Focus Your Amazon Keyword Search Results for Relevancy – Cerebro Focus Feature

amazon keyword search

Want to narrow or expand your Amazon keyword search results when conducting a reverse ASIN lookup? Cerebro by Helium 10 now lets users adjust the number of keywords revealed according to relevancy by using the Focus Slider feature.   If you are a current user of Cerebro, part of Helium 10’s software suite, you already know […]

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How to Create a Custom 2-Step Storefront URL for Top Product Ranking

2-step storefront url

After having such positive feedback on our post regarding our Cerebro Product Rank (CPR) Formula, we received a lot of questions from our subscribers and members about creating a custom 2-step storefront URL. To help everyone out, we created this handy tutorial video on how to craft a custom Amazon URL using Cerebro by Helium […]

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How to Rank a Product to Number 1 on Amazon – Cerebro Product Rank Formula

how to rank on amazon

What you’re about to learn in the following video is not revolutionary.  The Cerebro Product Ranking formula (CPR) is a spin on a common practice, but the HUGE benefit is that it leverages the highly accurate search volume data that Cerebro, Helium 10’s new reverse ASIN lookup tool provides. […]

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