The Power of Creating Markets with Keywords: Enhanced User Experience and Targeted Solutions

In today’s fiercely competitive e-commerce landscape, achieving dominance in a given Amazon category requires businesses to strategically harness data related to their market share, revenue, and unit sales. As such, the way markets are structured plays a pivotal role in determining success.

One of the crucial decisions is whether to structure markets at the category level or the keyword level. While both approaches have their merits, this blog post focuses on the advantages of adopting a keyword-centric approach to gaining invaluable insights into market share dynamics.

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Precise Filtering of Irrelevant Products

The keyword-focused approach significantly reduces clutter in your markets by effectively filtering out irrelevant products. When markets are created based on categories, they may include products that are loosely related but not precisely aligned with the intent of the market you are building out.

For instance, in a category-based market for “electronics,” you may find items like “wireless earbuds,” “smartphones” or “televisions.” If you sell wireless earbuds, creating a market using your top target keywords such as wireless earbuds for iPhone, noise-canceling earbuds, headphones Bluetooth, and wireless earbuds Bluetooth will build a relevant market that pulls up similar products and brands that are competing for market share.

Catering to User Behavior

Customers today have evolved their shopping behavior, moving away from traditional category-centric browsing and embracing a more solution-oriented approach. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through categories hoping to chance upon a product that piques their interest, they now proactively seek specific answers to their needs and desires.

Whether it’s finding the perfect fitness tracker to monitor their health goals or discovering eco-friendly home products to reduce their carbon footprint, customers rely on search queries to lead them directly to the products that address their unique challenges at a specific point in time.

This transformation in consumer behavior reflects a desire for efficiency and personalized experiences, as customers prioritize their time and demand relevant products that align perfectly with their preferences.

As a result, businesses have adapted their advertising strategies to meet customers’ specific needs, leveraging the power of keywords to connect with their audience more effectively. By doing so, they can elevate their e-commerce game and foster lasting customer loyalty.

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No category or subcategory limits

Creating markets with keywords offers a streamlined and efficient user experience, empowering end-users to tailor their market precisely to their specific requirements, based on keywords or keyword groupings. This approach breaks free from the constraints of category or subcategory limitations.

With markets organized at the keyword level, users can easily pinpoint products that closely align with their offerings, enabling deeper analysis and relevant comparisons. There is no longer a need to sift through unrelated products that might fall under the same category node but lack relevance to their unique business offerings.

In stark contrast, markets organized solely at the category level often result in unwieldy and overwhelming marketplaces, inundated with a plethora of products and brands that may or may not be relevant to your specific business interests. This cluttered approach can impede efficient decision-making and hinder users from discovering potential new categories or product opportunities.

In conclusion, creating markets with keywords offers significant advantages over structuring markets at the category level. By filtering out irrelevant items upfront, businesses can create cleaner and more focused markets, leading to better reporting and deeper market analysis to position your brand competitively. Additionally, catering to customers’ search behavior by organizing markets at the keyword level enhances your overall view of your market segment and strengthens the business’s online.


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