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Enterprise-Level Amazon Advertising Tool (Adtomic)

Growing brands need a solution that scales, and that’s Adtomic. With an unparalleled breadth of data, proprietary algorithms, and AI-powered optimization capabilities, Adtomic is a powerful Amazon Advertising tool built to save you time, deliver actionable insights, and help maximize your organization’s advertising ROI.
Adtomic Enterprise
The Power of Adtomic
The Power of Adtomic:
The Power of Adtomic
  • All the big-picture data essential to running effective campaigns
  • Time saving technology for smarter, simpler keyword bidding, search term reporting and more.
  • Advanced optimization automation capabilities as well as the flexibility to make individual performance decisions

Adtomic by the Numbers


in Annual, Advertising- <br> Attributed Sales


Bids Updates <br> Processed Annually


in Annual <br> Amazon GMV

Case Study

See how Adtomic helped Sunken Stone agency increase sales of iRise Organics 7x with advertising contributing to over ⅓ of the monthly sales.

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Case Study
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