Amazon is not about amount first. Amazon is about understanding, and they feel understood how to get your first $10,000 in profit, and then it will be super easy to jump from ten to a hundred. It will be super easy to get from hundred to million, and the success story is about the people who never stop. They started and they are going to be very encourage and they’re having a lot of courage of what they are doing there. They are just going to pick a product, customize that, launch it… picking products, customizing, launching, and it’s like a conveyor.

Bradley: Okay, cool. Now we’re going to get into your 30-second strategy, 30-second tip in a couple of seconds, but first we’re going to play something. I call it the search volume game. All right? I’m going to give you three keywords, and you can write them down if you want, but do not have your computer. I can hear if you can click, so I know if you’re cheating, the three keywords are, and I’m going to give you three search volumes and you’re going to have to match it. All right, the three keywords are silicone ice cube tray, silicone wine glasses, and silicone spatula. Those are the three keywords. Now, from most to least, here are the search volumes. This is the monthly search volume from Helium 10. One of these keywords is 29,000 searches per month. Another one is 14,000, the middle one; and the one that is searched the least is about 4,000¾3,600.

Izabella Ritz: I think wine glasses probably is about 4,000 now. I’m thinking.

Bradley: Okay. Keep going.

Izabella Ritz: Spatula, I believe, is about 29, and ice cube tray probably is 14.

Bradley: Wow. You are only the third person in the history of this game to get all three right.

Izabella Ritz: Really?

Bradley: Yes. Impressive. Impressive. Are you sure you didn’t cheat there?

Izabella Ritz: No. You see? I’m telling you I’m sleeping with Helium 10.

Bradley: You say that, and people might get the wrong idea here, but that’s good. That’s good. The point is though that you could have gotten it wrong, and that wouldn’t have been bad or something to be embarrassed about. Most people do get it wrong. And the reason that everybody gets these things differently is because we all search for different ways, and we have our idea of what is different. But in this case, what you picked is kind of what the rest of the United States picks as well. You got it right. Now let’s get into the part of the show we call the TST, which stands for T S T 30-second tip. Basically, you can give us something that you have to say it in 30 seconds or less, I always let people go over time, but today I need to start putting people on timer. I think I did Kevin King recently, and he did like one minute and 30 seconds. I was like, no, no, no, so 30 seconds: something very valuable, like a strategy that you think is unique to you or something very valuable, something that people can really take action on. But that you can say in 30 seconds or less, okay?

Izabella Ritz: The first tip, when you pick a product to sell on Amazon, be very aware what you are picking and you have to make sure that you can customize this product. This is the first. Check the Helium 10 about the search value because if people are not searching for your product, you will never able to sell that. Make sure that your keyword that you pick to check your product is the right one. Because if you see the sales on Amazon for this product, but you don’t see the search value, probably you got the wrong keyword. And this is the basic thing that you always have to start when you’re starting your sales on Amazon.

Bradley: All right, cool. Thank you so much. All right. Now if people want to contact you to learn more about your life story or see about your coaching, whether it’s Russian or English, how can they find you on the Internet?

Izabella Ritz: Instagram. Izabella [dot] ritz. Spell it with the Z I Z A B E L L A [dot] R I T Z. It’s me.

Bradley: All right, cool. All right, Izabella, thank you for joining us and sharing your story with us, and I wish the best to you, and then, maybe in 2021, around this time, I’d like to have you back on the show and let’s see if you hit that eight-figure mark yet.

Izabella Ritz: I’ll try, and by the way, see you on my podcast on March 5th.

Bradley: Oh, cool. All right. Well, see you there.

Izabella Ritz: Okay. See you. Bye. Thank you.

Bradley: Quick note guys, don’t forget that regardless where you are listening to this podcast, whether it’s on your iPhone or on Stitcher, on Spotify, that you hit the subscribe button you can be notified every time we drop a new episode.

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