How ChatGPT AI Can Save Your Amazon FBA Business Time & Money!

If you’re an active social media user, or you frequently read technology-related news, you’ll undoubtedly have read about ChatGPT, which was launched to the public for free at the end of November 2022.  

If you haven’t come across ChatGPT before, in simple terms, it’s essentially a type of artificial intelligence that you can easily converse with via a chat box. Given that chatbots have existed for years, you’re probably sitting there feeling a little unimpressed… but what will blow your mind is that this piece of AI uses a huge dataset of text and information in order to generate a response to pretty much any question and prompt. And when I say huge, I mean HUGE. 

As part of its training by its creator OpenAI, ChatGPT has been fed the entirety of the internet… so it’s pretty darn clever. If that wasn’t impressive enough, it’s self-learning. This means it’s able to learn from the mistakes that you teach it and able to mimic human conversation so well that it’s difficult to decipher if you’re talking to a robot or a human! 

Since ChatGPT was released publicly, people around the world have been using it extensively, pushing it to its limits in order to understand how useful it can be when used as a tool to grow their business. 

Having used ChatGPT myself over the past few months, I’ve learned that it’s incredibly useful! If you’re running an Amazon FBA business or about to be, it can save you a mountain of time and money. In this article, I’m going to show you how you can get started with this amazing technology, and how to effectively use it to benefit you and your Amazon FBA business.  

Getting Started With ChatGPT 

First things first, in order to start using ChatGPT you’ll need to create an account via, which, for the time being, is completely free.  

Once you’ve confirmed your email address and logged into your account, you’ll see a button that says ‘New Chat’ in the top left corner. Pressing this will allow you to get the ball rolling, though before you start throwing complex requests and Amazon FBA-related tasks at what will soon become your new virtual best pal, I recommend that you get a feel for what it’s capable of by asking it a couple of basic questions and having a chat. 

Whilst making conversation with a robot might sound odd, doing this small exercise will help you to quickly understand and appreciate response times, accuracy, and the most effective way to phrase questions in order to get the best response. Chat GTP’s responses are limited to around 500 words, so if you find its response isn’t as detailed as you like, or it’s not fully answered the question that you’ve asked, you can simply type ‘continue’ and it will continue to respond in the next message. 

As I referenced earlier, ChatGPT is self-learning and will incorporate anything that you’ve said or told it in subsequent responses, so if you’re going to be giving it multiple unrelated tasks, my advice is to press ‘new chat’ and start fresh each time. 

When you feel comfortable with how ChatGPT works and the best ways to use it, you can start asking it to perform tasks to complete to help you with your Amazon FBA business – here are my top picks: 

Task 1: Analysing Customer Reviews To Help With Product Research 

Believe it or not, ChatGPT’s AI can help you with your Amazon FBA product research!  

Whilst we’re not quite at the stage yet where you can instruct it to find you a product to sell, what you can do is get it to analyze any product’s Amazon reviews and look for trends and themes. This type of analysis is going to be a huge help to you if you want to ensure that your product has everything that customers love about your competition, whilst avoiding all the things that customers hate.  

In order to get ChatGPT to do this analysis for you, first you’ll need to download any product’s full list of reviews using Helium 10, which you can do by running the Review Insights tool as part of the Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Helium 10's Chrome Extension dashboard

Once the Review Insights tool has loaded, select all of the poor review scores (1-3) using the filters and export, and then repeat the same exercise for the good review scores (4-5). 

Within each file that downloads, you can then copy the text of up to 50 reviews, and then instruct ChatGPT to analyze the content and create a list that summarises the top 5 things that customers like or dislike about the product (depending on which list you paste in). You can also ask it to recommend 5 desired improvements, as well as anything else that you can think of that might be useful – how easy is that?

ChatGPT example

Task 2: Assessing Customer Search Terms From Helium 10’s Magnet  

Helium 10’s Magnet tool is a keyword research tool that most people use to help them find suitable keywords to include in their listing in order to boost their product’s search page ranking. However, it can also be used to discover sub-niches and product improvement opportunities, especially when combined with ChatGPT. 

For this task, you’ll need to have a rough idea of a product niche that interests you – for this example, let’s say ours is “yoga mats”. With this product niche in mind, we’ll head to the Magnet tool within Helium 10, search for the keyword “yoga mat,” and then order the results in the table by search volume, from high to low. 

keyword search for "yoga mats" in Magnet

To get ChatGPT to analyze the keywords that Magnet found for us, you’ll need to export the data, copy the list, and then paste them into the chat box after you’ve typed out 

Based on the following customer suggestions, what ways can I improve upon my yoga mat product?”. 

Hit enter and marvel at the results! 

ChatGPT's response to "Based on the following customer suggestions, what ways can I improve upon my yoga mat product?”.

Task 3: Putting The Key Components Of Your Product Listing Together 

Once you’ve found a product that you want to sell on Amazon, you’ll need to put together your product listing, which includes: the title, bullet points, and a description. 

If you’re someone that doesn’t like writing, you suffer from writer’s block or English isn’t your first language, then using ChatGPT to help you put something together is a no-brainer. In my experience, it’s not quite advanced enough to write compelling listings without a lot of editing and amending, but with that said, it can still act as a great starting point for ideas that include the main keywords for your niche.  

In order to get the most efficient response from ChatGPT, simply describe what the product that you’re selling is, its main features, and who it is for. Then ask it to write out 5 bullet points and a description that summarises these. 

ChatGPT's customized product listing

If you want to give it a slightly more advanced task, you can tell ChatGPT what layout style to use for the bullet points, as well as what keywords to include – pretty cool. If you don’t like any of the results, tell ChatGPT what to change and why, or just ask it to have another go. Because it’s self-learning, the more you can correct it, the better it’ll become. 

Combining the results with Helium 10’s Listing Builder is a surefire way to ensure that your product listing is compelling whilst also containing the best keywords for your SEO. 

Task 4: Creating Your Brand & Brand Story 

If you’re looking to follow the private label selling strategy with Amazon FBA, then at some point you’re going to need to come up with a suitable brand name and following that, a brand story. Some people find it quite difficult to think of an appropriate name for their product, which is no longer a problem with the help of ChatGPT.  

In order to get some free ideas courtesy of AI, simply ask ChatGPT to give you 10 different brand names for the product that you’re looking to sell, and hit enter. If you don’t like any of the names, then ask it again, and it’s likely it’ll give you an entirely different list! 

Following that, if you need help coming up with a brand story or mission statement, something that’s proven to help build an emotional connection with the customer, then you ask ChatGPT to do that for you, provided that you give it something to build off, e.g. where you’re from, what you’re selling, and who the product is for.  

300 word brand story for your company with specifics

Here you can see an awesome brand story that was created in no time at all, with very little information. You can stick this on your Amazon listing, and there you have it – your own brand story. 

Task 5: Communicating With Customers & Amazon’s Seller Support 

As an Amazon FBA business owner, you’re undoubtedly going to get questions and random messages from customers, some of which could be complaints that really spoil your mood. Rather than risk getting angry and sending an abusive message back to the customer (which I don’t advise that you do!) why not get ChatGPT to respond to the question or complaint in a polite, professional, and courteous manner that resolves the issue without you running the risk of getting a bad review or negative piece of feedback? 

All that’s needed from you in order to get the best type of response from the AI, is to tell it the type of manner to reply in, whether you want to give a refund or an exchange, and then for some additional context, the type of business that you run.  

ChatGPT generated response to a bad review online

In addition to using ChatGPT to communicate with customers, you can also use it to communicate with Amazon’s Seller Support, who are notorious for misunderstanding questions and messages, particularly if they’re badly written. 

ChatGPT’s clear and concise messaging can really help to solve this problem, and it can even be used to help you write a plan of action if you ever get suspended. For example, I told it that my account had been suspended for too many defective items and that I needed to come up with a plan of action to get reinstated. In no time at all, it came up with numerous action points to stop this from happening again, which, if I was suspended, I would have no hesitation in using. An amazing time saver that I’m sure you can use to get your account back up and running in the event that it is suspended. 

ChatGPT generated response to Amazon's Seller Support

If you weren’t familiar with Chat GPT before this article, I’m sure you can appreciate just how insanely powerful it is, and it’s only going to get better as time goes on and it continues to improve. 

Make sure you create an account now whilst it’s still free, and see what else you can get it to help you with. If you discover any other ways that it can help with the running of an Amazon FBA business, let us know in the comments!

Want to Learn More?

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