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Top 25 Best Selling Products on Amazon in July 2024


Thinking about starting or growing your Amazon business this year? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Any successful Amazon seller knows that taking the time to properly research the products they’re interested in is an essential factor in winning in the e-commerce landscape. Additionally, some of the most profitable products on the Amazon marketplace solve customers’ issues while outperforming competitors’ products.

With July sunshine and summer vacation in full swing, attentive sellers will notice that some of the products on Amazon’s Best Sellers List reflect this. However, that doesn’t mean you should immediately start selling items centered around the outdoors. Instead, you’ll still need to analyze any given item to make sure it is profitable to sell.

This is where Helium 10 can assist you. The FREE Helium 10 Chrome Extension gives users the tools to discover successful products and become top Amazon sellers in a fraction of the time it takes to research independently.

In the helpful guide below, we’ll examine 25 best-selling Amazon products using the Chrome Extension and determine what makes them work.

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Top-Selling Items on Amazon & Why

1. Upstreman’s Mini Fridge

Mini fridge listing

Perfect for keeping drinks cool during hot summer temperatures, this handy mini-fridge is doing everything right! A perfect 10/10 Helium 10 listing health score shows that seller Upstreman has researched many of Amazon’s best practices when it comes to listing optimization (something that every seller should study ASAP).

Mini fridge health score

2. Essential Value’s Ice Machine Cleaner

Freezer cleaner listing

Keeping a clean freezer or ice machine is always important, but especially during summer, so it’s no surprise that this ice machine cleaner is near the top of Amazon’s best sellers. The 10/10 health score, 4.6-star review, and overall optimized listing ensure that this item will continue to succeed.

Freezer cleaner health score

3. Elmer’s Glue Sticks

Glue sticks listing

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that glue sticks are! Easily keep your children busy and productive during summer vacation with the help of these glue sticks. The instantly recognizable brand name associated with this product helps the sales of this item rise up and up throughout summer and back into the school year.

Glue sticks health score

4. KIWEN’s Ring Sizer

Ring sizer listing

Thinking about getting a new ring to match your summer ensemble? Now, you won’t have to wait with this incredibly useful ring sizer! While this item does have a 9.3 health score, it can still improve by adding 2 more product images (for a total of 7) as well as a product title that is over 150 characters. Once these changes are made, this product will no doubt sell even more.

Ring sizer health score

5. Aqua LEISURE’s Pool Hammock

Water float listing

An item so popular that even I have one, this pool hammock is the perfect thing for lazy summer days spent beating the heat! As mentioned above, fully optimizing your product listing—as Aqua LEISURE has done here with a 10/10 health score—can greatly enhance the visibility and sales of your item, so always remember to do so.

Water float health score

6. JAMBO’s Slip-n-Slide

Slip-n-slide listing

Do you have kids that are trying to figure out ways to stay active during summer vacation? With this slip-n-slide, they’ll never have to worry about feeling bored again! This brightly colored item, paired with an almost completely optimized product listing, is paying off in a big way sales-wise, which can be seen by the chart here.

Slip-n-slide sales chart

7. Aquaphor’s Baby Healing Ointment

Baby ointment listing

Help ensure that your baby is nice and safe from the powerful summer heat with this healing ointment! With over $1 million in sales earned in the past month alone, this simple product is a massive winner! This only proves that a well-optimized listing can help any product—regardless of what it is—succeed.

Baby ointment sales chart

8. HelloBaby’s Baby Monitor

Baby camera listing

Always keep the closest of eyes on your little one wherever they may be with this versatile baby monitor! This listing earns a 10/10 Helium 10 listing health score because of its optimized product images, copy, and even the informative title. Additionally, the brand name is not generic but is instead specific. This can help build trust with customers and increase sales even more.

Baby camera health score

9. Banana Boat’s Sunscreen

Sunscreen Amazon listing

A summer essential, this sunscreen will keep you protected from the harsh rays of the sun, allowing you to spend more time outside. While the brand name of this product plays a huge part in its success, other optimized areas of the listing—which incidentally make it a 10/10 listing—should not go unmentioned, such as the accurate amount of product photography and bullet points.

Sunscreen health score

10. Mighty Patch’s Cosmetic Patches

Acne pads listing

Summer is now in full swing, and that means looking the best you can in town, out by the beach, or even lounging at home. What can help you do this? These simple mighty cosmetic patches, of course! This product is continually showing up in the Amazon search results because of how well-optimized the listing is. Go check out this 10/10 item using our Chrome Extension and see for yourself what it’s doing right.

Acne pads health score

11. Crocs

Crocs listing

The perfect summer shoe, crocs have stayed in the Amazon best sellers list’s good graces for many months now, and there is a reason for that. It’s mostly due to their instantly recognizable brand name and shoe design, but non-branded shoes like these can also be profitable by closely following Amazon’s listing guidelines (a quick run-down of the main requirements can be found on each Helium 10 health score chart).

Crocs health score

12. Champion’s Men’s Shorts

Men's shorts listing

Extremely versatile, it’s no wonder these men’s athletic shorts are so popular. Able to be worn while working out or just for hanging out, items such as this one continue to excel on Amazon. Don’t believe me? Take a look at their sales chart which indicates that this item has made more than $1 million dollars in only the last 30 days.

Men's shorts sales chart

13. Dreo’s Tower Fan

Floor fan listing

Another item that I’ve personally purchased, this floor fan is the perfect way to stay cool during the summer, no matter if you’re relaxing after a hot day or in need of a quiet breeze during work hours. Unlike some of the items mentioned above, this item has not made $1 million over the last 30 days. It’s made $5 million! Knowing when to sell items like this one that can take the edge off hot or cold seasons is a recipe for success!

Floor fan sales chart

14. Ortho’s Insect Killer

Insect killer listing

While summer is a fantastic time of year, it also comes with its share of downsides, one of those being bugs. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on pest control, Amazon customers are instead looking to solve the problem themselves by purchasing insect killers like this. With a 9.5 health score, this item is not only targeted at summertime customers but is also putting in the work to make sure they’re being noticed.

Insect killer health score

15. STANLEY’s Stainless Steel Tumbler

Stanley cup listing

Still popular after all this time, the Stanley line of products is an Amazon phenomenon. This product in particular garnered more than $1 million in sales over the past month and is expected to maintain those high numbers for months to come. It’s possible for other sellers to take advantage of this by speaking with a supplier to order non-branded cups such as these to sell.

Stanley cup sales chart

16. DASH’s Waffle Maker

Waffle maker listing

The perfect way to start a summer day, this waffle maker is finding a home with more and more families this summer. But what makes this waffle maker stand out from others? The answer—as is usually the case—is optimization. The images are there, the correct number of bullet points are there, and the title is great, too. Focus on perfecting these three things to help boost your listing and earn more sales.

Waffle maker health score

17. Kootek’s Laptop Cooling Pad

Computer cooling pad listing

Keep your computer from overheating during the hot summer weather with this unique laptop cooling pad! This item has seen a decent amount of sales over the past 30 days, maintaining fairly consistent sales with a slight upward trajectory. It remains to be seen if this item will pick up during the fall and winter, or remain where it is on the Best Sellers list.

Computer cooling pad sales chart

18. Sunveza’s Macbook Charger

Mac charger listing

Easily charge your Macbook with this handy charger that makes it easy for you to take your laptop on the go with you! Observant readers will notice that this charger isn’t sold by Apple, but rather by a third-party seller. However, it is still a hit on Amazon. This is because the overall health of this listing is superb, earning it a 10/10 from Helium 10.

Mac charger health score

19. Sunkeen’s Cooling Towels

Cooling towels listing

Instantly beat the heat with these unique cooling towels! Imagine a regular beach towel, but just colder. Sounds simple? Yes, but just look at the sales chart! Even simple upgrades to items that have existed for decades can find rapid success on an e-commerce site like Amazon, so get out there and find a product you can add something to!

Cooling towels sales chart

20. ROXUN’s Arm Sleeves

Arm sleeves listing

Keep your body cool while working out or playing sports with these arm sleeves. Available in a variety of colors and entirely suitable for exercising, this essential piece of workout clothing has seen a rise in sales over the summer—particularly in the lead-up to July. This indicates that these arm sleeves are an item to definitely consider for next summer. 

Arm sleeves sales chart

21. CRILARY’s Reusable Water Balloons

Reusable water balloons listing

Make the outside fun never end with these fantastic reusable water balloons! Featured on our list before, this item has made such a splash on Amazon that it’s still there to this day. A huge reason for this is the seller has taken the time to fully optimize their listing to appeal both to customers and to the Amazon algorithm.

Reusable water balloons health score

22. JOYIN’s Glow Sticks

Glow sticks listing

Prepare to stay out late on the 4th of July with these neon glowsticks! As can be expected, sales for this item have risen over the past few weeks in the lead-up to the American holiday. What has helped this item gain traction on Amazon is the stellar product photography that showcases what’s included and how well this item glows.

Glow sticks sales chart

23. EZlifego’s Double-Sided Tape

Tape listing

Make sure each summer celebration looks its best by hanging your decorations with this extremely useful double-sided tape. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, and summer holidays, this item is fairly consistent when it comes to sales and also has a 10/10 listing health score. One suggestion to boost sales numbers is to invest more heavily in Amazon PPC which, if done right, can significantly raise a product’s visibility on the site.

Tape sales chart

24. Filtrete’s AC Filters

Air filters listing

Keep your air fresh when you need it most this summer with this pack of air filters! Not something that anyone would usually think of when it comes to best-selling products, these filters are pulling out all the Amazon optimization stops to ensure they are seen by as many customers as possible. And it works!

Air filters health score

25. TESSAN’s European Travel Plug Adapter

European adapter

If you’re planning a trip to Europe this summer, don’t forget to bring this all-important plug adapter! This adapter allows for multiple US plugs to fit inside, which adds both value and appeal to shoppers in the final phase of preparing for international vacations. This is a good reminder to always add value where possible to ensure your product is picked over a competitor’s.

European adapter sales chart


Even though carefully studying Amazon’s Best Seller List with the Helium 10 Chrome Extension can provide valuable product insights, it’s crucial to perform your own research, as it will help you much more.

If you feel like you received a solid beginner’s understanding of what to look for in a product or are interested in learning even more so you can start selling, be sure to check out the Product Research Masterclass podcast. This podcast, hosted by top Amazon seller Bradley, provides proven methods of success on various Amazon subjects, including how to start a private label business, locate profitable niches, select the best Amazon products, and more.

Successfully launching a brand new Amazon business from square one can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming, preventing you from spending time with your family or experiencing all life has to offer. That’s why we recommend using Helium 10’s marketing tools to help lighten the load on many different aspects of the Amazon selling process.

Remember, the journey to the top often begins with a single product, so get out there and start researching today.

Happy Selling!


A dedicated copywriter with nearly 4 years of experience, Josh works with Amazon sellers and helps his clients succeed on the platform.

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