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Save Yourself Some Money on That PPC Spend

Save money on your PPC when ranking for new keywords by knowing just how many orders it will take over an 8-day period for a keyword to have the best chance at getting to page one. 

PPC Spend is one of those things that you can quickly overspend on without meaning to. So when you want to rank on page one for a new keyword you just added or you are trying to be economical with your conversions without blowing your campaign money out of the water, what can you do? 

One tactic is to check in on the CPR number for your given keyword. 

The CPR number is one of the metrics found inside Cerebro and is an incredible way to gain an estimate of how many orders it will take over eight days for a keyword to have the best chance at ranking on page one.  

And no, I am not talking about search, find, buy here. I am talking about people like you and me who are just doing organic searches to find your product(s). 

Check it out. The column highlighted in the following screenshot is the CPR metric you will need to reference to implement this strategy.

CPR metrics

In this case, the keyword we are taking a look at is Halloween shelf decor. Since the number says 27, you would need 27 orders, or maybe an average of three or four a day over the course of eight days in order to give you the best chance to get for page one on that keyword: Halloween shelf decor. 

keyword research for halloween shelf decor

This strategy can be reverse-engineered to find your top 10 to 15 keywords and combined with PPC and the Maldives honeymoon launch strategy (episode 301, episode 350) of the Serious Sellers Podcast where your listing utilizes top-heavy search bidding on 5-10 of your main keywords to have a killer launch. Just be sure to monitor your PPC conversions for it each day to try, to fulfill the orders needed and hit pause on the campaigns. 

Just as a case example: if I was trying to get to page one for Halloween shelf decor, and I offered a relatively low price, or perhaps a coupon on top of my carefully constructed, but persuasive listing, let’s say that it incentivizes the consumer or anybody seeing my listing for Halloween Shelf Decor at the top of the page to buy it. 

I am then going to monitor the click-through rate, conversion rate, and sales during my launch. As soon as I get three orders for that day, I’m going to turn off that campaign or pause it for Halloween shelf decor. I only need three to four a day if I get that. If I’m doing this each day for eight days, chances are (and we’ve tested this many times), the product will be on page one if not the top of page one by the end of eight to 10 days of doing this. 

So, those of you reading this, mark this method as a fantastic way to rank for the keywords you are interested in and keep in mind, I am only briefly covering it on the blog here. 

Give the Maldives Launch Strategy a try if you’re doing a new launch, but the way to find out an estimate of how many you would need is right inside of Cerebro by using the CPR column strategy. 

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