Why Moms Have the Competitive Edge on Amazon

Kids… it’s lucky they’re cute! Being a mom is the best, most fulfilling and HARDEST job on the planet. And if you’re a single mom, well, you never even get to shower alone. But we have an advantage in business and in life.

I always say, no one fights like a mom. We are momma lions! We might be kind and sweet, but if our children are struggling, we ROAR! We would do literally anything to make our children’s lives better. If you can channel some of that mama lion energy into your business, you can leave the guys in the dust!

In this blog I’m going share my experience as a single mompreneur and how I channeled my mama instincts into my Amazon business in order to scale to 7 figures on Amazon in 18 months. I’m going to share my strategies for gaining the competitive advantage, along with time management and mindset tips.

If you’re a mother and you’ve been wanting to get started selling on Amazon, but you think you don’t have the time, READ THIS!

Find Your WHY

To give you a little snapshot of what Amazon has done for my family, just 3 years ago my daughter was born. We had no money and were relying on help from my parents. It was embarrassing and soul destroying to be 35, with two children and having to ask my mom for help. A year later, when my daughter was one year old and my son was two and half, their father and I separated. I had to manage my kids and two businesses by myself.

This year, for Mother’s Day in Costa Rica (August 15th), I chartered a yacht for me and the kids and some friends. I have money saved for school, travel and security. So, was it worth all the hard work? YES!

My ex and I were really struggling financially when I was pregnant with our second child. Our son was only one year old. I found out a friend sold on Amazon and something clicked. I thought, I can do this! We live in Costa Rica, so the ability to run the business remotely was key.

I asked my mom for a loan and said to her, “I can’t live like this anymore. I know I can make this Amazon thing work. And if I don’t, I give up. I’ll move home to Chicago and get a real job.”

I started learning about Amazon when my son was 1 year old and I was pregnant with my daughter. To say I had no time or energy was an understatement!

But I decided and committed 100% to do whatever it took to succeed. Why? Because I am a mother and I will do whatever it takes to provide for and build a better life for my children, just like you.

My son has always been an early bird, up at 5am. I cannot focus when the sun goes down. So, I would go to bed with my son at 8pm and wake up at 2am so I could get 3 hours of study done before everyone woke up. I remember the day after my daughter was born, I was lying in bed with her while messaging my supplier and arranging my first order.

The key is Mindset. Tony Robbins says that business is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. You have to decide with full certainty that you WILL be a success and you WILL do whatever it takes to succeed.

As mom, you just think about the life this will provide for your children and let your momma lion come out.

Think about being able to stay home with them and work on YOUR schedule so you never miss an important moment with them. Get clear on your why and focus on that motivation deep down in your gut and the rest will fall into place. ROAR!

Build Your Community and Your Brand

These days, the best way to build a strong business that has consistent sales and raving fans who leave great reviews is to build a brand. Branding is my favorite part of the job. It’s where you get to write your story and flex your creative muscles. It’s also where I personally believe that women, and mothers in particular, have a big advantage.

We are nurturers and communicators. All great brands have a great story. People buy emotionally. If you can tap into your customer’s emotions, they will choose you over the competition every time. So, if you sell baby products for example, instead of listing the features and specs of your products, show how using your products will bring them closer to their baby, or make their child feel good, or help their child to be happier/healthier etc.

As women we have a unique ability to be empathetic. Think about your customer: who are they, what makes them the most happy, what they are afraid of? And then tell the story of how your brand and your product can help them to feel better or can help their kids to feel better.

Once you have your brand story and key selling points, build raving fans by providing amazing customer service and building an online community. I personally do all of my customer service because I LOVE connecting to customers. I sell to mothers. And in case you can’t tell, I love moms! I got clear on my mission in life and channeled that into my business. My mission is support and empower mothers to feel safe, confident, connected and represented on their journey through motherhood. The way I fulfill my mission is to stay connected to my customers and to give them support. We have gotten to know each other on social media through Instagram and Youtube, the two channels I focus most of my energy on

You build a community at your kid’s school, with your family and your children’s play friends. You can 100% channel that into your Amazon business. Think about how you can serve and connect with your customers.

Time Management

I am disorganized and I have no set schedule. Time management has always been a challenge for me. But the best thing about having an Amazon business is that you can work when you want. I might work 5 hours in a day. But that could be 2 hours in the morning, 1 hour at nap time and 2 hours at night.

The absolute best thing about having an Amazon business is that I do not miss even one important moment of family life.

If something is happening like a birthday or an event at school, I work extra the day before and then take time off the day of the event and catch up on anything important at night.

It’s not so much about figuring out when you will work. The key is deciding that you will do what you have to do no matter what. Kids nap? Work time. Kids don’t nap, might be a late night. But you can do it!

We can do hard things. Make that your mantra. When you feel frustrated or overwhelmed, say that to yourself, and feel your mama lion. We CAN do hard things.

This business has allowed me to stay home with my kids. I didn’t miss first words, first steps, first days of school. If they feel sick, I’m home with them. No school during the pandemic? No problem, I’m home (although I might be going crazy and dying for school to start!). Doesn’t that sound like a dream? It IS! So, go ahead and dive in, get started, COMMIT!

I can promise you that if you work hard and put your momma lion effort into this business, the reward is more time with your kids. And that, my sisters, is priceless!

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