Focus Your Amazon Keyword Search Results for Relevancy – Cerebro Focus Feature

amazon keyword search

Want to narrow or expand your Amazon keyword search results when conducting a reverse ASIN lookup? Cerebro by Helium 10 now lets users adjust the number of keywords revealed according to relevancy by using the Focus Slider feature.   If you are a current user of Cerebro, part of Helium 10’s software suite, you already know […]

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How to Recover Deleted Keywords – Helium 10 Cerebro Deleted Words Feature

recover deleted keywords

Recover deleted keywords in Cerebro if you accidentally erase a keyword from a product list using the Deleted Words feature in Helium 10.  What happens if you delete a keyword you wanted by mistake? With Cerebro, you can quickly recover deleted keywords using the Deleted Words feature in the toolbar. Cerebro by Helium 10 allows […]

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Reverse ASIN Searches: Find Out What Keywords Your Competitors Are Using (for Free!)

how to find best keywords for Amazon

Cerebro by Helium 10 makes reverse ASIN searches quick and easy. Using the right keywords in your Amazon product description is vitally important for attracting buyers on this monolithic e-commerce platform. If you’re a new Amazon FBA seller, you might not know where to begin the daunting process of finding the right keywords. One way […]

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