A Pandemic Retrospective

Helium 10’s powerful data insights reveal product trends and uncover hidden consumer purchase habits. We’ve used these capabilities to chart the course of Covid-19 through the eyes of the Amazon search bar.

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Understanding the “New Normal”

Whether it was panic-buying hand sanitizer or obsessing over the latest viral TikTok trend, the pandemic forced us all to change what and how we buy things.

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What was trending? What were we spending?

We set out to illuminate how people adapted and responded to the global pandemic. And what better way to illustrate the dramatic shift in online shopping and life at large than by examining Amazon searches.

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Lysol, Luggage, and the Great Lockdown: What Amazon PPC Searches Reveal about Online Pandemic Shopping

After years of uncertainty, anxiety, and disruption to our daily lives and routines, Helium 10’s newest report explores some of the key moments, trends, and behaviors that punctuated the past few years, to ask:

How did our isolation and shift in priorities lead us to buy new products throughout Covid-19?

How did social media, Netflix, and the news affect consumer demand on Amazon?

Which consumer behaviors and attitudes have now become permanent parts of our lives?

Using clicks sourced from PPC ads displayed in Amazon.com search results, we are able to derive larger trends about consumer spending and macro shopping behaviors during the pandemic based on specific Amazon trends. Leverage these insights to better understand how real-life global events actually influence what we type into the Amazon search bar.

Dive into the data with our new report.

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