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How Much Are Amazon Seller Fees?


The three main types of fees related to selling on Amazon are: referral fees, minimum referral fees, and closing fees.

Everyone pays referral fees, and those are a percentage of your product’s selling price. Sellers pay, on average, a 15% referral fee for each sale but that % varies depending on what product category you are in.

For certain product categories Amazon sets a minimum referral fee. You will pay the greater of the two fees (referral fee, or minimum referral fee). For example, if a pair of reading glasses are $1.75 the referral fee would be 15% of that which is $0.26. The minimum referral fee for the Eyewear category is $0.30, so for each sale you would end up paying $0.30.

Amazon’s closing fees are only applied to its media categories such as: Books, DVD, Music, Software and computer/video games, Video, and Video game consoles. The closing fee is $1.80, and it is added on top of the referral fee.

Every seller must pay a referral fee, which varies from 6 – 45% depending on the product category. FBA fulfillment fees (for packing orders, shipping and handling, customer service and product returns) range from $2.47 – $161.11 depending on the size and weight of the product. Lastly, FBA storage fees vary from $0.75 – $2.40 per cubic foot depending on the time of the year, with October – December being higher-cost months.

To sell on Amazon, you must enroll in one of Amazon’s selling plans: Individual or Professional. The Individual selling plan charges you $0.99 for every item that you sell. The Professional selling plan is $39.99 per month, and comes with some added benefits. If you plan on selling more than 40 items per month, it makes most sense to use the Professional selling plan!