How to Protect Your Amazon Inventory from Coupon Scammers

amazon inventory management

When launching a new product on Amazon, scammers will undoubtedly attempt to “coupon stack” during your giveaway phase, so take this precaution to ensure your Amazon inventory is safe. Launching a new product can be exciting, so ensuring your Amazon inventory is fully stocked to fulfill purchase orders is critical to achieving top ranking for […]

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Amazon Price Cuts on 3rd Party Products for Holidays: How Will It Affect FBA Sellers?

fba sellers

In the wake of the holiday season, Amazon has begun lowering prices up to 9% recently to aggressively compete with lower-priced retailers like Walmart, including products from 3rd party sellers. Are these Amazon price cuts good or bad for private label FBA sellers in the long run? In a race to compete for the consumer’s […]

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