Case Study: Nature's Pure Edge

Nature's Pure Edge is a pet-centric brand dedicated to crafting natural and high-quality pet products to enhance the well-being of beloved companions.

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The Challenge

As their ad spend began to spiral out of control, Nature’s Pure Edge sought expert help to rein it in.


Working full-time jobs while managing Nature’s Pure Edge, the founders only had bandwidth to focus on distribution.


Without effective oversight, their ad spend rapidly ballooned out of control.


The founders solicited PPC help from several agencies and coaches, but those partnerships made them even less successful.


Nature’s Pure Edge began to search for another solution, ultimately discovering Helium 10.

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Their Strategy

Leveraging an Adtomic-driven holistic approach, Helium 10 built a superior PPC strategy for Nature’s Pure Edge from the ground up.


Helium 10 assigned an Adtomic customer success manager to Nature’s Pure Edge to fully understand their specific challenges and build a curated solution to solve them.


While streamlining and better organizing their PPC campaigns, the customer success manager taught Nature’s Pure Edge how to complete this optimization themselves—step-by-step.


In particular, the Adtomic customer success manager recommended a holistic approach that comprised ad spend reductions, ACoS improvements, and keyword research and optimization.


Helium 10 walked Nature’s Pure Edge through the entire process, illuminating why each decision was made and the role it would play in the company’s PPC success.

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The Results

Nature’s Pure Edge slashed their ad spend and surged their net profits, while improving their PPC skills and time management.


Reducing ad spend (-21%) was only the beginning—Helium 10 comprehensively transformed the company’s PPC strategy.


With Adtomic, Nature’s Pure Edge optimized their ACoS (-30%) and conducted keyword research to balance PPC costs and results (-20% TACoS).


Nature’s Pure Edge tapped the industry expertise of their Helium 10 customer success manager to learn real-world best practices for successful PPC management.


In addition to ad spend reductions and net profit additions, Nature’s Pure Edge now also enjoys greater time management efficiencies and superior e-commerce mastery.

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