Episode 26 – Helium 10’s CTO Shares Insights Into Our Amazon Sales Estimator and Amazon Email Automation Tools

Amazon Sales Estimator and Amazon Email Automation Tools

Tune into the Serious Sellers Podcast for Tech Talk and learn insights of Amazon sales estimator and updates on email automation tool, Helium 10’s Follow-Up. […]

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Episode 12 – Introducing Follow-Up: The Story Behind Our New Email Automation Tool with CTO Bojan Gajic

follow-up amazon email automation

Announcing Follow-Up, Amazon email automation. This is the tool that everyone said would make Helium 10 a truly All-In-One Software, and we’re proud to bring it to life in such a fast amount of time. On this episode with Helium 10 CTO Bojan Gajic, we tell the story behind the making of Follow-Up. We also […]

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Episode 3 – Pro Tips for Better Amazon PPC and Product Targeting with Liran Hirschkorn

Pro Tips for Better Amazon PPC and Product Targeting

In Episode 3 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, we’re really excited to have Liran Hirschkorn, one of our great Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed contributors and Amazon selling pro, back to share eye-opening insights on how to make the most of Amazon advertising! With the new changes implemented by Amazon in the last several months, mastering Amazon PPC […]

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How to Get Better Sales with Amazon Product Targeting Ads

Amazon ad campaign

Using Product Display ads on Amazon can let you target specific products, categories, and more–Helium 10 can help you find WHICH things to target. Amazon has updated it Product Display Ads feature by adding the ability to create Amazon product targeting ads that can go after specific products via their ASINs, product categories, product pricing, and […]

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Alerts: 7 New Powerful Methods to Better Monitor Your Listing

amazon alerts tool

Introducing Helium 10’s new Alerts tool – with all of Hijacker Alert’s features included! At the request of many of our customers, we have created Alerts, an all-in-one Amazon alerts tool which includes all the features of one of your long-time favorites: our Hijacker Alert tool. We have expanded the number of Amazon listing elements […]

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10 Tips for Better Amazon Inventory Management

amazon inventory management

Managing your Amazon inventory can be a pain sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be when you follow these effective tips!  As an Amazon seller, keeping up with logistics is one of the most difficult and tedious tasks, A.K.A. handling Amazon inventory management. There are definitely GOOD and BAD ways to go about ensuring inventory […]

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5 Costly Facebook Ads Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

facebook ads mistakes

  Everyone’s talking about Facebook ads these days and for good reason. Facebook is possibly one of the most powerful advertising tools ever created; but like any marketing strategy, Facebook ads mistakes can have dire consequences on your campaign as well as your wallet. Why do some Amazon sellers use Facebook ads to crush product […]

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Amazon Advertising: 7 Powerful Marketing Options for Sellers

amazon advertising

  If you have yet to utilize the services offered by Amazon Advertising, you are missing out on some great opportunities to grow your product’s awareness within your product niche and beyond. For some time, Amazon has offered PPC ads on its own site for sellers willing to bid more than their competitors for prime […]

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Profits: How to Accurately Track Your Amazon Finances

profits-track your amazon finances

Just like any other business, Amazon sellers need to keep track of their overall finances, and Profits can make the whole process much easier. There are multiple elements that a seller must account for when running an Amazon business, including sales, costs, profits, inventory management, logistics, and more. If you don’t have your own employees […]

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How to Assess True Amazon Revenue with Profits – New Helium 10 Tool

helium 10 profits

Helium 10 has a new tool available in beta to help you calculate your Amazon revenue and expenses over time: Profits! The Profits tool shows a variety of analytics that gives users a look at their Amazon business’ financial status in one place. Find out where your money is coming and going with this all-in-one tool […]

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