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Xray: The Ultimate Sneak-Peak Amazon Product Research Tool

Xray by Helium 10 is by far the most comprehensive Amazon product research tool in existence that partners well with our Black Box tool and provides the hidden data on the products you are looking to sell on Amazon. Xray can be used through the Helium 10 website as stand-alone software or added using the Helium 10 Chrome extension. Our last blog introduced and outlined some of Xray’s key features. While all the features contribute to the data pulled for the product of interest, the Success Score is one of particular interest. This score tallies up the metrics of any given product and provides a viability score of how difficult it would be to succeed in selling that product. Before we dive in to understand the features better and how they affect the Success Score, let’s dial back for a quick review of Helium 10’s powerful Amazon product research tool with ninja abilities.

Helium 10’s Ninja Amazon Product Research Tool

Xray is a tool that uses Amazon to identify products and aggregate the most current data estimates on them. Using the Xray Chrome extension to open the tool and hovering over a given product will give you access to all its Xray features, and consequently, a large cache of information on it within each category. Sneak-peak product research can be performed on as many products as sellers want. The Xray Success Score box is also movable and transparent so the Amazon page can be viewed through it at all times.

What Goes Into Xray’s Success Score?

Across the top of the Xray window are broader categories. These metric columns present a much more detailed picture of the product being researched. These categories appear as the following in Xray:
  • Total Revenue
  • Average Revenue
  • Average BSR
  • Average Price
  • Average Reviews
  • Success Score
All six overarching categories present an overview of the products and sellers who offer them on the displayed page in this effective Amazon product research tool. In the chart below, we explain what each category represents and how that affects the products’ Success Score, if at all. helium 10 xray With the big picture in mind, let’s break down the different Xray categories to see how sellers can benefit from them and how they may affect the Success Score: helium 10 xray featuresThe Xray features relative to the Success Score of various products give sellers enough data to make an informed decision about the product they choose to sell AND have a baseline model for their Amazon business. Have more questions about Xray and the Success Score? Let us know what’s on your mind in the comments!

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