Amazon Search Terms Controversy: Should You Be Worried?

amazon search terms algorithm

The Amazon search terms algorithm has turned into more of an “Amazon search shuffle,” providing sellers with different data across different locations and browsers. There seems to be something fishy going on with the Amazon search terms algorithm, giving people different data. Lately, we’ve been getting questions about differences in Amazon search terms data from […]

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Spy on Competitor Amazon Ads and Discover Keywords with Cerebro

amazon competitor keywords

Discover your competitors’ targeted keywords for their sponsored ads using Cerebro! Looking for a better way to optimize your product listing ads for a better overall conversion rate? The Cerebro tool in the Helium 10 suite now grants you the ability to spy on competitor Amazon ads with a simple reverse search to find powerful keyword […]

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Amazon Advanced Search: Exclude Irrelevant Phrases in Magnet

amazon advanced search

An Amazon advanced search for keywords in Magnet 2.0 using the “EXCLUDE PHRASES THAT CONTAIN” filter lets you remove unwanted phrases from your results for more desirable keywords. Keywords are the most critical piece of the puzzle for sellers and Amazon advanced search tools are used to find these particular terms. Helium 10’s reverse Amazon […]

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The Most Powerful Keyword Research Tool – Magnet 2.0 by Helium 10

keyword research tool

Magnet 2.0 has been overhauled with new features to create quite possibly the most potent keyword research tool in the world – only offered by Helium 10! We wanted to craft the ultimate Amazon keyword research tool available today, so we tinkered with our classic Magnet tool from our Helium 10 software suite and are happy […]

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