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See the History of Search Frequency Rank for Any Keyword

In the world of e-commerce, understanding keyword search frequency is helpful for effective product optimization and marketing strategies. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of Brand Analytics in Cerebro and its ability to validate search volume accuracy. Additionally, we will delve into how Helium 10 integrates Brand Analytics data to comprehensively analyze keyword performance over time.  

What is Brand Analytics? 

Brand Analytics, curated by Amazon, offers a comprehensive list of keywords with search frequency rankings. This list, which is updated daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, encompasses a vast range of keywords, often numbering from one to two million. By ranking these keywords from most searched to least searched, Brand Analytics provides sellers with a valuable tool for understanding market trends and customer behavior. 

Validating Helium 10 Search Volume with Brand Analytics

One of the critical benefits of Brand Analytics is its ability to validate search volume accuracy. Consider a scenario where a specific keyword in Cerebro is reported to have a search volume of one million for a particular product, while another keyword has a reported search volume of 500,000. By comparing this data with Brand Analytics, accessed through Seller Central, sellers can ascertain the accuracy of Helium 10’s search volume estimates. 

If, for instance, Brand Analytics reveals that the keyword with a reported search volume of one million ranks lower than the keyword with a reported search volume of 500,000, it suggests a potential discrepancy in the search volume data provided by Helium 10. However, it’s important to note that in most cases, the accuracy of Helium 10’s search volume estimates aligns closely with Brand Analytics, with about 98% accuracy.  

Within the Helium 10 platform, sellers can leverage the integration of Brand Analytics data to gain valuable insights into the historical search frequency rank of keywords. By accessing the Cerebro tool, sellers can click on any keyword and view its search frequency rank over a specific time frame. 

To find search frequency, click on the mini graph under ABA Total Click Share Column: 

Search Frequency

 In the following screenshot you can see the search frequency in the graph:  

Search Frequency Rank

For example, the search frequency rank of a keyword may have been 613,000 during a particular week in March 2023, indicating it was the 613,000th most searched keyword on Amazon at that time. Similarly, in April, the keyword’s search frequency rank was 653,012. By visualizing the historical search frequency rank, sellers can track trends, identify seasonal fluctuations, and make informed decisions based on keyword popularity. 

Search Frequency Rank Graph

Brand Analytics offers a powerful resource for sellers on Amazon, enabling them to gauge the popularity of keywords through search frequency rankings. Its ability to validate search volume accuracy provides an essential quality check for Helium 10 and should give you the confidence that Helium 10 is providing you with accurate search volume numbers. By integrating Brand Analytics data into the Helium 10 platform, sellers can unlock a comprehensive keyword performance analysis over time, empowering them to optimize their product listings and marketing strategies. 

As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, leveraging tools like Brand Analytics becomes increasingly helpful for sellers to stay competitive and capitalize on market trends. With access to historical search frequency rank data, combined with search volume estimates, sellers can make data-driven decisions that drive visibility, sales, and overall success on the Amazon platform. 

Principal Brand Evangelist

A 7-figure e-commerce seller, Carrie began her journey on Amazon, expanding rapidly to Shopify and now Currently serving as the Principal Brand Evangelist for tools at Helium 10, she's deeply passionate about sharing success strategies, tips, and tricks with fellow e-commerce sellers.

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