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Reintroducing Helium 10

Today we launched a new logo and visual identity. This is the story behind why we did it and what you can expect in the future.
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Humble Beginnings

In order to explain the reason behind our new look, we have to go back to late 2015, one year before Helium 10 was born. The story might surprise you. It began when Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol set out to explore the e-commerce boom that was happening on Amazon. Back then, the plan was to start an e-commerce company selling private label products on Amazon, and to document the journey on a podcast. And so it began. The AM/PM Podcast was launched, with Manny as the host. His style was different than most; he was down-to-earth, approachable, and had endless enthusiasm for the future. He interviewed the smartest people he could find and shared his journey with listeners — failures, successes and everything in between. This was the start of our community. 

As time passed, the podcast grew in popularity and so did Manny’s understanding of the Amazon marketplace. He quickly realized that there was no software that could accomplish the things Amazon sellers truly needed. So he created one tool and offered it for free to podcast subscribers. Then he created a second tool, and a third. As the word spread, the community grew and so did their needs. Just like that, Helium 10 was born. 

Helium 10 at its Core

The next two years were full of risks, rewards, and all the ups and downs that most startups face. In these early days, the entrepreneurial spirit became ingrained in Helium 10. Every day there was a sense of excitement in the air, as it was ‘all hands on deck’ to solve real problems for our users. We take the same approach today as we allow your needs to define our future.

But as our community and team grew, we realized our brand had some catching up to do. So we took time to think about our history and what truly defines Helium 10 at its core. In some ways, it was difficult and uncomfortable, but in many other ways the answer was right in front of us the entire time…

We’re just like you. We’re problem solvers, free-thinkers, Amazon sellers, and entrepreneurs in our own right. Any day of the week you can find dozens of our teammates in the office before sunrise, or working late into the night to publish a blog post, finish a line of code, or answer your support tickets. We take pride in bringing the same passion to Helium 10 that you bring to your business, because we’re working for something bigger than ourselves. We’re supporting hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs who are trailblazing the future of commerce on Amazon. 

Reintroducing Helium 10

This milestone is more than a new logo and visual identity. It marks a new beginning for both of us. For you, the opportunity on Amazon is greater today than ever before, especially as the transition to e-commerce from traditional retail accelerates. For us, this means a renewed sense of purpose and commitment. The sole reason we’re in business is to empower entrepreneurs to create and grow lasting e-commerce businesses on Amazon through analytics and education. This renewed purpose is what defines Helium 10 and the future for Amazon sellers.

The sole reason we’re in business is to empower entrepreneurs to create and grow lasting e-commerce businesses on Amazon through analytics and education.

Say “hello” to the Heliostat – a more simple, recognizable mark that honors our roots while looking to the future. A heliostat is a device that moves in tandem with the sun to reflect and harness its power. In the same way, Helium 10 faithfully tracks the changing Amazon landscape, reflecting the truth back to our users to help them harness their potential and grow a lasting business.

Everything and More

Helium 10 began by solving the needs of one seller. As we evolved, we found solutions for many sellers. The biggest problem we solved that continues to drive innovation within Helium 10 today, is a fragmented software marketplace. In the beginning, sellers had to manage multiple software subscriptions to successfully compete on Amazon. That’s why, three years ago, we set out to change that. We believe Amazon sellers only need one software subscription to start, manage and grow their business on Amazon. That means a single hub to manage your business and one source of data you can trust. And as we look back in order to look forward, it was your feature recommendations, tool requests, and feedback that turned our belief into a reality.

So in a sense, we made it—our work as a community has paid off. But if you know anything about Amazon, you know things change fast. For that reason, our work is not done. Your business is growing and you will always need more. And today, our ability to provide you with more is greater than it ever has been. That’s why we’re here, committed to giving you more now than ever before… more tools, training, content, answers, community, more value.

Of course, a new beginning means nothing without exciting things to look forward to. So what can you expect in the future? In short, everything and more. This new update gives a more familiar look across our website, marketing materials, communities and software. Within your Helium 10 members area, you can expect a more consistent look, improved experience, and an accelerated feature release schedule in the coming months. Most importantly, our lines of communication are more open now than ever before, and we’re eager to turn your next feature request into our next feature launch. 

We’re on a mission to provide sellers with the tools, education and community they need to thrive in the future of e-commerce

Celebrating Entrepreneurs

Today marks a new beginning for this community. It allows us to reflect on the humble beginnings that most businesses are lucky to experience, while looking forward to a better, more exciting future. This new logo and visual identity is a celebration of entrepreneurs like you and the community that holds us all together. But a community is nothing without two-way relationships. And while this brand refresh gave us a chance to tell our story, there’s nothing that would make this new beginning more successful than if you told us yours. So, share your story with us. Tell us about your business and the story behind ‘why’ you got started. We’ll amplify your story and help you share it with the world, because the world needs more entrepreneurs like you. 


19 responses to “Reintroducing Helium 10”

    • Sergey, thank you! This was a fun project for our team. Now its back to work. A lot of exciting things are launching soon 🙂 Let us know if you ever need anything.

  1. Congratulations Helium 10 Crew! Looking forward to seeing what’s new. Still trying to catch up with you guys. Wishing you continued success!
    Thank you for all you do

    • Anny – our team is blushing over here. Thanks for the kind words. There’s quite a bit coming soon, but I may have already said too much 🙂 -Matt

  2. Dios bendiga a este excelente equipo. Son muy profesionales en lo que hacen, pero por sobre todo, el compromiso que demuestran tener en todo momento para ayudar a nuevos emprendedores, es lo que los hace mega especiales. Estoy gateando en este negocio, pero junto a ustedes y con la ayuda de Dios, quizas a mediano plazo ya este caminando y en lo susecivo estare corriendo. Estoy seguro de eso.

  3. Unfortunately my story is a not a postive story.
    hello i am andy kwan, a man at 41 year old in China, I am a father of one boy and husband in actual life. Before trying to start Amazon sellers, i had tried many projects in past 4 years, but no one is successful. Though i found the failure reasons after deep analysis, but it still give me huge punch on my confidence, it lead me not sure i can be a successful amazon seller, additionally my wife don’t support to start amazon business because she don’t think it is a good selection and there are some life pressure on my family. Currently encomic crisis led me in unemployment status now, that is so boring.
    In March I had started reigistration process in amazon, but it is not finished until now, because my poor confidence. I have subsrcibed helium10 service for 2 months and have learn your freedom ticket, I think it is very good and valueable to me. but I still plan to exit it. I will continue to look for job to get through current hard time.
    hope your business is better and better as time.

    • Andy, the best stories are imperfect. Sounds like you’re a “come-from-behind” guy. Me too. Keep us posted on your Amazon journey. I’m pulling for you. -Matt

  4. This is my story so far. Most of the time I worked for someone else mostly as a machine operator, making just enough to get by. Twice in my life my sister and I had our own business. One was cleaning houses and one was painting new constructions and high end residential homes. I loved the freedom it gave me and the pay was incredible compared to what I made before. But I was tired of the physical labor. Years and years went by. After my relationship of 12 years ended. I had all this free time on my hands. I started thinking again how nice it was to have your own business. But this time I wanted something that didn’t involve physical labor. A coworker and I started talking about making extra money. He told me, he was selling on Amazon. I started looking into it. And of course an add popped up on Facebook about some free training. To make a long story short, went to the class, purchased the program, started selling on Amazon and lost all my money. Now you think that would have stopped me. NO! Now I became more determent then ever to be successful. I started doing Retail Arbitrage to slowly get my money back. I just purchased a yearly subscription to Helium 10 and I am now at week 6 on the Freedom Ticket Course. It is in so much detail its incredible. By the time I am done with the course I am ready to do private label again. And I know with the help of Helium 10 and the Freedom Ticket course I will succeed. Thank you all for your hard work. I couldn’t do it with our all of you.

  5. Thank you so much for your great software. I just started selling on the german market and Helium 10 helped me so much to achive great results after less than 4 weeks.

    All the best

    • Hey Matthias. Great results after 4 weeks? You’re giving us too much credit 🙂 I’d love to hear why you started selling, if you’re open to sharing. Check out the link in the last paragraph of the blog. Keep crushing it in Germany. -Matt

    • Thanks Lucy! Likewise, excited to be part of yours. If you haven’t already, I’d love to hear why you started your journey. There’s a link in the last paragraph of the blog that helps you keep it private. Good luck and see you around 🙂 -Matt

  6. As a new Amazon seller (6-month), I am very happy to have subscribed to Helium 10 for several reasons!

    First of all, I love the personal touch in all you do … you are a company of enthusiastic people trying to help all of us achieving what we want: success on the Amazon selling platform. You are not just some corporate-purely-for-profit impersonal business like most businesses today. Keep being genuine people not some impersonal drones!

    Second of all, you offer some amazing tools and tutorials for us to help us tremendously in achieving a successful Amazon business. Be the one-stop company offering us all the tools we need. Nothing worse to have to subscribe to different companies to get the full palette of tools. Continue to be the best, the leader! And I really value your constant innovation and desire to offer more and better!

    Please, continue to offer low cost subscription plans so new sellers can access needed tools for them to launch their new business online. While most of the online courses like to claim that anyone can start an Amazon business for 1000$ or less … we all realize quickly the BS in that low figure! H10 is an essential part in helping any new inexperienced entrepreneur to give it a try!
    While any successful seller won’t have qualm paying big subscription fees (small in regard to their business size) … a low cost entry subscription with all necessary tools will always be needed to encourage small new sellers.

    As for my own history since you asked for it … I was lucky and bold enough to get out of the rat race 36 years ago! I left a teaching job in Brussels to a life of adventure & travel, earning a decent living by doing so many fun & interesting different jobs & small businesses sailing around the world! Not expecting any retirement pension soon (will anyone really get any at some point?), I decided to try launching a small Amazon FBA business, directed from wherever I am sailing with good internet connection as it is scalable and fairly easy (perhaps not so easy at all 🙂 to break even at worst … I plan to get about 10 quality products I can sell at fair & competitive prices … earning my wife and I a decent income and whatever we learn during the adventure will never been lost … getting our brain cells to work and acquiring new skills! We already have a great lifestyle, now we hope to get more income to keep it going forever 🙂

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