Brand Gate Checker – Brand Gating Protection

Brand Gate Checker lets sellers know the level of protection their brand has against hijackers instantly. Using this knowledge, sellers can fully lock up their brands so that only they can sell their own products. Helium 10 founder Manny Coats was inspired to create this tool because hijackers had cost him nearly $40K in sales during his first year by taking away 3% of his buy-box time.




Frustrated by Other Amazon FBA Sellers Hijacking Your Listing and Stealing Your Potential Profits?
Brand Gate Checker Helps Protect Your Brand Against Hijackers So Only You Can Sell Your Product.

Considered a “secret weapon” to six-figure per month FBA sellers, this tool allows you to instantly know the level of protection your brand has and helps eliminate the threat of hijackers. Amazon will often auto-brand gate brands; however, you cannot always count on this and it’s important to know if your brand is protected or not. Input an ASIN and within seconds Brand Gate Checker will reveal if you are vulnerable to hijackers. Having your various brands checked for potential threats and becoming brand gated is critical to your success. Don’t lose out on potential profits and check the status of your brand today!

How Brand Gate Checker Protects Your Brand from Hijackers:

01Enter an ASIN and in seconds you’ll know if the product is brand gated or vulnerable to hijackers.

02Lock up your brand so you’re the only seller on your listings.

03Prevent hijackers from stealing your profits and maximize revenue.

Don’t Lose Out on Potential Amazon FBA Profits and Check Your Brand Gating Status Today!

Instantly Know the Level of Protection Your Brand Has Against Hijackers

Within seconds Brand Gate Checker will identify if your brand is protected against hijackers. Amazon will auto-brand-gate the majority of different brands. With the help of this Helium 10 tool you can be confident that all of your brands are gated and you’re not vulnerable to losing out on potential profits to sleazy hijackers.

Lock Up Your Brand So That Only You Can Sell the Product on Amazon

It’s important to get your brand gated so you can be sure that you’re not vulnerable to hijackers. Enter an ASIN and Brand Gate Checker will quickly display whether anybody can sell on your listing or not.

Stop Losing Out on Potential Amazon FBA Profits

Helium 10 founder Manny Coats shared that hijackers had cost him nearly $40K in sales during his first year, and this kind of thing is common throughout the industry. You could also be losing out on potential sales as well and brand gating is the only way you can protect your brand. Be smart and take the proper steps to gate your brand and protect your profits from hijackers.

Stop Losing Money to Hijackers and Protect Your Brand with Brand Gate Checker!