What is Amazon Seller Feedback?


Amazon seller feedback is calculated by Amazon by taking the aggregated average of recent feedback from buyers of your product/s. Amazon does this by reviewing your seller feedback from different periods of time, whether that be in the past 30-90 days, past year, and the lifetime of your Amazon seller account.

When you are logged in to Amazon Seller Central, go to the dropdown menu in the top left, go to ‘Performance’ and then click ‘Feedback’. You cam find your seller feedback here.

A product review is a review on just the product itself, whereas seller feedback is a review of a users experience with the seller. When you see reviews on Amazon while browsing products, those reviews are product reviews.

Yes, sellers should respond to seller feedback regardless of it’s positive or negative! It is always best to publicly respond to every review so that customers feel heard. Customers will appreciate your responses, especially ones that left negative reviews as it shows you are aware of how they feel and are willing to correct errors.

Amazon will only review seller feedback in certain cases, such as feedback containing profanity or the sellers personal information including email, addresses or phone numbers. Amazon will also remove seller feedback if the feedback is a product review.