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How to Find Keywords That Amazon Recommends You Use for PPC

Keyword selection doesn't have to be comprised of shots in the dark. Here's how to find Amazon recommended keywords to focus on for PPC!
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Yet another thing that’s exclusive to Helium 10! Within Cerebro, we actually have the capability to show you keywords that Amazon recommends you use in your advertising campaigns. Let’s dive in and see how you can utilize them.

This is in a multi-search of a variety of wooden bowl ASINs, but I could do this in a single search. If I wanted to gain some insights into my competitors, I could do this one by one for them, and I can see what Amazon advertising is saying if this was my product, what are the top keywords that I should be advertising for? And it ranks them from one to 100, or it could be one to even a thousand.

But in this situation, I actually have thousands of keywords. Let’s whittle that down a bit. I want to see which keywords are the top ones that Amazon thinks I should use for Ads, so let’s filter this list down from 1 to 80. This is an arbitrary range, but we can feel fairly confident that these keywords are relevant enough based on Amazon’s algorithm.

Now, we’re at 136 keywords. Let’s go ahead and put a minimum search volume of 400 and let’s see how many keywords came up. I wanna get this down to under 50 keywords.

Alright, here we go. We’ve got 42 keywords. Let’s take a look and see what we got! I’m going to sort from smallest to highest for Amazon Recommended Rank. I love the variety of keywords we see here and it’s pretty insightful! Keep in mind that our multi-ASIN search consists mainly of wooden salad bowl products.

Anybody catch a theme here? It’s mainly NON-salad bowl type keywords. Imagine that! Amazon’s algorithm is showing us that we could and should advertise for these keywords. I wouldn’t have thought to use a wooden salad bowl as a mixing bowl or a key bowl or a nut bowl, but I could definitely see someone doing that.

You could see the Amazon algorithm is working pretty well here because every single one of these top competitors, Amazon is recommending that you advertise for this keyword and its rank. In other words, this is based on an Amazon internal score for every single one of these is super high. However, this is not to say that the keywords that the Amazon algorithm says that you should advertise for are always the absolute best possible keyword that you should be advertising for. Of course not.

But you want to know what Amazon thinks you should advertise for? It’s obviously right here. It says that should be the number one keyword is mixing bowl, and sure enough, it is. This is just a great way to get some insight into what Amazon thinks you should advertise for.

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