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Pro Tips for Amazon Product Video Creation

Find out why Amazon product video is considered to be the secret weapon for boosting sales, increasing conversions, and lowering PPC costs!
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How to Make Professional Videos for Your Amazon Products

In the competitive world of selling on Amazon, it’s all about maximizing your creative content and sending traffic to your Amazon product listing! To really stand out and win in 2021, having a premium video on your listing is essential!

Did you know that having video on your listing can:

✅ INCREASE the likelihood of someone purchasing your product by 85%

✅ GIVE 52% of shoppers more confidence in their purchase

✅ INCREASE the session duration on your listing by 340%

✅ CONTRIBUTE to the 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines

Entertain Your Customers!

The marketing genius, Billy Gene, wisely taught that “Being boring will put you out of business!”

Video is your most valuable sales agent to persuade shoppers to choose your brand over your competitors. Videos give you a real opportunity to entertain your customers by showing the ideal experience they will have when using your product! This is so important in the online space, since customers can’t physically touch and interact with your product.  

Having a video will give online shoppers a much better idea of what they can expect, and give them the confidence they need to make a buying decision.  

I am a firm believer that the more you can show the “why” of your product, the more likely you are to build trust and a positive relationship with your customers. And, if you can get your customers to smile, laugh, cry, or feel positive emotions when watching your product videos, then you have done your job successfully! 

The Key Ingredients of a Great Video

In a sea of mediocre videos, make sure to stand out and make an impression! 

The more memorable and entertaining your videos, the more likely you are to get customers to watch, buy your product, and hopefully share your content with their networks. Here are a few important elements to creating a product video that converts shoppers into buyers on Amazon:


Show your target demographic using your product. If your product niche is new moms, make sure to actually show new moms using your product in your video. 


Select an appropriate song for the background music of your video. For example, If you’re selling a workout product, make sure your music is upbeat and energizing. I recommend using as a great resource for thousands of royalty-free music options.  

Props & Locations

Using appropriate props and beautiful locations can help your product look more attractive and relatable. For example, if you’re selling a women’s cooking apron, it would be great to film a scene with an attractive woman baking cookies in a bright kitchen. 

Text Overlay and Motion Graphics

People don’t like to think too hard. I’ll be honest, I’m one of those people that likes to watch movies with subtitles. It helps to both hear what people are saying and read it (that way I don’t miss anything). I feel the same is true with scenes in a product video. With each scene, ask yourself what you want customers to think and feel when watching it. Then determine if it makes sense to have those words shown in that scene.  

For example, if I were selling child’s paint set and I had a scene with a child washing the paint off of their hands, I would include text overlay in the scene that says, “Easy to Wash Off without Harsh Scrubbing” in a cute child font with some soap bubbles.

Storyboard Your Vision

In my opinion, this is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle to video creation. If you don’t have a plan, then you plan to fail. I recommend carefully planning out each scene that you would like to include in your video, along with the accompanying text, graphics, locations, models, and any props that you will need.   

Professional Videography & Editing

Having the right equipment, lighting, and skills to film and edit video makes all the difference in the quality of your finished product video. 

Taking Advantage of Product Video

Your product or brand video will be a great asset for branding and driving sales! There are many ways you can use your video.

  1. You can include your product video in your main image stack— it will show up as your 7th image with a play button.   
amazon product video
  1. It’s easy to include video in the “Videos” Section of your listing. Simply have a friend upload your video to this section of your listing. 

amazon product video
  1. You can also include video in your Brand Storefront to showcase your products.
  1. Include it on a landing page, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
  1. Use it for ads, including Sponsored Brand Video Ads on Amazon.

Sponsored Brand Video Ads

PPC Experts like Destaney Wishon, Liran Hirschkorn, Adam Pixler, and others have long reported that Sponsored Brand Video Ads perform best for driving sponsored traffic to Amazon listings.  

You do need to have Amazon Brand Registry to use this special marketing feature on Amazon. However, the benefits are worth it.  

Destaney Wishon of BetterAMS, stated that the Cost Per Click (CPC) for these types of ads are usually under $1— even for super-competitive categories like supplements!

These video ads on Amazon are especially powerful, because they auto-play on a loop when customers scroll down on a search page.  

Just make sure that your video quickly captures shopper’s attention within the first few seconds! 

Freedom Ticket Offers Pro Video Training

Helium 10 has a new module in our Freedom Ticket Amazon FBA training program in which Helium 10’s Director of Training and Chief Evangelist, Bradley Sutton and myself detail how to create powerful Amazon product videos. We even do an example with the “famous” Project X coffin shelf!

So, Helium 10 members sign into Freedom Ticket to check it out, and if you’re not a Helium 10 member yet, here’s how to get started for free.

You have a short window of time to make an impression— make sure you make the most of this amazing marketing opportunity!   

Karyn Thomas Karyn Thomas is the Customer Advocate and Brand Evangelist at Helium 10. She is also the co-founder of two 7-figure businesses. Her specialty lies in optimizing Amazon product listings with Helium 10’s premium suite of tools, and using her unique method, "Maximizing the Why." She loves finding new and creative ways to connect with customers with thorough keyword research, compelling sales copy, gorgeous lifestyle images, and entertaining product videos.


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