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What Are Gated Categories on Amazon?


Gated categories on Amazon are product categories that require Amazon’s approval to sell in.

Amazon has gated/restricted categories to help protect sellers and buyers. By restricting certain categories, Amazon hopes to reduce the amount of counterfeit products being sold on their marketplace.

If you are trying to add a product in Seller Central and a pop-up message states there are limitations to that product or product category, that means it is gated. To learn more, click here.

For a full list of Amazon’s gated/restricted categories, click here.

You can requests approval to sell a gated product through Amazon Seller Central. When adding a product, if it is gated, there will be a “Listing limitation apply” badge that you must click and then you can request approval. To increase your chances of being approved you must have a Professional seller plan and have supplier invoices to prove your products authenticity.