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Selling Seasonal Products On Amazon

Seasonal Amazon products are typically available or in demand during only part of the year. Is selling a seasonal product on Amazon right for you?

Selling seasonal products on Amazon can be difficult. Think of flowers that bloom only in one season throughout the year. For the rest of the year, the plant is still alive but without the flower. But when it’s a blooming season, you can reap great rewards, provided that you follow the right tips and tricks. 

So, if you’ve also been told never to sell seasonal items on Amazon, we recommend that you reconsider. It’s easy to win at selling seasonal products on Amazon. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

What Is A Seasonal Product?

Seasonal products are typically available or in demand during only part of the year. When “in season,” these types of products can be quite profitable due to the high demand. However, during the rest of the year, consumers will often show little to no interest.

A notable exception to this rule can be if you are selling seasonal Amazon products internationally so if you are out of season in one hemisphere, the other may offer opportunities for sales.

If you tend to stick to one marketplace in the world, here are some things to know before jumping into selling seasonal Amazon products.

Examples Of Seasonal Products On Amazon

Generally speaking, most sellers will choose seasonal products that have to do with one of the four major seasons that occur year after year:

Spring seasonal products are usually associated with spring activities and the fair to warm weather. Spring is a time of rejuvenation, rebirth, and shedding the cold drabness of winter. Choose a product that customers will want to get them in the mood for warmer days and going outside after staying in for a few months.


  • Spring dresses for women
  • Gardening equipment
  • Flower pots
  • Sun hats for women
  • Bird feeders

Summer seasonal products are usually associated with summer activities and the hot, sunny weather. Summer is the season for vacation, camping, going out for fun in the sun, and not worrying about school. Choose a product that plays into customers’ desire to get out and do fun activities, but also keep cool during the really hot times.


  • Swimsuits
  • Camping gear
  • Beach umbrellas
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking boots

Autumn seasonal products are usually associated with autumn activities and cool weather. Autumn is a time of coming together from the beginning of the holiday season, the first football games, and a new school year. Choose a product that reminds customers of the joys of this fan-favorite season.


  • Lawn rakes
  • Back-to-School items
  • Pumpkin spice flavoring
  • Cool-weather fleece
  • Tall boots for women

Winter seasonal products are usually associated with winter activities and the cold weather. Winter is a time of extreme cold, but also offers many fun activities for winter sporting enthusiasts, as well as many holidays. Choose a product that either makes a good gift to give or keeps people shielded from the cold.


  • Skiing equipment
  • Heavy parka coats
  • Tire chains
  • Snow shovels
  • Leather gloves for men

A “seasonal” item doesn’t always mean a specific season

Not every item sold for a limited time has to do with spring, summer, winter, or autumn necessarily. While there are certainly some crossovers, there are certain products that cater to particular crowds at particular times of the year.

Holidays: These products are typically in celebration of a certain holiday and may only be popular in the months leading up to the holiday. A smart move is to make these items available at least one month prior to the holiday itself.


  • Christmas trees
  • St. Patrick’s Day decor
  • Valentine’s Day candy boxes
  • Halloween decorations
  • Costumes for adults and kids
  • Holiday decor
  • Holiday gift wrap
  • Holiday gift sets

Special Occasions: These products also celebrate popular occasions that aren’t official holidays per se but are treated as such. These items tend to celebrate occasions that are annual but happen within the same general time frame.


  • Graduation cards
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day cards
  • Sporting event products

Tips For Selling Seasonal Products On Amazon

If you are interested in selling seasonal Amazon products, there are strategies to keep your profits up and your store active, including:

  1. Start selling ahead of the peak season

Many big retailers have mastered this, but starting to sell ahead of the peak season not only can net you some early-bird profits but help to generate interest in the season itself. It also allows you to ensure that your products are ready to be sold when the season starts.  

Marketing your products prior to peak season may also be cheaper for some keyword PPC campaigns. Selling early also gets you into the habit of ordering your inventory far enough ahead of time that you are not scrambling to sell your products in the midst of your peak season.

Selling early also enables you to:

  • Make sure that your product appears on the search list, and your listing is prepared beforehand with appropriate keywords, amazing photos, and great descriptions. 
  • Keep stock of your inventory before the demand goes high. You can be assured that the inventory is delivered to the Amazon fulfillment centers beforehand. 
  • Accumulate customer reviews before the demand for your products reaches a peak. More good reviews make it more likely for your product to appear on the first page.

2. Sell a product for every season

Investing in at least one product for every season of the year (e.g., seasonal clothing) will help you maintain steady sales. While it is possible to sell different types of products for every season, it will help your brand to stay consistent with your inventory, not to mention make logistics easier. For example, if you sell glass cups, creating a design that has a seasonal saying on it for each season can help your product stay popular throughout the year while differentiating based on the season. This also includes selling products according to different major holidays and annual events.

One more thing to consider is the off-season clearance sales. For example, it’s quite common to find winter coats at very affordable prices during the summer. Many people like taking advantage of the price and make the purchase regardless of the season. 

Expand your market: Winter in the U.S. doesn’t mean it’s winter around the globe! It’s summer in the other part of the hemisphere, giving you the opportunity to sell your summer items in that part of the world. Obviously, this is easier said than done. However, it’s worth it if you find multiple markets for your seasonal items. 

3. Supplementing your seasonal sales with an evergreen product 

Sourcing seasonal products that compliment your all-year (i.e. evergreen) products is a great way to increase your sales throughout the year. One quick way to make sure that you are selling an evergreen product is to ask yourself: “Will I buy AND use this product at any time of the year?” 

How do I sell a seasonal product? 

  • Make sure you have an online presence.
  • Start selling ahead of the season.
  • Stock up your inventory in advance at the Amazon warehouses before the start of the peak season.
  • Have positive product reviews of your product to ensure your product ranks on the first page.
  • Before you start selling seasonal products, it is wise to first gain experience selling evergreen products. 

Wrapping Up

It can be tough to sell seasonal products on Amazon on your own. There are so many points to consider, such as the product you plan to sell and how to come up with the price for your listing. Plus, you have to be well-informed about selling your product on Amazon profitably. It can be overwhelming, but this is where Helium 10 can help.

With Helium 10, you can find killer seasonal products to sell on Amazon, learn about seasonal trends and profit estimates, and find thousands of keywords in a matter of a few seconds. We can also help you write stellar, high-ranking listings, manage your Amazon business efficiently through alerts and updates sent to you about what’s happening to your products, and make great decisions as you learn your competitor ranking and market share in easy-to-read graphs.

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