How Amazon Seller Facebook Groups Help Us Get Ahead, Together

Community [kuh-myoo-ni-tee]
Noun. A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of common attitudes, interests, and goals.

At Helium 10, we’re perhaps the most well-versed resource center for Amazon entrepreneurs. As a content writer for Helium 10, I am all too familiar with both the grandeur and gripes that come with doing business on the most popular online selling platform in the world. 

There are three misconceptions passed around the industry more than any others:

  1. The Amazon marketplace is too saturated for a new seller to be successful
  2. The product journey is finished once the listing is created
  3. You are completely on your own as an Amazon FBA seller

All three of these are false, but we are going to focus on that last point – the notion that selling on Amazon must be a solo venture, where there are no friends… only other competitors. While this ”scorched earth” philosophy may pan out for a select few… unless you are the Michael Jordan, Jackson, or Caine of Amazon FBA, you are doing yourself a disservice by isolating yourself from a vibrant and intelligent community. 

There’s a reason why psychology professors claim studying in groups is more effective than studying alone. There’s a reason why wolves, one of nature’s alpha predators, hunt in packs. There’s a reason why it was called the Backstreet BOYS, plural (apologies to all my BSB fans still holding on out there). Some things are just done better together.

dollar sign

A Finger on the Prime Pulse 

Yes, we’re all swimming in the free market and at the end of the day you are going to look out for yourself over your rivals. However, by leveraging Amazon seller communities (like Facebook groups), I’m going to show you why your attitude shouldn’t be “winner takes all,” but rather, “we all take the win.”

Instead of playing middleman, I want you to hear this straight from the source. That’s why I reached out to Helium 10’s Social Media Virtuoso (and fabulous human being) Cassandra Craven, for an answer to the question on all our minds… an Amazon seller Facebook group sounds great… but why should we care?!

“This is where the action happens! If there’s breaking Amazon news, if we announce a new tool feature or upcoming webinar, you’re going to hear about it in the Helium 10 Facebook Groups. But as you know, selling on Amazon isn’t all work and no play; we have fun in the groups too! One of my favorite moments in the Facebook Groups was when Project X had premiered and the memes of Tim Jordan were going wild!”

project x - Amazon fba Case study

Welcome to the Nerve Center(s) for the Amazon Seller Community

The Helium 10 Facebook groups are dedicated spaces made for Amazon FBA sellers and populated by Amazon FBA sellers. 

The Helium 10 Members Group is over 40,000 sellers strong and exists as a friendly headquarters for Amazon sellers new to the game. This is a place for entrepreneurs who have just started their journey to share strategies, industry news, and empower one another to succeed in the Amazon marketplace. 

Worried about having your feed flooded by solicitations or Helium 10 tech support? We strongly monitor our user group 24/7 to keep spam and shameless self-promotional messages where they belong… anywhere but your inbox. 

The Amazon FBA High Rollers Group is geared towards more advanced Amazon sellers in the industry. With roots as the official discussion forum for the hit AM/PM Podcast (originally hosted by Manny Coats, now hosted by Tim Jordan), the High Rollers Group has evolved and grown into an e-commerce mecca where entrepreneurs discuss their latest endeavors, learn from one another, and communicate elevated tactics for their businesses.  

Between our two Facebook groups, we host over 700 original posts and 5,000 comments every week. We like to (most humbly) think of it as the “digital Times Square” of the Amazon Seller community.

Don’t take our word alone for it. In 2019, Amazon FBA High Rollers won for “Favorite Facebook Group” in the first-ever Seller Poll Awards by Seller Sessions, sponsored by Ping Pong Payments. 

Community of sellers

Cassandra puts it best: 

“Our community of sellers and experts is what we as a company pride ourselves on. Communication is key, keeping up with trends and helping navigate through the ever-changing e-commerce industry together. We are happy to bring the community together to support and encourage one another while learning from each other’s successes and failures. This year we hope to take home this victory again in the 2020 Seller Poll Awards sponsored by”

A Little Help From Your Friends

Too often, sellers don’t know where to go for recommendations on which 3PL warehouses to use or perhaps they’re stuck in seller central with an error message that mine as well be written in Latin. 

You shouldn’t have to hire a specialist to troubleshoot for you. Nine times out of ten, someone else has encountered the same exact problem as you and nine times out of ten, someone in the community has a workaround for it. 

Sometimes we run experiments…

Below, we can see members discussing the use of emojis in their listings. For some of these more ambiguous topics, where there is no cut and dry answer, the community is a wonderful place to float your question. Regardless of the different opinions, the original poster now has a lot more to consider than they did before.

amazon seller facebook group

Sometimes we make announcements…

helium 10 facebook group

Sometimes we’re just there for moral support…

amazon facebook group
helium 10 facebook group

Broadcasting Live from the Brilliant Minds of E-Commerce

Join us for PPC live streams with Helium 10 experts along with special guests on Fridays and Tuesdays. Questions about optimizing your ad campaigns? Looking for a quick boost in conversions? Throw your questions in the comments or tune in and ask the team live. We’re here to cover it all.

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If you’re in Europe or Asia and can’t make it to the stream, Bradley has “Midnight Madness” sessions, where at midnight (PST) he will go live with serious seller strategies and real-time AMA’s!

The VIP Treatment

If you’re familiar with speakeasies you know that only a select few know about them and entry is quite exclusive. At Helium 10 we have something similar… no, not the Tequila Room at our offices, but our secret (invite-only) Facebook Group for Elite members

So how do you get in? Become an Elite member. Once you’re accepted into this secret Facebook Group, you have access to interactions with:

  • Brand Evangelists – Bradley Sutton and Karyn Thomas
  • Product Experts – Vince Montero and Barcus Patty 
  • Host of the Freedom Ticket Amazon FBA course – Kevin King
  • A plethora of other 6, 7, and 8-figure sellers, who are battle-tested experts in the Amazon and e-commerce industry

How do I Join the Party?

You can either be invited to join these Facebook groups by one of our Customer Service Representatives or you can request to join. 

You don’t have to be a Helium 10 customer to join, but we do ask if you are. 

We have a team of moderators working around the clock to ensure quality in our groups. We not only have our own internal rules and regulations to follow, but we have to follow Facebook Best Practices and Community Guidelines as well. Take a look at the rules outlined for each group below.

helium 10 facebook group
helium 10 facebook group rules

“Communicating with our members in the Facebook Groups is one of the highlights of my day. I love getting feedback, hearing suggestions, and connecting with members and sellers in the space. We ensure top quality in our group and hope members can leverage these interactions and learnings to take their e-commerce businesses to the next level. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to tag me and ask.”

-Cassandra Craven, Helium 10

Frequently Asked Questions

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