Browser Extension’s Key Features

  • Xray: Amazon Product Research – Quickly validate market opportunities with accurate sales data.
  • ASIN Grabber – Download and export all ASINs from a specific search result which can help you develop a very tailored AMS advertising targeting option.
  • Profitability Calculator – Enter in a product’s dimensions, weight, price, time in storage, manufacturing and shipping costs to estimate the profitability of the item.
  • Inventory Level – Find out how many units are in stock.
  • Review Downloader – Download and sort reviews to find product & keyword opportunities.

Xray – Amazon Product Research

Xray - Amazon Product Research - 90 days sales history chart with 7-day moving average
90 days sales history chart with 7-day moving average

ASIN Grabber

ASIN Grabber - Export list of ASINs and configure AMS campaigns
Export a list of ASINs painlessly

Profitability Calculator

No more complicated Excel spreadsheets

Inventory Level

Product Inventory Levels
See product inventory levels in seconds

Review Downloader

Export reviews easily as a CSV file

Bonus Features

Search Results Page On Amazon Will Include:

  • Category & Sub-Category Ranks
  • ASINs
  • Detailed Product Information & Graphs
  • Fulfillment Method – FBA, MFN, AMZ
  • Competing Sellers per ASIN
  • Total FBA fees
  • Category of Best Seller badge(s)

Product Pages Will Include:

  • Product Trends – historical pricing and product rank trends
  • Inventory Levels
  • Revenue Calculator (FBA & MFN)
  • Other Brands by this Seller – quickly access other brands by a seller
  • Keyword Data – find high opportunity keywords at-a-glance