Google Chrome Extensions for (Out of the Box) Amazon Sellers

Sometimes you have to think outside the box, though. Don’t limit yourself to a plugin explicitly designed for Amazon sellers. Read on to see a couple of other Chrome browser extensions you might find helpful to incorporate into your own Amazon business.

(And no none of these are affiliate links. These are free web app extensions, and also free advice. You’re welcome).

Amazon Assistant Browser Extension for Chrome

Yes, hear me out, this official Amazon app is indeed geared toward buyers, not sellers. It’s a shop-and-compare kind of app that gives users in-browser access to general functions like checking tracking on orders and deal alerts.

The most potentially useful feature for sellers, however, is the product research comparison feature that gives Amazon’s recommendations and price comparisons for products found on Amazon while you’re browsing shopping sites OFF of Amazon.

There’s plenty of untapped potential here. The Amazon extension currently has 7 million users, meaning that many people are likely seeing price comparisons as they shop.

While we won’t deep dive into potential strategy here, consider that you could use the Amazon Assistant app to do some quick current price AND price history comparisons to websites outside of Amazon, as well as see if your own products are priced competitively enough to show up in the Amazon Chrome extension. You might even be able to learn about product pricing or related product opportunities you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise (because, again, sometimes we stay too long in the echo chamber that is Amazon).

Lastpass: Password Management for Your Team

This password management tool is like a virtual keyring, where the passwords are keys and the extension is the keyring that keeps them all together.

If you’re like any human of this day and age who’s connected to the internet, you probably have a million accounts on different sites, some of which you’ve probably used once in your life because you HAD to register an account to order the most obscure item from that random e-commerce site (in my case, an under-tank heater for a terrarium I just built).

You use at least a couple dozen websites and respective passwords regularly. If you’re doing what every fraud and identity theft protection site recommends, you’re using a unique password for every one of those sites.

But be honest: most of you aren’t doing that. At the very least you probably have a few different passwords you rotate, and/or variations of those passwords.

This means you’ve probably also gotten trapped in that frustrating loop of “I forgot my password” after trying all of your known passwords, and then when you go to reset your password the site tells you “you can’t reuse your last password” which you swear is one of the ones you just tried to log in with!

(I’m not speaking from firsthand experience or anything.)

LastPass throws all of that frustration out the window by remembering your passwords for you, across multiple devices and OS’s, and even multiple users.

Last Pass will either remember your password or even generate a random secure password for you (a giant string of numbers and letters) – all of which are accessible via your one Last Pass master password.

This is especially useful for those of you with virtual assistants (VAs), contractors, employees (remote and local), and so on. Basically, if your team is made up of more than just you, LastPass is a great way to share access to multiple accounts without having to share those accounts’ specific passwords.

A video call with your virtual assistants

For example, if you wanted to share the login to your Amazon Seller Central account without sharing your actual password, you could share access via LastPass so that your VAs could log in from next door or from across the world!

This is a great way to share your Helium 10 account with your VAs, by the way. But, if you don’t want your VAs to access sensitive data on your H10 account (such as in Profits or Refund Genie), Diamond members can create sub-accounts with specific permissions so that your VAs and employees can use the parts of your account you want them to.

And yeah, we use LastPass here at our H10 HQ, so we can recommend it firsthand.

Adblock Plus: Block Browser and Video Ads

If time is money, ads – especially video ads – are one of the most notorious and insipid money drains that exist on this side of the deep web.

Hopefully, you’re already using an ad blocker, but if not, I highly recommend Adblock Plus. It’s free (though you should go make them a donation if you like it) and effective to the point that news sites yell at me for blocking their ads because that’s how they make a lot of their revenue.

Anyway, clearing in-browser ads out of the way is beneficial, but blocking video ads saves you a ton of time. Those 30-second ads (that are now annoyingly placed right in the middle of videos) “ad” up (see what I did there?)!

Gofullpage: Full-Page Screenshots

If you’re one of those people who like to save screenshots of websites into your notes when doing research, you may have run across the frustration of trying to screen capture a website that requires scrolling.

Maybe it’s a full-page layout of a website landing page design you like, maybe it’s an entire Amazon listing from top to bottom, or a full page of search results; whatever the case, join 4 million other users in using GoFullPage.

GoFullPage is a simple extension that snaps a full-page screenshot of whatever you have open in your browser. I personally like using it to capture website designs I want to reference later.

Seller Assistant: One-Click Product Review Requests

Sometimes we don’t have time to write punchy copy begging for product reviews (because nobody likes a 1% review rate). Luckily, Seller Assistant condenses the whole process of soliciting product reviews into a single click (not including the clicks to open the Chrome store and download the extension).

Helium 10’s Seller Assistant adds a “request review” option right in Amazon Seller Central for you. It’s really that simple.

helium 10 seller assistant
The blue buttons on the right for one-click review requests magically appear in your Seller Central “Manage Orders” page once you install the Seller Assistant extension.

Click to request a review from a single order, or select multiple orders for a bulk review request!

Download it for FREE here!

Helium 10 Chrome Extension: Free Product Research, Price Calculation, and More

An Amazon Chrome extension article wouldn’t be complete without a shoutout to our free Helium 10 Chrome extension toolset. I won’t get in-depth here, but have a glance at my favorite features, such as our Amazon product research tools!

Xray: Listing and Competitor Research

Hop over to any Amazon product page listing and open up Xray to see an almost overwhelming wealth of data, including sellers, estimated monthly revenue and monthly sales, sales velocity, competitor price drop, reviews and review velocity, seasonality, and more! This is arguably the best competition research tool available to Amazon sellers anywhere.

chrome extension for amazon sellers
Hypothetical you again, doing hypothetical product research.

Review Insights: See What Customers Are Saying

Instead of manually combing through customer reviews on Amazon product pages, use the Chrome extension to easily sort and search through reviews based on stars, dates, and even most frequently used words or phrases. Quickly learn what your competitors’ customers are saying so you can strategize how to do even better.

There are a ton of free features packed into this Amazon Chrome extension, so make sure to download and play around with it yourself!

Extensions Are Like Tools in a Toolbox…

…but you still have to know how to use them, and sometimes in an out-of-the-box kind of way. Innovation and discovery are essential to getting ahead of your competition, right?

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