How Much Is Amazon Fulfillment Fees?


Amazon fulfillment fees vary depending on the product. Click here to see the breakdown of fulfillment fees depending on product sizes.

Amazon fulfillment fees are calculated based on the products size, weight, # of units shipped, and ship speed.

The most obvious reason would be that you are selling a large product so fees are higher for shipping and storage. In Seller Central, you can view how Amazon has calculated your fees based on dimensions and weight. If you believe that Amazon has your product size or weight wrong, contact them to get it fixed so your fees are lower.

Yes , Amazon’s fulfillment fees include shipping costs.

Definitely! A large majority of Amazon sellers use Amazon FBA because it is time and cost effective. If you are new to selling on Amazon, it is highly recommended to use Amazon FBA.

Approximately 75% of Amazon sellers use Amazon FBA.