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Does Helium 10 Training Teach Everything About Amazon Selling?

In this Helium 10 AMA episode, Bradley Sutton is answering the question, "Does Helium 10 Training Teach Everything About Amazon Selling?"

“Does Helium 10 training teach everything about selling on Amazon?” Learn the answer to this question from Bradley Sutton, Helium 10’s Director of Customer Success and Training.

At the risk of sounding like another Freedom Ticket plug, yes, Helium 10’s Freedom Ticket course will do just that.

Note that these are different from the pro videos found on each of the tool pages. More on that in a sec.

Anyway, Helium 10 is now your one-stop-shop for all things Amazon FBA, because now it includes a complete and thorough training course for beginning-to-intermediate sellers, as well as plenty of details, advanced sellers could use a refresher on or might have overlooked.

The course is packed with eight weeks’ worth of content, with full video tutorials and on-screen walkthroughs to help you learn everything you need to know about planning and starting your Amazon business. Freedom Ticket is angled for a “grow and sell your business in a few years” approach, but the material is still 100% relevant for Amazon sellers who have different business goals.

With Freedom Ticket, you’ll learn essential Amazon FBA skills like how to navigate the Seller Central backend to set up your account, create listings, upload product photos, and more. You’ll also learn details beginners may overlook, like the nitty-gritty of finances: inventory planning and cycles, how large and far apart your inventory orders should be, and different scenarios using different amounts of starting capital.

Freedom Ticket not only provides you with these video lectures and walkthroughs, but also offers downloadable notes, spreadsheets, and infographics. You’ll be able to use these handy references to collect, analyze, and track data, or just keep the notes close by for you to reference and review.

Throughout the course, also learn how to use Helium 10’s tools to conduct Amazon product research, analyze competition, create and optimize listing content, and tons more! The use of the tools is woven into the course content.

Was that a little more than you’d bargained for? Good!

And that’s not even the best part.

The Freedom Ticket course is included with your paid Helium 10 membership. If you’re already a member, then you already have access to this full Amazon FBA course.

(Don’t believe us? Check out the details here!)

Now that we’ve explained Freedom Ticket as a complete Amazon FBA course, let’s touch on the pro training videos, which are a different resource.

Our pro training videos help explain each of our Helium 10 tools in more detail. Each tool has an overview video to orient you with the general functions and purposes of each Helium 10 tool. Once you’re familiar with the overall function of each tool, you can move on to the next pro training videos, which demonstrate the more advanced capabilities of each tool, as well as strategies on how to use them for your business.

So there you have it. Between our Freedom Ticket course and our pro training videos, Helium 10 has everything you need to learn about and excel at selling on Amazon.


6 responses to “Way to Improve Amazon Keyword Rankings.”

  1. Hey Brad, does combining all the child listings under a parent also help the ranking of that parent listing by combining the stats of the child listings or will the parent only rank as well as the best-ranked child listing?

      • Hey Brad does that mean it’s possible adding a child variation actually hurts your overall ranking? For example, let’s say you’re selling 100 units/day so you add another color, but some of the people that would have bought the original are now buying the other color. Let’s say it’s now 80 units/day of the original and 40units/day of the new color. So overall you’re better off at 120 units, but now your best seller is selling 80/day instead of 100/day. Could that hurt your ranking? Or would Amazon look at the combined velocity of 100?

  2. Hi Bradley,

    Is there a Helium tool that lets you see how a specific competitor is spending money on Amazon ads (e.g. what keywords that competitor is buying and how much they’re spending)?

    • Hello Stephen, You can see all the keywords they are showing up for in sponsored ads, by putting that ASIN into Cerebro, and filtering for “Sponsored Results”. But you can’t see how much they are spending because the information on how much someone is spending is not public.

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